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Maple syrup diet to lose weight

by Alivia Nyhan
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Purifies your body and lose weight at the same time! How? With the maple syrup diet , a perfect option to help you deep cleanse your body at the same time that it will help you reduce those extra pounds that you may have stored. It is a detox diet that should only be extended for 7 or 10 days and that combines fasting days, thus taking advantage of the benefits that these bring to our body.

In addition to losing weight, this diet also manages to improve the digestive system because it allows it to rest for a few days, thus allowing it to regenerate. It is not about stopping eating completely but about reducing caloric intake considerably to allow the body to be nourished but, at the same time, give it a rest. In this FastlyHealarticle we are going to talk to you about the maple syrup diet to lose weight, discovering how you have to do it step by step.

What is the maple syrup diet based on?

The maple syrup diet consists of a plan that can be done for 7 or 10 days and that is designed, essentially, to purify the body and, incidentally, will help us lose calories since we reduce food intake to allow the body work better and rest for a few days.

By reducing the calories ingested we make our body have to go to the saturated fat reserves to transform it into energy and, thus, be able to have strength and vitality to be able to function throughout the day. During this diet you can lose between 3 to 6 kilos , depending on the amount of weight that you have and your metabolism.

But where does the maple come from? This syrup is prepared from the sap of the Canadian trees, a nutritional supplement that provides us with interesting vitamins and minerals, among which we highlight its great contribution in calcium, zinc or magnesium. It also has many natural antioxidants that will help us rejuvenate the body and fight free radicals.

How to make maple syrup

The maple syrup diet is based on taking a preparation that you must make yourself and that is essential to detoxify the body and, therefore, lose weight. The ingredients you will need are:

  • 150 ml maple syrup (about 18 tablespoons)
  • The juice of 5 lemons
  • 1 pinch of cayenne pepper
  • Water

We recommend that you fill a 2-liter bottle of water with the first ingredients and fill the rest of the bottle with mineral water in order to have your own drink prepared and be able to drink it during your diet to lose weight.

Phase 1: pre-diet

This diet is divided into different phases because the body has to prepare for the caloric decrease that it is going to suffer; Thus, the pre-diet is the initial phase with which we will begin our planning and it should be extended during the first three days. In this first moment, we must bet on a healthy menu that is full of fruits, vegetables and cleansing broths; We can add whole wheat bread during breakfast to be able to have energy throughout the day.

In addition to eating healthy and without excesses, you will have to add the maple syrup that we have prepared to your day to day as it will help you keep your body perfectly nourished, it is very low in calories and, in addition, it will satisfy your appetite and craving for sweet thanks to its flavor and texture.

During this first phase you should avoid alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and caffeine as they stress the body and we are looking, precisely, the opposite: to give it a break so that it can relax and purify itself naturally.

Foods allowed in the first phase of the diet

  • Whole wheat bread (only at breakfast time)
  • Brown rice (at lunch time)
  • Vegetables soup
  • Fruits (especially citrus fruits are recommended for their vitamin intake and their contribution to detoxification of the body)
  • Fruit salad
  • Vegetables

Phase 2: the maple syrup diet

The second phase is the maple syrup diet proper. The duration of this is between 5 to 7 days, depending on how you hold it and how you feel during it. Keep in mind that this is the most restrictive moment of the plan since they are days of almost absolute fasting where the only thing you can take is the preparation that we have made with maple syrup (explained in the first section of this article).

In addition to maple syrup, during these days you can also take infusions but avoiding theine and caffeine since they are substances that activate the nervous system. There are several options that you can choose but at FastlyHealwe recommend the best infusions to cleanse the body of toxins that will thus increase the detox effect of your diet.

During the duration of this phase you can NOT eat anything at all, any solid food other than the preparation we have and the infusions we want. Nor should we provide substances that are harmful to health such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs because the objective is to clean our body intensively.

You should take 2 liters of the maple syrup preparation to ensure that you are introducing into your body the nutrients it needs to function properly and not fall ill; However, we want to highlight the danger of this diet and indicate that in the event that you find fatigue, dizzy, weak or nauseous, leave this plan and opt for other less restrictive methods such as, for example, the Mediterranean diet or that of the semi fasting if you want to cleanse your body.

Phase 3: the post-diet

After the 5 or 7 days of fasting that you have done with this diet, the third phase known as “post diet” comes. It is about incorporating food into our body in a smooth and progressive way to prevent it from becoming oversaturated and to get it to start working again. The duration of this phase is 3 days and the guidelines that you must follow are exactly the same as in the “pre-phase”, that is, eat the foods that we have indicated and continue taking the maple syrup to benefit from its uses .

It is important not to skip this phase to allow your metabolism to get used to food and to work slowly. For this reason, low-fat, digestive and light foods are the most suitable to regain normal eating habits.

After this time, you will have to eat normally again but, yes, it is best to opt for a healthy, balanced diet with little presence of trans fats, otherwise, it is likely that you will regain the lost kilos suffering from the dreaded rebound effect.

Maple syrup diet contraindications

It is a very restrictive diet during which we spend several days without eating solid food, therefore, it is a dangerous planning and contraindicated for special people such as, for example, pregnant or lactating women, children or women. people with anemia, hypertension or chronic fatigue problems.

At FastlyHealwe want to warn you that this diet is designed to detoxify the body in a very abrupt and intense way and that, therefore, if you are not used to days of fasting or cleansing of toxins, it is better that you opt for other healthier methods and less aggressive as it will cost you a lot to overcome the feeling of hunger.

It is also essential that before doing this diet you talk to your doctor because, as we have pointed out, it is a very aggressive method that may be discouraged in different situations and that only an expert can advise you and recommend the best plan to follow. Don’t gamble with your health.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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