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Advantages and disadvantages of using the menstrual cup

by Alivia Nyhan
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The menstrual cup has become one of the great allies for women. It is an effective method that has reached the shops to replace traditional menstrual cycle control products: pads and tampons. It is a practical, comfortable and hygienic option that allows women to forget about their menstruation for a few hours, like the Lily Cup menstrual cup.

At FastlyHeal, we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages of using the menstrual cup. If you have not yet decided to try it, you will find the necessary information to discover this feminine intimate care and hygiene accessory.

What is the menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is the most innovative feminine intimate care and hygiene method. It is a container made of silicone, latex, or thermoplastic elastomer, making it flexible and easy to insert into the vaginal canal. Its function is to collect blood flow during menstruation, although, unlike pads and tampons, the menstrual cup does not absorb this flow. Instead, it contains it until you remove it and empty the cup, which can be reused multiple times. Its shape is similar to a container for liquids or funnels: open at the top and narrow at the bottom, where a small corner facilitates both the glass’s introduction and extraction. The peculiarity of the Lily Cup is that it has edges that make the bleeding fall towards it and prevent blood from spilling.

When getting your menstrual cup, you must remember that you can choose between sizes, colors, or finishes according to your needs. Apart from that, you have to remember that menstrual cups, such as INTIMINA’s, do not contain any harmful chemicals for your health, unlike pads and tampons. The menstrual cup is a practical and functional alternative with medical endorsement and is also comfortable, economical, and respectful of the environment.

How to use the menstrual cup

Although it can be somewhat complicated or uncomfortable the first few times, as you get used to the vaginal cup, you will forget about your menstruation completely. To use it correctly, you must do the following:

  • Find the right angle and position to put it on as comfortably as possible. We recommend doing it sitting or squatting, so you will facilitate the object’s entry into your vaginal canal.
  • Fold the cup into a U shape and carefully insert it into your vagina.
  • To remove it, gently pinch the extraction tube or corner, pressing the base to eliminate the vacuum for easy removal.

Hygiene when using this option is paramount since you can reuse the glass on more than one occasion. Always clean it before putting it on and also every time you remove it and empty the contents.

In addition, the menstrual cup has a capacity of approximately 30 milliliters, so the time it can stay inside will depend on the amount of your menstrual flow. The average is that the glass can serve you between 4 and 8 hours.

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Advantages of using the menstrual cup

Advantages of using the menstrual cup Now that you know what the menstrual cup is and how it is used, it is time to discover all its benefits:

  • They do not cause allergies: they are harmless to the body since the materials with which the menstrual cup is made are hypoallergenic, so they do not cause allergies or adverse reactions.
  • They are very comfortable: their softness and flexibility make them comfortable, not causing dryness or irritation in the vaginal mucosa.
  • They do not leave residues in the body: their composition does not leave residues of fibers or foreign materials in the body.
  • Economical alternative: it is economical since the cup can be used for up to 15 years if used appropriately, and the product’s hygiene is taken care of.
  • They can be easily cleaned: you have to use soap and water each time the contents are emptied and dry it with a towel or cloth.
  • It does not cause vaginal infections: it protects women from vaginal infections since it does not absorb blood like compresses or tampons.
  • They last up to 12 hours: the cup can cover up to 12 hours, depending on the menstrual flow of each woman. However, it is recommended to empty it approximately every 8 hours.
  • Various sizes: the cup fits perfectly for each woman since there are different sizes and models. This prevents the content from overflowing, so there will be no stains, and you can lead an everyday life, play sports, and do any movement.
  • Ecological alternative: it is an environmental alternative that respects the environment since it is not disposable.

Disadvantages of using the menstrual cup

However, for some women, it may be a not so comfortable option due to the following reasons:

  • Wrong Size: Choosing the wrong menstrual cup size can lead to leaks, stains, or discomfort for women. You must find your ideal size.
  • Special care: as it is not disposable, it requires meticulous care. It is essential to clean it before and after using it, and sterilization with boiling water is needed after each menstrual period.
  • Difficult in public toilets: It is challenging to perform cleaning tasks in public restrooms since it takes time.
  • At first, it is not easy: at the beginning of its use, the handling of the cup is not easy and can lead to staining, which can cause aversion in some women who hate to handle or see blood.
  • Incompatible with sexual relations: you will not be able to use the cup if you have sexual relations.

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This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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