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Terms and Conditions

by Alivia Nyhan

2. What is FastlyHeal

FastlyHeal was born with the vocation of providing users with varied information from the world of health and medicine. For this reason, the philosophy of FastlyHeal is none other than the publication, among others, of a multitude of articles, videos, sound reproductions, programs, and data (hereinafter, the “Contents”) that offer practical advice for treatment, prevention, and care of people. FastlyHeal is considered a project committed to in which the veracity of the information plays an important role in people’s health.

For this reason, our policy regarding the publication of Contents is stringent. Each of the Contents that the user wishes to publish will be reviewed by FastlyHeal editors. We reserve the right to modify, delete, edit totally or partially the content that users or collaborators publish on the web.

From FastlyHeal, we have decided not to publish on the Website those Contents that relate to prohibited contents as defined in section 5.2 that infringe intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties, or if FastlyHeal considers it so at its sole discretion.

For all the above, it will be the FastlyHeal editors who, taking into account the above criteria, will decide which Contents are published on the Website and which ones are not, as long as a said decision not to publish certain Contents does not discriminate against the user.

2. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

3.1 Access and/or use of the Website is subject to the Terms and Conditions expressed below, the Privacy Policy, as well as current legislation, and attributes to whoever accesses, uses, and/or contributes Content to it. User status.

3.2 By accessing and/or using the Website, the user accepts, without reservation or limitation, these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

3.3 In case of not accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user must refrain from accessing and/or using the Website, having to leave it immediately.

3.4 The user may not use the Website or accept the Terms and Conditions if:

(a) is not legally able to enter into a binding contract with FastlyHeal, or

(b) the access, use, and/or provision of Contents could be contrary to the legislation that turns out to be applicable.

3.5 FastlyHeal reserves the right to make, at any time and without prior notice, modifications, and updates to the information contained on the Website, as well as its configuration and presentation and the terms and conditions of access and use. The same. The user will be automatically bound by the terms and conditions that are in force when they access the Website, so they should periodically read these Terms and Conditions.

3. Availability and accessibility of the Website

4.1 The user of the Website, by accessing it, undertakes to use it in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy, and current legislation and accepts that the use of it, as well as its Contents and/or services, take place under your sole and exclusive responsibility, assuming, against FastlyHeal and/or against third parties, any damages that may be caused as a result of the breach of said obligation.

4.2 The Website offers the user the possibility of registering. The user is responsible for providing truthful and accurate information for registration and subscribing to any of the services available on the Website. Likewise, the user is responsible for diligently and confidentially guarding their username and password and for notifying FastlyHeal of any incident in this regard.

4.3 To protect the rights of minors, the Website may contain certain sections of restricted access for them.