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Is the birth control pill safe?

by Alivia Nyhan
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If you consider starting to take birth control pills, it is very typical that you have a lot of doubts about how you should take them, how long their effect lasts, how safe they are, etc. In FastlyHealyou can read the most frequently asked questions about the use of oral contraceptives. This article will answer your question about whether the contraceptive pill is safe.

Unlike the condom and other methods to prevent pregnancy with the pill, we cannot see its effects, so naturally, we have doubts and fears. Below, we will give you all the information you need to be sure that you can have sex without any risk.

How do they work

There are two types of birth control pills: estrogens and progestin and those that only contain progestin. However, most women take the former, medically known as combined.

Progestin and estrogens are two hormones responsible for controlling the ovulation processes in your body. The dose administered through the pill prevents the ovum from being released from the ovary. Therefore, since there is no egg that can join the sperm, there is no pregnancy. But in addition, the pills also offer other measures that help minimize the risks of fertilization since they affect the cervical mucosa and the lining of the uterus, increasing them and blocking the passage of sperm.

Is the birth control pill safe?

It is widespread. Both novices and women who have been taking them for a long time wonder about the safety of this method at the contraceptive level. The best answer that can be given is that the contraceptive pill is very effective, with the protection of about 99%.

Even so, total security can never be ensured since many variables can influence the correct operation of this method; taking the pill every day, doing it simultaneously, or being overweight are factors that affect and prevent achieving 100% effectiveness.

Here is a list of the factors that can lower the pill’s effectiveness so that you take them into account and check with your doctor if the medication is the contraceptive method indicated in your case.

What makes it less effective?

First of all, you should know that it is essential to take all the pills every day without forgetting any. Apart from this, there are other additional factors that you must take into account since they could lower their levels of effectiveness:

  • If you don’t take the pills every day, the pregnancy rate can go from 1 to 9%.
  • Being overweight can probably make the medication less effective.
  • If you have vomiting within 3 hours after taking the medication, it has likely been lost, so you should take another pill when the vomiting goes away. If you do it before 12 hours have passed compared to the usual dose, you will lose effectiveness.
  • Just as vomiting can cause you to lose the pill, the same happens with intense diarrhea, as they usually last longer than the 12 hours you have in the margin. You should, apart from being safe taking the pills, add the use of a condom if you are going to have intercourse. Sexual.
  • Certain medications can decrease the pill’s absorption, causing its effectiveness to drop a bit; Antibiotics, some psychiatric, flu, or pain relievers are among those found in this group. For this reason, you must speak with your gynecologist every time you are prescribed or have to take a new medication.

When do birth control pills start to work?

Treatment with the contraceptive pill should start on the first day of menstruation. The first pill corresponding to the first pack should be taken on the first day of bleeding. If so, the pill’s action is effective from the first day of treatment.

Many times it is recommended to use a condom during the first month. This advice is not so much because the method is not practical, but because during the first days, when you still do not have an established routine, it is expected that you skip a pill, so the effectiveness is short. Leaving aside the risk of pregnancy, you must remember that the medicine does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore the use of a condom is also necessary to avoid these conditions.

But how should the pills be taken? Here are some tips, so you don’t have any doubts:

  • As you have read before, the first pill in the first pack should be taken on the first day of bleeding.
  • That first shot will mark when you should take the pill during that month. Setting the alarm on your mobile can be an excellent way to avoid oversights during the first months.
  • Take the pill with a bit of water or any other liquid to ensure it goes down to your stomach and doesn’t stay in your upper tract.
  • The containers usually carry two-colored pills, the white ones are placebo pills, and you must take them once the active drugs are finished. This method is used to maintain the medication routine and get used to the action. Once the placebo is finished, you should start another container with active pills, and there should be no day when you do not take the medication, although if you do not take the placebo, there is no problem, or it affects the effectiveness.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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