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Pumpkin seeds properties

by Alivia Nyhan
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Pumpkin seeds are some of the most nutritious that exist; for this reason, they are recommended when you are on a diet in which you have to avoid snacking between meals. These seeds are a snack par excellence; their nutritional contributions are high thanks to their magnesium, copper, zinc, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids composition. They can come in different presentations, white covered with yellow or dark green skin. At FastlyHealwe show you the properties of pumpkin seeds.

Source of omega 3

The contribution of omega three and magnesium provided by pumpkin seeds acts in the reduction of cholesterol and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It also produces an anti-inflammatory effect, which is beneficial for the circulatory system and for treating conditions such as arthritis. Pumpkin seeds are very high in zinc, which helps prevent osteoporosis by delaying the wear and tear of bone density.

Antioxidant and satiating properties

Although pumpkin seeds are a nutritious snack, we must bear in mind that they should not be eaten in excess since it has many calories, so if you suffer from obesity, you should restrict the consumption of this food. Its composition produces a satiating effect; it also has a high amount of vitamin E, preventing cell degeneration produced by free radicals. Likewise, its zinc, selenium, and beta-carotene content will keep your skin in good condition, especially if you suffer from acne, and protect your immune system from colds and flu.

Tranquilizing properties

Another of the properties of pumpkin seeds is that they are high in tryptophan, an amino acid that the body converts into serotonin and melatonin, a hormone that acts on sleep. It is recommended that you eat pumpkin seeds before going to rest and a carbohydrate; this will allow you to fall asleep if you have insomnia or anxiety problems. Additionally, it has vitamins that nourish the nervous system, making it ideal for treating stress and nerves.

For the prostate

The beta-carotenes it contains in pumpkin (the elements that give it its characteristic orange color) have proven to be very important in preventing lung, colon, prostate, stomach, and uterine cancer.

Its high content of zinc and cucurbitacin, an active principle that prevents prostate problems, gives pumpkin seeds properties that benefit the health and fertility of men. This food has a diuretic effect that reduces the symptoms of an enlarged prostate; in the same way, it is rich in arginine, an amino acid that allows the manufacture of sperm.

How to take them?

Pumpkin seeds can be eaten like chia seeds; here are the different ways you can eat them:

  • Pulverized and added them to the fruits.
  • Accompanying other foods such as salads or soups.
  • As an ingredient in cereal bar preparations.
  • As flour to prepare cookies and bread.

Although you can find pumpkin seeds ready to eat in supermarkets, if you want a healthier way to eat them, you can buy a pumpkin, remove the seeds and boil them in salted water. Then it would help if you placed them in the oven, let them toast, and they will be ready for you to use as you want. Remember that the daily dose of 10 grams should not be exceeded and that you should keep them in a cool place protected from light.

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