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Health benefits of brewer’s yeast

by Alivia Nyhan
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The brewer ‘s yeast is a fungus used to make bread, wine and, of course , beer. However, it is also used as a dietary supplement by eliminating its fermenting property to make it suitable for direct consumption. Although for some it may be curious, it turns out that this ingredient has a huge amount of benefits that promote our health and help with protein intake, a quality highly appreciated especially by vegetarians. You do not know what it is for but would you love to take advantage of its properties? Keep reading because in this FastlyHealarticle we explain the benefits of brewer’s yeast so that you can make the most of them.

Steps to follow:

The yeast suitable for human consumption can be found in any health food store and some supermarkets, especially those with varied alternatives for vegetarians.

But why do we insist that this ingredient is good for those who eat a diet free of animal protein? Well, one of the great benefits of brewer’s yeast is that it provides our body with a large amount of protein , for every 100 gr of product there are between 45 and 50 gr of protein, being an excellent and healthy option to add this nutrient to the diet.


This nutritional supplement is one of the richest options in vitamin B that we can consume, helping to keep our bones, skin, hair, nails and muscles healthy, promoting our metabolism and helping to keep our nervous and immune systems completely healthy. Again, it is a great option for vegetarians, since most of the B vitamins are present in animal products such as liver, red meat, eggs or milk.


This ingredient is an excellent source of fiber, which is why among the benefits of brewer’s yeast it is worth highlighting its effects by regulating intestinal transit and preventing constipation , which will help you look less bloated and feel much better.

In addition, and also thanks to the fiber, this supplement regulates the presence of cholesterol in our body helping us to have a much healthier heart.


Due to its content of vitamin B and zinc, brewer’s yeast is ideal to help us maintain healthy and nourished skin , to promote healing and help our hair and nails to be strong and healthy. There is no doubt that adding it to your diet will not only benefit your body on the inside but also on the outside.


Its content of minerals and vitamins, especially that of group B, helps us fight tiredness and fatigue , providing energy and vitality to our day to day, so to take advantage of the benefits of brewer’s yeast it is recommended to consume it at breakfast.

This ingredient also helps to strengthen the immune system, which together with good general nutrition will help us to be healthy and avoid diseases.


Other benefits of brewer’s yeast are:

  • It favors the regeneration of the bacterial flora.
  • Helps fight acne and improve the appearance of the skin.
  • Provides folic acid to the body.
  • Provides iron, which helps in the treatment of anemia.
  • It can be consumed whether you suffer from diabetes or hypertension as it does not contain sugar or sodium.

But how do you drink brewer’s yeast? In principle, it is recommended to ingest it in powder so that the body assimilates it much better, the maximum recommended dose per day is 3 teaspoons that you can distribute with two or three meals a day, always including it at breakfast.

You can add it to your yogurt, cereal, to salads, soups, vegetable creams, to natural juices or smoothies or to any dish of your choice. If you want, you can also consume it in capsules, which you can buy in a natural products store.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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