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Fatty liver remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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The hepatic steatosis , medical term for fatty liver , is a fairly common and usually benign in which fat accumulates in the liver result of poor diet and substance abuse like alcohol, drugs or drug condition. Making profound changes in diet and eating is essential to treat this condition and prevent it from appearing , but additionally some natural alternatives can help us to enhance the effect of a good diet and guarantee a faster recovery. Do you need to eliminate liver steatosis? Keep reading because in this FastlyHealarticle we give you some very effective remedies for fatty liver .

Steps to follow:

As with any medical condition that occurs due to our bad habits, such as high cholesterol, hypertension and of course fatty liver, make changes in our diet by removing all high-fat foods, fried foods, junk food , sweets, pastries and alcohol, it is essential to eliminate lipids located in the liver area.

Additionally, exercise is an excellent ally to enhance the effects of a good diet and help us to be much healthier. Although natural remedies for fatty liver are a good option, it is important to be clear that without changes in diet they will not act in the way that is expected or desired.


One of the simplest and most effective remedies for fatty liver is to drink a glass of warm water with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon on an empty stomach . You should not add sugar or any other ingredient to this alternative if you want it to be really effective.

Lemon acts as an excellent scrubber, favoring the elimination of fat from the liver through urine, cleaning your intestine to help eliminate toxins and strengthening your immune system due to its vitamin C content. You can drink this drink daily and also add the lemon to your diet or other infusions to enhance its effect.

It is important that you know that this alternative is contraindicated for those who suffer from ulcers, gastritis or sores in the mouth.


The thistle is a plant known to be the perfect ally for a healthy liver by helping to improve their functions, I desinflamarlo, to promote the regeneration of this body and of course remove the fat that accumulates on it. It can be consumed as an infusion, in capsules or drops.

In the event that you opt for the infusion you should add a teaspoon of milk thistle seeds to a cup of freshly boiled water, you can consume up to 3 cups a day but you should know that this infusion is very bitter and should not be sweetened, which is why the one that some people opt for the other presentations. The capsules and drops of this plant are for sale in natural product stores and the amount to be ingested will depend on the presentation of each product and its indications.

The thistle is contraindicated if:

  • Do you have diabetes.
  • You suffer from hypertension.
  • You are pregnant or nursing.

Among the remedies for fatty liver , dandelion cannot be absent, as it is an ideal plant to eliminate toxins and purify our body of lipids, helping to eliminate liver fat and also to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides . To prepare an infusion of dandelion you should add a tablespoon of the leaves of this plant to a cup of freshly boiled water, let it rest for 5 minutes and then drink.

You can ingest up to 3 cups a day, although there is also the alternative of consuming capsules of this plant, for sale in natural product stores. Taking dandelion is not recommended if:

  • You have heartburn, gastritis, or ulcers.
  • You suffer from gallstones.
  • You take diuretics, potassium or lithium supplements.
  • You are pregnant or breastfeeding.

The artichoke is always present in weight loss diets and it is not by chance, since this food contains very few calories, it is a great diuretic and an ideal ally to help us eliminate fat from our body, including of course that which accumulates in the liver. Its high fiber content favors blood sugar control and slows the fat absorption process, providing important benefits to our body.

You can add it to your diet by consuming it steamed or baked, however it is not recommended to eat it at dinners because due to its high fiber content it can be very heavy for this time of day. If you prefer to opt for an infusion, you can buy its dried leaves in a natural products store and mix a teaspoon in a cup of freshly boiled water, let it rest for 5 minutes and drink. You can consume 3 cups daily.


Ginger is one of the most beneficial foods that we can find. Widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, it has various beneficial properties for our health being a great ally to help us accelerate metabolism and promote the elimination of fat from the body, which is why many consider that it helps to treat fatty liver problems .

You can incorporate ginger in dishes such as soups, salads or stews, eat it only in its pickled presentation or ingest it in a delicious infusion. To make it, just boil a liter of water and add a peeled and chopped ginger tuber, let it boil for 10 minutes, remove from the heat and let it rest. You can consume up to 3 cups a day.

This alternative should not be ingested if:

  • You have hypertension.
  • You suffer from gallstones.
  • You take blood thinners or medicine for diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • You suffer from mouth sores, as it can increase the discomfort.

In addition to all these remedies for fatty liver , some foods and recommendations can help you treat liver steatosis and get rid of lipids accumulated in this organ.

That is why we suggest that you:

  • Opt for foods prepared in the oven, steamed, grilled or cooked, which are much healthier and beneficial because they do not contain excess fat.
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, the liquid will help you to promote urination and thus eliminate part of the fat you eat through urine.
  • Add to your diet good foods to purify the liver such as radish, beet, medlar and in general fresh fruits and vegetables, which due to their fiber content will also maintain optimal blood glucose levels and help you reduce fat and improve intestinal transit.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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