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Mediterranean diet to lose weight

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is considered one of the healthiest eating methods that exist. Is that in the Mediterranean diet, nutritional balance is promoted by betting on a menu in which vegetables and olive oil abound, an ingredient full of healthy fats for the correct functioning of our body.

Thus, when we talk about the Mediterranean diet, we are not referring to a type of conventional diet that has a specific duration, and that ensures spectacular weight loss, but rather, we are referring to a healthy and balanced way of eating that you It will help you lose weight and keep you in optimal health conditions. At FastlyHealwe will discover how you can start doing the Mediterranean diet to lose weight.

Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the wealthiest and most balanced eating methods as it combines proteins, fiber, Omega 3 acids, minerals, and vitamins. All this to the detriment of foods that are very fatty or full of refined sugars; for this reason, it is possible to lose weight up to 1 kilo per week with this diet.

The stone on which this type of diet is configured is olive oil, a product rich in fat, especially in monounsaturated fatty acids that reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. This component also allows us to be protected against diseases such as arteriosclerosis or coronary arteries, that is, they are related to heart health.

The fats that this oil provides to the body are very well tolerated as it protects the mucosa, prevents constipation, and helps the liver purify itself. Of course: we should not abuse the oil and cook fried or battered foods! The trick to make the most of these benefits is to add a splash of oil to dishes such as salads or to cook your fish or meat on the grill with a little of this ingredient.

That said, below, we are going to list the main benefits of the Mediterranean diet for health:

  • It is a diet deficient in saturated fat as the consumption of red meat is significantly reduced, and foods with empty calories (that is, with very few nutrients) such as sugars, salty snacks, or fast food are prohibited.
  • Offers a balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids (i.e., Omega 3 and Omega 6).
  • It is a diet rich in antioxidants since the menu includes large proportions of ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, or legumes.
  • It also offers excellent richness in fiber since the cereals, vegetables, and legumes included in the diet are rich in this nutrient.

All these factors ensure that our body works properly, protects cardiovascular health, and fights against cells the aging of cells thanks to its antioxidants.

Characteristics of the Mediterranean diet

As you have seen, the Mediterranean diet promotes a nutritional balance by betting on healthy ingredients and leaving aside those that do not provide vitamins to the body and, however, are high in fat and calories. So if you want to use the Mediterranean diet to lose weight, it will be essential that you take into account the basic premises of this nutritional method to lose weight progressively.

  • The starting point of this diet is that a balance of all the ingredients is sought, so the excess is not healthy. Eating protein at all meals or filling up on dairy is not recommended: rationalization is the key to success.
  • The foods that are not of animal origin are the most abundant in the diet. Hence, ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and carbohydrates are the primary dietary energy source. Carbohydrates account for 50% of the daily energy intake, so don’t give them up!
  • Olive oil is the primary source of fat in the diet and is often used to flavor salads or grilled cooking recipes. So use oil in a limited way and put the butter away from your kitchen. Your body will notice!
  • Proteins account for 20% of energy, including foods such as eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, etc. But do not forget that legumes or cereals also contain protein. Fish should not be eaten more than three times a week, and among meats, we must reduce the intake of red meat and opt for lean meats (chicken, turkey, or rabbit).
  • Among the carbohydrates, you should know how to always opt for those that are whole because, in this way, you increase the consumption of fiber and reduce the sugars from the wheat refining process. In addition, to compensate for the energy expenditure, these foods should be taken during breakfast and lunch; they are not advisable for the rest of the day.
  • You have to drink at least 2 liters of water every day to achieve good health, promote the purification of the body and reduce fluid retention. But, unlike other weight loss methods, the Mediterranean diet allows a glass of wine with the main meals, a practice that helps lower cholesterol and facilitates digestion.

Forbidden foods in the Mediterranean diet

Now you know everything that you should include in your Mediterranean diet, but if you want to lose weight, it will be essential that you know the prohibited foods that should be avoided as much as possible in your day-to-day life. Here is everything you must eliminate from your daily menu to enjoy optimal health:

  • Red meat: beef, lamb, etc., are a type of protein that contains a large amount of saturated fat, so it should not be eaten more than two times a month.
  • Confectionery or sugary: donuts, buns, or soft drinks should also be eliminated from your diet because they have almost no nutrients, but they are very rich in saturated fats and sugars, which can unbalance blood glucose.
  • Salty snacks or fast food: potato chips, salty sticks, or any of these products should not be part of our diet as they contain many saturated fats.

These are the ones that are entirely prohibited, but there are other foods that you can take but limitedly. We discover them:

  • Salt: Excess salt, in addition to affecting blood pressure, also causes fluid retention and induces the appearance of cellulite. It is best to reduce it from the diet and replace it with aromatic herbs or spices.
  • Carbohydrates: you should never eliminate them because, as we have already indicated in the first section, they are one of the primary energy sources. But it is true that to prevent the energy they provide us from being retained in the body in the form of fat, you mustn’t eat them in the second half of the day, and they are only present at breakfast and lunch.
  • Fruits should never be taken at night because they are rich in sugars, and if they are not burned, they are stored as fat. To eat the fruit healthily, it is best to do it during the first hours of the day or 3 hours before eating any food. Fruit for dessert never!

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Mediterranean diet menu

After all that is indicated, now we will give you an example of a menu so that you can see the guidelines of this diet and achieve weight loss while taking care of your body. Another of the premises is that meals are divided into five servings a day, something essential to accelerate the metabolism and avoid arriving too hungry for main meals.

Here is the menu that you can adapt to your tastes and preferences according to all the above:

Option 1

  • Breakfast: Coffee with skim milk + Orange juice + Whole wheat toast with turkey
  • Mid-morning: Fruit of the season
  • Lunch: Green salad + Lentils with vegetables
  • Snack: 3 walnuts
  • Dinner: Vegetable cream + Baked chicken

Option 2

  • Breakfast: Coffee + Natural orange juice + Toast with light jam
  • Mid-morning: Fruit salad
  • Lunch: Tomato salad + Brown rice
  • Snack: Skimmed Yogurt
  • Dinner: Boiled spinach + Lemon hake

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This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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