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How to Make Your Period End Faster

by Alivia Nyhan
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The rule is proof that a woman is strong and healthy. Monthly bleeding is normal and should be taken entirely naturally. Still, the truth is that everything related to menstruation often tends to cause some anxiety and even discomfort, especially when it goes outside the usual parameters.

Do you think your menstrual bleeding is weighty? If you want to know if this is the case and what to do in case the menstruation is intense or lasts more days than usual, continue reading this FastlyHealarticle. In it, you will find all the information you need, in a precise and reliable way, to make your period last less.

Causes of heavy menstrual bleeding

Menstrual bleeding can be heavy, heavy, or last too many days. When the bleeding is so excessive that it lasts more than a week, it generates anemia or cramp-like pain is called menorrhagia. Usually, this problem, although it can create discomfort or fear, is not considered menorrhagia.

Possible causes of heavy menstrual bleeding are as follows:

  • Anovulation: When the ovum does not exit from the ovary during a menstrual cycle, it is normal for the bleeding to be more intense or lasting. This is very common in adolescents, especially during the first year of the first menstruation.
  • Hormonal problems: in the case of diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, or thyroid problems, there is an alteration in the hormones that can cause menorrhagia.
  • IUD: The non-hormonal intrauterine device used as a contraceptive can make menstrual periods more painful and bleeding.
  • Miscarriage: Excessive bleeding that occurs a few days after the date your period should have arrived may be due to the loss of a pregnancy.
  • Systemic diseases: liver, kidney, or clotting problems can cause bleeding. As well as those diseases that require the use of anticoagulants or antiaggregants. Frequent aspirin use can also cause heavy bleeding.
  • Benign Uterine TumorsUterine polyps and fibroids are benign growths within the uterus that can cause these symptoms.
  • Malignant tumor of the endometrium or cervix can cause heavy bleeding even outside the menstrual period, especially in first menopausal women or with altered pap smears.

How to know if menstrual bleeding is heavy

A woman usually eliminates 30 to 80 milliliters of blood per menstrual cycle. In the case of menorrhagia, the bleeding usually exceeds 80 milliliters. This can cause you to have the following symptoms :

  • Menstrual bleeding for more than seven days.
  • You need to use more than one tampon or pad every hour, for several days, or more than one pad at a time.
  • Limitation of daily activities due to menstrual bleeding.
  • I am feeling tired, weak, and pale.
  • Large clots in menstrual bleeding.
  • I need to change pads overnight.

What to do in case of heavy menstruation

If you have any of the above symptoms, you must turn to your trusted doctor since sometimes it may be necessary to accompany you in this process. Most likely, it will not be anything serious, this is the most common, but you will feel calmer once it helps you. At first, he will ask you some questions, review you and assess the need to ask for studies. It may be expected for your bleeding to be heavy, or you may require some treatment.

Try to control precisely how many pads or tampons you use daily – that will dictate whether or not you suffer from menorrhagia.

On the other hand, it is essential that you keep track of the days of your menstrual cycle, know how many days you bleed, how many you do not, and how often you do it. These are also data that can contribute a lot to knowing the cause of heavy bleeding.

You can try changing the brand of pads or tampons or, even better, try using menstrual cups. These are incredibly comfortable, and they even make you forget you’re on your period. On the other hand, you will know exactly how much blood you lose in each menstruation, which will help you to see if it is a heavy period or not. And one of its best attributes is that you will help take care of the environment since you will not generate waste. The menstrual cup can last between 5 and 10 years. It depends on the care you give it.

How to shorten the rule

You can use the following tips to make your period last fewer days:

  • Eat healthily: if the cause of your problem is a hormonal imbalance or a systemic disease, rest assured that improving your diet will make your cycle regular. The amount of menstrual bleeding is average. Eat raw fruits and vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Leave everything that is not natural and intoxicates you.
  • Sitz baths: consist of immersing the genital area in cold water for 20 minutes every day, except on the days of menstruation, in which case it is suggested that the water be lukewarm and the bath last 5 minutes per day. You can warm the rest of your body while you do it. This practice, widely used in ancient times, is beneficial to treat different causes of heavy menstrual bleeding since it manages to reduce inflammation, activates and stimulates circulation and the nerves in this area because, although it is cold on the outside, the body triggers a reaction to generate heat inside. It is also indicated for the treatment of chronic diseases since it is considered that deflating the structures contained in the abdomen improves intestinal functioning and, therefore, contributes to the health of the entire body.
  • Exercise: doing half an hour of daily practice will help you achieve the balance you need. It improves circulation, helps to release endorphins (hormones of happiness), which contribute to the proper functioning of your body, and will facilitate weight loss, which is very necessary when there is the cause of heavy bleeding (type II diabetes, hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovary syndrome, obesity).
  • You can use some medicinal plants that help regulate menstruation, and you must choose one of them and consult your family doctor before using it if you have any disease. Among the options is Wormwood of the field, Angelica, Araza (or guava), Artemisa, Shepherd’s purse ( Capsella bursa pastoris ), Holm oak (or oak), Hamamelis, Maiden grass ( Vinca minor ), Lion’s foot (or alchemilla), Willow, Immortelle, Tormentilla ( Tormentilla erecta ).

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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