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Healthy and balanced diet to lose weight – weekly menu

by Alivia Nyhan
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More and more people are concerned about their weight. This is due to taking care of their aesthetics and because they are becoming more aware of the many disorders that having several kilos of weight can cause in the body. Plus. Despite this, many women and men decide to diet on their own, which tends not to be beneficial at all, since many times, essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body can be lost.

You must visit a specialist if you are looking to lose a few kilos since, in this way, it is guaranteed to achieve the desired results and keep the body healthy. Suppose you want to know some options; at FastlyHealwe detail a healthy and balanced diet to lose weight, although it is necessary to consult a specialist before doing it.

Keys to a balanced and healthy diet

To achieve a balanced diet, you need to cover four basic principles if you do not suffer from any other associated pathology and regardless of any objective, you seek to achieve.


The first is related to variety; that is, all food groups must be included in the diet so that the body obtains all the nutrients that each contributes to the body and that are essential for proper functioning, thus achieving a way to prevent numerous disorders.


The second principle is involved how often food is eaten. Many dieters without any professional control think that not eating means losing weight, and this is not correct. It is essential to maintain a hormonal and energy balance to lose weight by consuming the right foods frequently. It is recommended that the intake be divided into five meals a day.


Another critical point is moderation since no matter how many kilos you want to lose, moderating the amount of food consumed or distributing it in small portions is always essential to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This is because the body itself is responsible for limiting the assimilation and use of nutrients and energy from meals.


The last principle, but no less important than the previous ones, is hydration. It is necessary to know that all the chemical reactions responsible for regulating the metabolism are closely related to liquids. Hence, their level decreases with each response, and it is essential to replenish it throughout the day constantly. In addition, it helps regulate appetite and satiety, making each meal less hungry.

Weight loss foods: recommended and prohibited

It is essential to know that all foods provide calories, either to a greater or lesser extent, but they all influence the maximum recommended amount of calories per day. You should eat foods that cause satiety, containing many nutrients and few calories to reduce body fat.

This is why it is recommended to eat mainly fruits and vegetables because they have a deficient calorie intake, but at the same time, they offer a large number of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, eggs, meat, and fish are also highly suggested, thanks to providing very little fat to the body. The amino acids in these foods are essential to protect the tissues and ensure the proper functioning of the metabolism.

Legumes and nuts are other very suitable foods if you look for a healthy and balanced diet to lose weight. This is because they provide a large amount of energy and, at the same time, a considerable proportion of essential nutrients. The following article shows more specific options for satisfying foods that help you lose weight.

Although it is essential to eat a variety and a little of everything, there are foods that you should eliminate if you are looking to lose weight. Among them are sugar and foods that contain a large amount of it, refined rice, flour, fried and spicy foods, sugary soft drinks, and juices.

The weekly menu for a healthy and balanced diet to lose weight

It is important to note that the right foods should be eaten and eaten 5 or 6 times a day to help the metabolism be in constant motion and lose weight quickly. Although it is advisable for a specialist to help you with this diet, below, we offer you a weekly guide with the most recommended foods for a balanced diet:


  • Breakfast: to start the day, a good option includes two wholemeal toast with tomato and kiwi, a glass of milk, or orange juice.
  • Mid-morning: it is recommended that you always eat fruits; you can start with a serving of pineapple.
  • Food: in this part of the day, you can eat foods such as lemon chicken and accompany it with a salad. To drink, a seasonal fruit juice.
  • Snack: during the afternoon, you can eat skimmed yogurt to wait for the next meal.
  • Dinner: at night is when you should least eat so that you can opt for a plate of baked beef meatballs.


  • Breakfast: you can eat a ciabatta with fruit and tomato—coffee alone or milk.
  • Mid-morning: a mango or seasonal fruit.
  • Food: prepare stuffed aubergines or salads accompanied by nuts and drink a fruit juice or infusion.
  • Snack: Some turkey rice pancakes are a good alternative for this time of day.
  • Dinner: You could choose to eat chicken with mushrooms.


  • Breakfast: 2 whole-wheat toast with skim cheese, a cup of tea, or infusion.
  • Mid-morning: a glass of low-fat yogurt, preferably natural.
  • Lunch: turkey with soy sauce and zucchini, accompanied with a light jelly and seasonal fruit juice.
  • Snack: 2 pieces of whole wheat bread with jam.
  • Dinner: Greek salad and fruit.


  • Breakfast: coffee with milk and four wholemeal cookies.
  • Mid-morning: a portion of strawberries with natural yogurt.
  • Food: baked trout loins accompanied by onion and tomato. Seasonal fruit juice.
  • Snack: a portion of skim cheese (500 grams).
  • Dinner: vegetable stew.


  • Breakfast: orange juice and a slice of whole wheat bread with tomato.
  • Mid-morning: yogurt with nuts or cereals.
  • Food: roasted vegetables with goat cheese; you can also include rice and a light jelly.
  • Snack: Serrano ham sandwich.
  • Dinner: salmon or baked gilthead.


  • Breakfast: a glass of milk and a mushroom omelet with parsley.
  • Mid-morning: a banana or seasonal fruit.
  • Food: hake with vegetables and rice. Complete lunch with a glass of yogurt and an infusion.
  • Snack: 500 grams of skim cheese.
  • Dinner: sautéed broccoli with onion.


  • Breakfast: a croissant and coffee with milk.
  • Mid-morning: fruit, for example, cherries or apple.
  • Food: pork tenderloin and garnish rice with spinach or mashed potatoes.
  • Snack: a hard-boiled egg.
  • Dinner: sautéed vegetables and a cup of tea.

After dinner, if you feel hungry, it is recommended to consume another fruit, although it is essential not to eat it immediately before sleeping, but at least 3 hours before. The following article can also see the best dinners to lose weight.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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