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Home remedies for sciatica

by Alivia Nyhan
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The sciatic nerve is the longest in the body and directs the muscles of the lower legs and knees. It also allows sensations from the back of the thigh and the sole. This ailment mainly attacks middle-aged men and is the cause of constant sick leave. And although there are many medicines and therapies to treat this ailment, in FastlyHeal, we show you some home remedies for sciatica.

Hop dressing

This home remedy helps reduce inflammation and relieve sciatica pain Boil the hops for 10 minutes, wrap them in cheesecloth, place them on the affected area, and put a towel on top to keep it warm. Reserve the water you boiled to re-moisten the herb when it cools.

Ginger and sesame

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can relieve sciatic nerve pain. Mix a teaspoon of ginger and a dash of sesame oil in a bowl and massage the sore area.

Rosemary and vinegar

Boil a handful of rosemary in a liter of water for 5 minutes, remove from the heat, let the steam soak in a towel, and add a splash of vinegar. Place the towel on the painful area.

Thyme and oregano

They are excellent natural anti-inflammatories. Boil a tablespoon of thyme, one of oregano, and one of nettle for 15 minutes in a liter of water, remove it from the heat, and let it rest for 5 minutes, strain it and drink two glasses a day.

Raw garlic

This ingredient helps circulation, which is recommended for these cases. Use it regularly in your meals.

Willow infusion

Willow contains an element called salicin, which is the principle of aspirin, which will help relieve pain. Boil a willow bark for 15 minutes, strain it and drink one cup every eight hours.


Take a cup of valerian. This will help muscle relaxation if the sciatica is due to contractions that press the nerve.

Marjoram and rosemary

Boil a cup of water with two teaspoons of marjoram, anise, mint, and rosemary, let it steep for 5 minutes, and drink it before sleeping.

Other plants

Other natural plants can help improve sciatica pain, whether you prepare them as an infusion, poultice, or use them in your meals. Among them are.

  • Turmeric
  • Black birch
  • The pepper
  • Wild lettuce
  • The rude

Before ingesting any of these natural remedies for sciatica, you should consult your doctor to make the correct diagnosis. It is recommended to consume the anti-inflammatory and analgesic foods described above for up to two days.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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