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Protein shakes for weight loss

by Alivia Nyhan
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When it comes to losing weight, there are no shortcuts, magic recipes, and no easy way; The key to success is the same for everyone who wants to lose weight: balanced diet, exercise and a lot of willpower. The fight against being overweight can be a long and tedious process that suggests changing many habits, for this reason many people look for healthy alternatives that allow them to stimulate weight loss and help them stay on their feet without abandoning the goal.

The protein shakes are an excellent choice when the goal is to lose weight because, although they have been wrongly associated with bodybuilding and weightlifting, represent a natural and healthy option to maintain a diet low in calories and whet the appetite for much longer . Adding these drinks to your diet does not suggest replacing your meals with a meringue, it is about making the most of the benefit that proteins can offer to our body to help it achieve a lower caloric intake without starving.

Are you looking to lose weight? Wondering what to eat to calm anxiety? So we invite you to continue reading this FastlyHealarticle where we will not only explain how to make protein shakes to lose weight , but we will also help you understand the importance of these drinks and their function in the body.

Why drink protein shakes to lose weight?

What are proteins?

Proteins are molecules made up of amino acids found in food and contain hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. Its nitrogen content makes proteins especially important, since this substance does not exist in other foods and is essential for growth. It is appropriate to mention that proteins perform essential functions for the body, such as:

  • Increase the speed of chemical reactions of metabolism.
  • Carry oxygen through the blood.
  • Regenerate muscles.

Few people understand the importance of protein consumption before exercise and the benefit it can bring to losing weight, so it is important to explain. When muscles are exercised they need energy, which, after 45 minutes of training, they extract from fat. However, once the exercise is over, the muscle cells are broken and need to regenerate so that the muscle can recover from the effort. How do we repair muscle cells after training? Through protein consumption!

Protect muscle mass and increase it through the consumption of proteins, since muscle is the most active metabolic tissue in the entire body, therefore, the more muscle mass we have, the more fat we can burn. For this reason, it is so important to combine the consumption of protein shakes with a physical training routine and a low-calorie diet.

How Much Protein Should I Consume?

Ideally, a person should consume 1 gram of protein per kilo of body weight daily , that is, a person weighing 100 kilos should consume 100 grams of protein per day. It is advisable to lose weight is to distribute this amount over six meals, but since it is sometimes heavy, impractical or difficult to comply with, part of that solid protein is replaced by shakes that offer the same benefit.

Protein is essential to lose weight because most of it represents a lower caloric intake for the body, that is, it will allow a person to consume fewer calories than they burn when exercising. It is advisable to consume proteins at the time when the body suffers the most anxiety to eat , since this will not only satisfy the appetite , but also keep it under control until the next meal.

However, it is important to note that the body needs a balanced diet that includes all food groups, so it is not advisable to eat an exclusively protein diet, since it will nutritionally decompensate the body and prevent the protein from working properly, remember that they are the carbohydrates responsible for making the body absorb protein properly.

Oatmeal, banana and skim milk smoothie

This protein shake to lose weight is very delicious and effective because among its ingredients it contains oats, a food that is rich in a type of fiber that:

  • Helps absorb accumulated fat in the body
  • Stimulates intestinal transit
  • Fight constipation
  • Cleanses the body of accumulated toxins.

This drink is ideal to drink before training because it contains banana, which offers abundant potassium to have much more energy when exercising. In addition, the touch of protein will be given through egg whites, one of the foods that offers the highest amount of protein.


  • 3 egg whites.
  • A glass of skim milk.
  • Two tablespoons of rolled oats.
  • 1 banana


Process all the ingredients in the blender, sweeten with saccharin, serve and enjoy this delicious protein shake to lose weight. If you want you can add ice for a slush drink.

Strawberry protein meringue

Strawberries are antioxidants that stimulate the formation of collagen , a substance essential for the health of muscles, cartilage and joints. This shake combines two protein servings, making it much more powerful and it is recommended to drink it before training or when you are very hungry and have little time to eat a meal, as it usually happens in the early hours of the morning.


  • 3 egg whites.
  • 2 tablespoons of unsweetened gelatin.
  • A handful of strawberries.
  • 1 glass of water or skim milk.


Process all the ingredients in the blender, add five ice cubes, serve and drink immediately.

Orange, pineapple and watercress smoothie

This protein shake for weight loss is composed of powerful antioxidants such as orange and watercress, which are rich in vitamin C and fight the aging of the body’s cells . Pineapple plays a leading role, and its diuretic effect will combat fluid retention and help weight loss. Enjoy it!


  • The juice of an orange.
  • 2 slices of pineapple.
  • A handful of watercress.
  • 3 egg whites.
  • 1 glass of water.
  • Saccharin to sweeten.


Process all the ingredients in the blender, serve and take on an empty stomach. Two hours later, he has breakfast as usual.

Best time to have a protein shake

Get the most out of your protein shakes by drinking them at the right time:

  • Minutes before training.
  • Up to an hour after training.
  • On an empty stomach.
  • As a snack between meals to combat anxiety.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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