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What to eat at night without gaining weight?

by Alivia Nyhan
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To take care of our health and our figure, it is necessary to become aware of our habits, rhythms, and tastes. This does not mean that we limit our pleasures but that, with enough intelligence, we can make small changes with significant effects without taking away the flavor of life, which is something that many still associate with the idea of ​​losing weight or taking care of an image.

This principle applies to the care of body weight, both before the goal of losing weight and to maintain the objectives achieved or, beyond just the image, stay healthy. Here at FastlyHealwe show you the best tips and foods to not gain weight at night that also take care of your health to feel good inside and out.

What to eat at night to lose weight

It is essential to clarify what factors can increase your body mass, even daily. In this way, you can have the subject’s essence clear from the beginning. When talking about fat, many people think primarily of the following: the amount of food, fat, carbohydrates, calories, and junk food. Well, although these do not escape reality, the following must be considered on each of these topics:

  • Amount of Food: although eating more obviously increases your weight, other factors such as the quality of meals each day and night, mode of preparation, physical activity, and metabolism will influence the amount of intake. Stopping dinner doesn’t help either.
  • Fats: the human body is programmed to digest and assimilate the following elements: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, which are all necessary for survival and good health. Certain vegetable fats such as avocado and nuts are beneficial, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids. Now, in the modern world, the consumption of trans fats has increased, which are more dangerous and should be excluded, especially at night.
  • Carbohydrates: it is necessary to differentiate those good carbohydrates (such as fruits and some tubers) from simple carbohydrates and indigestible starches (refined flours and sweets) that inflame and favor metabolic syndromes. Knowing when to eat them is also crucial.
  • Junk food: it is unnecessary for our body, and we do not promote its consumption, but just eliminating it does not solve the problem (although it does help a lot). Knowing our biorhythms, we can indulge in some cravings without doing ourselves so much damage.

The best foods to avoid getting fat at night

Some foods facilitate the care of the figure at night, not only because of their content, but thanks to their properties, they can help a better repair process of the body’s tissues and detoxify. The foods that you can have for dinner at night to avoid gaining weight are:

  • Fish and shellfish: these are the foods with the highest content of Omega-3 fatty acids, which are highly anti-inflammatory and help take care of your nervous system and provide the necessary proteins for tissue repair.
  • Pumpkin/squash: in addition to its vitamins and minerals, pumpkin is high in protein and, especially at night, it is of great help to balance blood sugar levels, which is too helpful if, in your case, there is a problem with this nature. Metabolic in weight control.
  • Green vegetables: they will provide a large amount and variety of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and vitamins. Vegetable salads, in general, will help a lot at night in all aspects, without getting fat.
  • Water: hydration is essential, even at night. This may aid some cellular detoxification processes and rehydration of the intervertebral discs to be carried out correctly. 150 ml (just over half a glass) of water is enough before going to sleep.

What not to do

  • Carbohydrates at night: although we need resources during the night, carbohydrates are beneficial until the first half of the afternoon (2:30 pm) because, even when they are the healthiest, they facilitate fat. This is because the body will transform those unused calories into fat in one of these ways: subcutaneous fat (fat), visceral fat (toxic that wraps the organs and increases, for example, the risk of heart attacks), and triglycerides (fat in the blood).
  • Exercises late at night: each activity in its own time. Remember that physical activity puts the body in ON mode when the night is the time to relax and sleep. Try to exercise no later than 6 pm, but make it a low-impact exercise if it’s your only available time.

Other tips to avoid getting fat at night

The following factors, frequently underestimated and even forgotten, must also be taken into account:


Stop counting calories so much and take a closer look at the amount and frequency of processed foods on your table and the chemicals added to them, from the process of their creation or cultivation to their packaging or commercial presentation. Some people manage to lose weight just by cutting out a handful of processed foods since it is easier for the body to release toxins (not everything is fat), and this is a mainly nocturnal process. Taking out processed and junk foods at night is an excellent advance.

In the following article, you can discover the best foods to detoxify the body .


No matter how perfect and organic we eat, we must do physical activity constantly. Muscles have metabolic functions activated with exercise, which are very important to integrate if you want to lose weight or heal your metabolism to avoid getting fat at night.

Sleep well

Without quality sleep and at a good time, there is no repair or proper cleaning within the body, and, in addition, premature aging of the tissues occurs. This will affect your metabolism in the short or long term and will be counterproductive for the care of your figure. Discover in the following article good tips to sleep through the night.

Meditation and emotional intelligence

You must, and it is your right to give yourself a space to listen to yourself every day and get to know yourself better. A better psycho-emotional coping with daily commitments, anxiety, and body image is a real help to take care of your image and health.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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