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Foods to protect the liver

by Alivia Nyhan
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The liver is one of the essential organs in our body since it is where many crucial chemical elements are manufactured for our body to function normally, as well as where substances that intervene in blood clotting are produced when a hemorrhage.

Therefore, if our diet is incorrect, we overeat red meat or too much fat. We overload it to the point that it may not function properly, which can cause symptoms such as headache, distended and swollen abdomen, and diarrhea. or vomiting. Therefore, from time to time, it is a good idea to change our diet for a while and follow a hepatoprotective diet, that is, one that takes care of our body and allows it to function well again. In the following FastlyHealarticle, we show you the best foods to protect the liver.

Increase the consumption of healthy liquids

The first thing we should do to protect the liver is to drink plenty of fluids, preferably at room temperature.

We can drink water, infusions, or drink defatted broths too. In this way, rehydrate and help eliminate excess toxins that may have accumulated in the liver and can damage your health in the short and long term. Adding a few drops of lemon to broths and drinks will help us cleanse the liver in greater depth.

A perfect option is to use juices to detoxify the liver. Do you want to know what they are? So, you have to consult the following article: Juices to cleanse the liver.

Foods good for the liver

Next, we will have to introduce changes in our diet to reduce fat intake, which is what can most overload the liver. Take note of which are the right foods to protect the liver and keep it in perfect condition:


  • Crucifers: cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage: their natural enzymes protect liver health and help eliminate toxins.
  • Artichoke: increases the secretion of bile, which is excellent for cleansing the liver and in cases of jaundice or fatty liver.
  • Of green leaf: chard, escarole, spinach, and arugula. They stimulate bile flow and neutralize heavy metals.
  • Carrot and beetroot are two vegetables rich in flavonoids and beta-carotene, stimulating and improving liver functions.
  • Garlic: its selenium and allicin content help cleanse and purify the liver.


  • Avocado: favors the production of glutathione, an antioxidant that purifies the liver and cleanses it of toxins.
  • Pear: stimulates the production of gastric juices and the liver’s purification thanks to the water and fiber it contains.
  • Apple: it has pectin, an excellent substance to eliminate toxins and prevent the formation of stones in the liver.
  • Citrus: lemon, grapefruit, and orange are fruits very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, essential nutrients to detoxify the liver naturally.
  • Strawberry: protects the liver by preventing inflammation thanks to the organic acids it provides.

Olive oil and others

To protect the liver through a healthy diet, it is best to cook food with extra virgin olive oil. This golden liquid is perfect for improving bile flow and improving liver function.

In addition to olive, other good oils for the liver are hemp or flaxseed.

Whole grains

As for grains, such as brown rice or whole wheat, they are advisable for their richness in vitamin B, which improves the absorption of fats and favors the decongestion of the liver.


It has been pointed out that turmeric is one of the best foods for the liver since this spice protects this organ from the damage of accumulated toxins and, in addition, favors the regeneration of cells that have been damaged.


Within the group of nuts, walnuts are also a good option. The reason is that they contain glutathione, omega three, and L-arginine, which help detoxify the liver.

In addition to these foods, it is essential that you also consider the following in a diet to protect the liver:

  • He prefers lean meats, chicken without skin, and fish, preferably white.
  • Eat milk, yogurt, and spreads, all skimmed.
  • Opt for mild seasonings for your meals, such as the bay leaf, oregano, and thyme.

Harmful foods for the liver

On a liver cleanse diet, several foods should be avoided or moderated. These are the following:

  • Foods are rich in saturated fat.
  • Precooked products.
  • Canned products.
  • Built-in.
  • Whole dairy products.
  • High-fat meats.
  • Soft drinks and drinks with sugar.
  • Alcoholic drinks.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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