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by Alivia Nyhan

Dr. Alivia Nyhan

I am a Surgeon with a diploma in comprehensive ultrasound and surgical care residency, an area in which I am specializing. During the exercise of my profession, I have realized the need for patients to know the diseases they suffer, and I can tell you that a large part of their complications is due to a lack of information. Being a health web writer allows me to transmit my experience, without borders, to all those readers eager for knowledge, educate them in the prevention of diseases and promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, I have courses in SEO writing, translation of technical English for doctors, comprehensive management. I collaborate with different international companies in the area of writing and proofreading. If you have doubts about any illness,

FastlyHeal is a website founded in 2008 by a registered doctor and an expert in health and wellness. This project that was born to help users to solve daily doubts about health and medicine issues, over the years, has become a reference website for health content in English.

The objective of FastlyHeal is to offer reliable, useful, and suitable information for all audiences. We seek to provide quality and proven information that everyone can understand.

At FastlyHeal, we understand health from a comprehensive point of view, which encompasses all aspects of our life. That is why we extend our articles to areas such as sexual health, exercise, healthy eating, pregnancy, baby care, fertility, emotional health, beauty, or skin health.

In all articles, we guarantee the originality and authority of the content and a scientific endorsement of the information through citations and references. Always making it clear that the information given at no time can replace the relationship with the doctor.

For all this, FastlyHeal has several distinctions and quality seals that guarantee the rigor and quality of all our articles.

The site was born to differentiate quality medical content on the Internet from that which is not. We can find numerous pages on the Internet that deal with medical topics. Still, we always have doubts about whether scientific criteria govern them or have a solid basis. The FastlyHeal WIS seal guarantees that the information on this page follows rigorous medical criteria and that, in no case does it replace the relationship with the doctor.