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Juices to clean the arteries

by Alivia Nyhan
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The arteries are vessels, also called ducts, whose main function is to move oxygenated blood from the heart to other organs and parts of the body. Then, it could be said that they perform the inverse action to the veins, which are responsible for carrying the blood from the capillaries, that is, the blood vessels of smaller diameter, to the heart.

Currently, one of the causes of death is coronary heart disease, which is caused by the clogging of an artery, ending in a heart attack or a stroke due to insufficient blood supply in this vital organ.

This occlusion is caused by the concentration of fat deposits such as cholesterol , calcium or another element present in the blood. For this reason, it is important to visit a doctor regularly to prevent any type of disorder. As it is so important to keep the body healthy, at FastlyHealwe want to offer you some juices to clean the arteries , to help your body not to accumulate any element that could close the arteries and cause any pathology.

Importance of cleaning the arteries

The arteries play a fundamental role for the functioning of the body, the optimal state of these is necessary to adequately carry oxygen to the other parts of the body and thus carry their functions correctly.

An injury, physical changes in the conduits or a blocked artery carry a series of symptoms, such as chest pain or numbness in the extremities, and complications, including brain damage, heart failure, aneurysms and gangrene due to poor circulation.

You can prevent any type of disorder in the arteries with a good diet and exercise; however, it is important that you go to the doctor at least twice a year for a check-up and follow-up.

Lemon and garlic, an excellent combination

Lemon has numerous health benefits, because it contains large amounts of vitamin C, as well as nutrients such as abundant citric acid and, to a lesser extent, malic, acetic and formic. This makes it an excellent food for the blood, since it acts as an antianemic, that is, to increase the absorption of nutrients such as iron, it also prevents thrombosis and acts as a cleanser, facilitating the elimination of toxins in the blood .

Garlic also contains numerous properties that help the body to remain healthy. Among some of them, its antiviral compounds stand out, it keeps the brain in good condition preventing different diseases, it is an antioxidant, it prevents cancer and it fights diseases such as the cold. On the other hand, garlic improves cholesterol levels , which reduces the risk of cardiac disorders, such as a blockage of the arteries.

For this reason, they are two excellent foods to combine and make one of the best juices to clean the arteries . For that you need:

  • 4 liters of water.
  • 8 lemons.
  • 8 cloves of garlic.
  • 4 cm of ginger.

To prepare it, you must rinse the lemons well, cut them into several pieces and put them in the blender. To continue, add the peeled ginger and garlic, mix until a smooth substance is noticeable. Put this in a pot and add the water until it boils. Finally, divide this into several bottles.

We recommend that you drink two cups a day for a week , one upon waking and the other two hours before lunch or snack, whichever you prefer. In addition, it is advisable that you do physical exercise if you consume this juice to help clean the arteries and improve overall health.

Apple and carrot, healthy mix for the arteries

It is recommended to consume apple regularly because it considerably reduces the risk of contracting diseases such as Alzheimer’s, since it stimulates memory. In addition, it regulates hypertension, fights indigestion, prevents colon cancer and reduces cholesterol, preventing it from accumulating in the arteries and clogging them.

For its part, the carrot is a vegetable that also has many health benefits. For example, it strengthens hair, eyesight, provides numerous nutrients, eliminates acidity, balances digestion, fights respiratory disorders and is an excellent blood normalizer.

To prepare a juice with these two ingredients you need:

  • 3 apples.
  • 2 carrots
  • Water, the amount according to the taste of each person.
  • Ice, if you will.

The preparation is very simple, you just have to add all the ingredients to the blender and let it mix for approximately 40 seconds. Then, consume it little by little immediately after finishing blending the elements. It is recommended that you drink this juice for 7 days , on an empty stomach every morning, so that the arteries are cleaned and circulation improves.

Pomegranate juice, delicious and beneficial

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, outnumbering other foods such as blueberries, blackberries, and oranges. Therefore, it is excellent for removing all types of toxins from the body and ensuring good circulation. In this way, it helps to combat both arterial blockages and other damages that may appear in it.

To make one of the best juices to clean the arteries , you need a citrus juicer, preferably manual, but it can also be done with an electric one. Cut the fruit in half and press by turning the half of the pomegranate, as necessary to extract the greatest amount of juice from each part. Perform this process with the number of pomegranate halves needed to complete a glass.

You can consume this juice daily for a week drinking 2 or 3 glasses per day, or 15 days consuming it only 1 time, preferably when the stomach is empty and a meal is not about to be eaten in the next 30 minutes.

Grapefruit and lemon, take care of the arteries and the heart

Another excellent food to take care of health is grapefruit, which accelerates the metabolism and takes care of the skin. It is an antioxidant fruit that protects the heart and arteries, because it helps lower the levels of bad cholesterol for the body and triglycerides. In this way it becomes another good food to clean the arteries and prevent a blockage in them.

Combining grapefruit and lemon is another of the most recommended juices to clean the arteries. You simply need:

  • 2 grapefruits
  • 1 lemon

You simply have to squeeze each of the ingredients and combine them all. Drink this mixture 2 times a day for 15 days to help clean the arteries and to enjoy each of the vitamins and nutrients that each fruit provides.

Oatmeal and papaya, ideal to start the day

Papaya contains an enzyme called paraoxonase, which helps reduce the levels of bad cholesterol that may exist in the body and helps prevent any type of cardiovascular disease.

Oats have very beneficial properties for the heart and the circulatory system in general. In fact, it is considered one of the main cereals to take care of the health of the organs of this system.

To prepare a juice with these elements you need:

  • 3 tablespoons of oatmeal.
  • A small or medium papaya.
  • A glass of water or soy milk.

Its preparation is quite easy, just add in a container the 3 tablespoons of oats, the papaya in pieces and the glass of water or soy milk, according to the taste of each person. Then, you must beat well until all the ingredients are integrated.

This juice should be consumed every morning for 10 days, avoiding any other food or drink along with it. In this way, it helps to keep the body healthy and is an excellent juice to clean the arteries .

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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