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Medicinal plants for weight loss

by Alivia Nyhan
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Lose those extra pounds quickly and safely. How? Thanks to the properties of medicinal plants will help you lose weight without putting your health at risk and improving your internal fat absorption and food metabolism systems. We often gain weight because our body does not work correctly, and we tend to store fat instead of using it as energy to face the new day. Still, thanks to the action of some natural ingredients, we can improve our internal functioning and, therefore, make calories from food are made the most.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we will discover the medicinal plants for weight loss that, thanks to their daily use, will help you regulate your scale and achieve your ideal weight.

Red tea

One of the most popular medicinal plants to lose weight in recent years is red tea, a drink that helps you lose weight thanks to its excellent properties that are indicated to achieve this goal. Among the most outstanding benefits, we detail the following:


Red tea is perfect for cleansing the body naturally, which allows fluid retention to be eliminated; intestinal transit is improved, and, therefore, belly or body swelling disappears.

Thermogenic effect

By drinking red tea, we can accelerate the metabolism naturally and, therefore, take advantage of the wasted calories from the food that have been reserved as fat and are transformed into vital energy; Thanks to this process, we activate the fat-burning power of red tea, which is one of the great benefits to help us lose weight.

Improves digestion

It is a digestive infusion; it helps to metabolize food better. Thanks to its high water content, toxins are also better eliminated, and better assimilation of nutrients by our body is promoted.

To take full advantage of these benefits, you will have to drink 3 cups of red tea every day (after breakfast, lunch, and a snack) to, thus, help your body have easier digestion and activate its fat-burning power. If you don’t like the natural flavor, you can add sweeteners like stevia to sweeten the taste without adding calories.

You should NEVER drink more than 3 cups because you could start to feel side effects such as nervousness, palpitations, insomnia, etc. In addition, it will be of little use to introduce red tea if it is not accompanied by a balanced and low-calorie diet that will help you burn fat and fill your body with essential nutrients and little fat.


Another of the star plants to help us lose weight is horsetail, which is usually taken as an infusion. If you do not like it, you can also find it in tablets available in natural product stores or pharmacies. This plant also contains exciting properties that make it perfect for our purpose:

diuretic plant

That is to say, it promotes the purification of the body by natural means (urine), thus reducing fluid retention and, therefore, also that of cellulite.

Natural fat burner

Therefore, it activates the metabolism and promotes the consumption of saturated fat as energy, thus allowing us to burn it and reduce the volume.

To take advantage of these benefits, you must introduce this plant to your daily life, that is, that you take it 2 or 3 times during your day, but, in any case, you must understand that this infusion will not help you lose weight unless You accompany it with healthy eating practices that reduce caloric intake. In this FastlyHealarticle, we will discover other herbal teas to lose weight.

Fucus for weight loss

Another medicinal plant for weight loss is fucus, a seaweed with particular properties that will help us lose weight naturally. Here are the most beneficial ones that will make you lose weight effectively and naturally:

It speeds up our metabolism.

Like the previous two, fucus also can accelerate our internal functioning by using more calories as energy and, therefore, reducing the presence of fat reserves. In this case, the reason must be found in that this plant is rich in iodine, a mineral that activates the action of the thyroid, causing it to burn more calories to function.

Feeling full

In addition to this, the focus has a mucilaginous structure; that is, when it comes into contact with water, its stems swell, and, therefore, we feel much more satiated, thus reducing the sensation of hunger between meals; an outstanding feature for weight loss diets.

To take advantage of these benefits, we will only have to take fucus daily; You can find this alga in different presentations such as the following:

  • Algae extract drops: you should take 25 to 40 before the two main meals (check the exact dosage with an expert or in the manufacturer’s leaflet)
  • Seaweed powder capsules: the dosage and dosage will be determined by each manufacturer, so you will have to adhere to the instructions for the use of the product you buy
  • Fucus infusion: you can also opt for the most natural version of this alga by preparing information with 15 grams of fucus in one liter of water; drink 2 to 3 cups a day, and little by little, you will see the effects on your body

Lose weight with ginseng

Ginseng is another good natural remedy for weight loss because it is a stimulant that improves our metabolism, getting food used efficiently by the body. Thus, fat storage is reduced. There are different varieties of ginseng, but the one that is most recommended for losing weight is the Siberian because it is ideal for:

  • Speed ​​up our metabolism
  • Reduce appetite thanks to the fact that it acts as a powerful natural satiating agent
  • Thanks to its excellent energy contribution, it improves sports performance that allows us to make the most of our gym sessions or physical exercise.

You have to incorporate this medicinal plant into your diet, and thus, you will be able to benefit from these properties. The best way is to prepare an infusion with this plant and take it two times a day, at lunch and dinner. If you do not have a lot of concoctions of this type, you can also get ready-made tablets that you can easily find in natural stores or herbalists.

Lose weight with sage

Another recommended plant to lose weight is sage because it contains specific properties that will help us lose those extra kilos and, therefore, it will be a perfect complement to add to your diet to lose weight. Here we discover them:

Improves digestions

The salvo is perfect for improving digestion and, therefore, getting food to be processed better by our intestines without causing bloating or stomach inflammation, which is often why our belly is bulging.

Natural diuretic

Sage acts in our body as a diuretic. Therefore, it manages to purify our body naturally by eliminating stored toxins and reducing fluid retention, one of the main reasons for cellulite.

It prevents bloating of the tummy.

Thanks to its carminative properties, sage is an ideal plant to reduce gas and prevent the belly from swelling and showing much more bulk.

One of the most recommended ways to take sage is preparing an infusion with the natural plant, taking 15 grams to infuse together with 1 liter of water; If you want to sweeten the flavor, opt for natural sweeteners such as stevia that do not contain calories.

Take the first cup first thing in the morning on an empty stomach because, in this way, you will make the most of its properties; then have one more cup after lunch, and you will be taking a powerful supplement to your diet. In FastlyHealwe, discover the benefits of sage to lose weight if you want to know more about this topic.

Birch for weight loss

And, to finish, another medicinal plant that you cannot miss in your kitchen if you want to lose weight is birch because it contains very beneficial properties to help us in our mission. Some of them are the following:

Diuretic properties

Birch also acts as a natural diuretic that helps us eliminate toxins and purify the body; In addition, it contributes to the elimination of fluid retention, something that works directly in the presence of cellulite in the body.

Fat burn

Its cholesterol-lowering and lipid-lowering properties help us activate the metabolism, improving its functioning and, therefore, promoting the burning of fats from food.

To take advantage of its benefits, you will only have to take a birch infusion 1 or 2 times a day (first thing in the morning and at lunch, for example). But if you do not like its taste, you can choose to buy tablets or products prepared with this plant available in natural products stores.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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