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Food with vitamin E

by Alivia Nyhan
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Vitamin E, also called tocopherol, is a fat-soluble vitamin, an essential nutrient for all cells in the body to remain healthy and constantly functioning correctly. This vitamin has numerous properties that provide significant benefits for the entire body, both internally and externally.

Although it is an excellent vitamin and very important for the proper functioning of the body, if it is ingested more than recommended per day for a long time, it could cause severe disorders and even be fatal. For this reason, it is essential to know that the benefits of vitamin E do not appear when it is acquired in a more significant quantity but by avoiding its deficiency.

Its main properties include skin protection, helping to treat fatty liver, preventing prostate cancer, being anticoagulant, prevents gynecological disorders, and is less prone to atherosclerosis. To enjoy these benefits, it is necessary to maintain a correct level of this nutrient in the body and one way to do this is through diet. For this reason, in FastlyHealwe want you to know five foods with vitamin E.

Green leafy vegetables rich in vitamin E

Green leafy vegetables are one of the 5 foods with vitamin E that are ideal to consume if you want to keep this nutrient in your body at the proper level. Among the most prominent are broccoli, chard, spinach, and asparagus. In addition, these vegetables contain other nutrients and vitamins that provide more benefits to your body.

Although it is expected that many people do not like these types of ingredients, the easiest way to include them in your diet is through a salad, although you can also add them to your meals to give them a better flavor, for example, when preparing a soup or a cream.

Vegetable oils provide large amounts of vitamin E

Using vegetable oils such as olive, wheat germ, sunflower, soy, and corn oil in food is excellent if you are interested in not having a vitamin E deficiency since they are one of the primary sources of this essential nutrient for the proper functioning of the body.

On the other hand, although it is possible to find a significant contribution of vitamin E in derivatives such as mayonnaise or margarine, you must maintain a moderate consumption of these foods. Also, do not forget that you should avoid exceeding the amount of vitamin E recommended by specialists.

Fruits, sources of vitamin E and antioxidants

Plums, coconut, kiwi, mango, and avocado are among the few fruits you can find a good supply of vitamin E. It is essential that you add one or more of them to your usual diet, either in juice, as a snack between meals, or as a dessert, and keep all the nutrients in the body at the correct level.

In addition, fruits are essential foods to benefit the body in many ways since they are rich in several essential nutrients and are excellent natural antioxidants, which makes them the best allies for skincare.

Nuts are ideal for vitamin E deficiency.

Among the 5 foods with vitamin E are nuts such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and peanuts, although those that provide the most of this vitamin are hazelnuts and almonds.

If you do not want to suffer a vitamin E deficiency and keep your whole body in good condition, you must include nuts in your regular diet. There are several ways to consume them in your meals; for example, preparing desserts, side dishes, and meat seasonings as ingredients in sauces and even eating them alone is one of the best options.

Cereals, egg yolk, liver, and other foods to acquire vitamin E

Cereals are another excellent option to get to cover the recommended 15 mg daily of vitamin E. Mainly oats, wheat, rice, and rye, so you can choose different ways of consuming it to enjoy this benefit that it provides; it is recommended that you eat them during breakfast or snack, adding milk or yogurt.

Egg yolk and liver are foods of animal origin that can help you acquire vitamin E and that the average values ​​of the body are not altered. However, in general, meat can also be a good alternative, as it is an essential source of this and other nutrients.

Also, in the following article, you can learn everything about vitamin E, where it is found, and what it is for.

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