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Healing properties of lemon against cancer

by Alivia Nyhan
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Expanding the list of the benefits that nature brings to our health and well-being, we continue with one of the most consumed fruits in the world, not only as a high-quality food or flavoring, but also applied in multiple uses within aesthetics and as a natural medicine: lemon .

This is a fruit with diverse properties and that is easily applicable in many ways, making it ideal for the consumption of any individual. In this FastlyHealarticle, we will talk specifically about the healing properties of lemon against cancer and the most widespread forms of its use for therapeutic purposes against this disease.

Lemon properties against cancer: vitamin C

Lemon, the citrus fruit par excellence, brings with it one of the highest levels of vitamin C of all fruits, this being an essential nutrient in any organism that wants to stay strong and responsive to any carcinogenic threat. This vitamin C also comes from other crucial vitamins like E, A, and group B.

When a person has a tumor, even if it has not become carcinogenic or if it is benign, it is present before an immune system that is weak and takes time to very low performance since, just as it defends us from a cold, it is also developed to detect abnormal cells that must be destroyed to kill them. A diet consistent with the consumption of lemon, as well as other citrus fruits, in its most natural form possible (without sweeteners) is very important to boost your defenses and attack these abnormal cells.

In addition to lemon, the next article will talk about the foods rich in vitamin C .

Lemon as an anticancer: acidic but alkalizing

One of the basic points to know about our health is that there are habits and foods that alkalize or acidify the body. Those that acidify are those that lower the pH of the organism, while the alkalinizers increase said pH. The correct thing is that this is kept in perpetual balance.

Now, practically since the discovery and delimitation of cancer as a disease, it was also possible to verify that a factor in common of its etiology (origin) is that they are born and are favored in acidic environments , which are unfavorable for all cells in their regular operation, and this includes its reproduction. The cigarette and all kinds of soda or products with refined sugar are the main examples of foods that extremely acidify the body, and therefore are carcinogenic.

Lemon, on the contrary -and above many fruits-, has this powerful alkalizing effect to balance this pH balance in your body and allow a better working and recovery environment for your tissues. We must not confuse the flavor of lemon (acid), as well as that of any food, with alkalinization / acidification, which refers to the effect it produces on the body once metabolized.

The antioxidant lemon against cancer

This healthy fruit has recognized antioxidant effects which, in summary, means the following:

  • Reduces free radicals : when the body works correctly in a clean environment, these are, so to speak, results of cellular processes that unbalance the charge of the atoms of the cells and antioxidants are responsible for restoring that balance. When there is an environment that is polluted or full of too many free radicals, this instability causes great stress to the body.
  • Stops aging : this stress is wearing down at the cellular level and accelerating cellular aging, as well as favoring the carrying out of cellular processes in an incomplete way, compromising the physiologically correct cellular reproduction that promotes tumors.
  • Improves LDL (bad cholesterol) levels: this effect is part of the improvements in favor of acidity in the body and in turn promotes better cardiovascular health.

Lemon: chemotherapy and its benefits

Studies in 2015 showed that the effect of lemon against cancer was not only preventive, but that it could be a powerful ally against the anticancer drugs of chemotherapy . A study was done using extracts of lemon peel and extracts of green tea and red wine.

The increase in the effectiveness of the treatment depends on the type of cancer (sarcoma, Ehrlich carcinoma and melanoma ) and the drug supplied. The slightest improvement was only 25%, but the greatest success was revealed in fighting carcinomas , with up to a 180% increase in effectiveness. In turn, these applications reduced drug toxicity by helping to raise (and not allow as much reduction) in the levels of platelets and red blood cells from chemotherapy.

How to consume lemon to fight cancer

There are different ways to serve lemon for therapeutic purposes , remembering that not only the pulp is useful, as we have previously seen that even the peel is also anticancer. Lemon can be eaten directly in the mouth, but due to its strong flavor it is useful to have the following alternatives:

  • Natural lemon juice : the more concentrated or freshly squeezed, the better. If you find the flavor too strong, mix it with room temperature water, but for the sake of it, skip the sweeteners.
  • Lemon zest : Don’t throw away the rind! You can easily grate it and use it for desserts and meals, either to flavor or simply flavor. If you use several lemons but you are not going to use the zest of all of them, you can safely store it in the freezer until the next use.
  • Frozen lemon : you can wash it and then freeze it, in order to be able to grate it in the future, with the difference that here, thanks to freezing, you can grate all the fruit.
  • Pair it with green tea : Both products are powerful antioxidants and working together they taste and get along. Pour yourself a lemon tea and you can accompany it with a slice of the lemon that you squeezed (cut before squeezing). You can bite that slice along with the tea or at the end, to take advantage of the highest possible nutrients from the fruit pulp.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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