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Contraceptive injection: uses and side effects

by Alivia Nyhan
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It is known as a contraceptive injection to a vaccine containing a hormone responsible for preventing pregnancy. Each blister of this type usually lasts for about three months and is generally very effective. If you use it the right way, the chances of getting pregnant are 1 in 100 women; however, if you don’t use it properly, the rate remains low, with a probability of 3 women out of 100 becoming pregnant.

The primary function of this product is to prevent ovulation, that is, the release of an egg in each menstrual cycle. If you do not ovulate, you can’t get pregnant since you do not have an egg that can be fertilized. If you still do not know well about this, you must consult with a doctor; meanwhile, at FastlyHealwe offer you a little information about the contraceptive injection: uses and side effects.

Uses of the contraceptive injection

The contraceptive injection should be given to you by a doctor or nurse every 12 weeks. It can be placed on both the buttock and the upper arm, and the first time you decide to put it on, you must bear in mind that it is injected in the first five days after an average menstrual period.

If you want to start using this contraceptive method after giving birth, you can have it administered up to 5 days after the baby is born if you are not going to breastfeed. Otherwise, it must be placed six weeks after delivery.

The first days after administering the injection, it is recommended that you use other contraceptive methods for about a week, as this is when it begins to be much more effective.

Advantages of the contraceptive injection

The contraceptive injection has many advantages, such as the safety it offers, its effectiveness, its simplicity, and its convenience. In addition, it is a very long-lasting method that is advisable if you and your partner are not looking to have a child shortly; on the other hand, with the injection, you do not need to be aware of taking a pill every day, since many women they forget to eat it often.

Also, you do not need to do anything else when having sex, which helps many women change their lifestyle since they can be more spontaneous and not depend on anything else; however, using a condom is essential to avoid possible sexually transmitted diseases.

In addition to the advantages, it can be said that the injection does not contain estrogen or other hormones that can be found in pills, patches, and the contraceptive ring.

Disadvantages and side effects of the contraceptive injection

As is usually the case, this method can also have certain disadvantages. This is because you may experience some unwanted side effects, although this is unlikely, and if it happens to you, it is usually not very serious.

The most common disadvantage is that your bleeding is usually very irregular during the months when the injection takes effect. In addition, they decrease in intensity and quantity over time, which is why, generally, after a consecutive year of using the injection, there is a probability that you may experience menstruation disappears completely; however, you may also experience the opposite and have longer and heavier bleeding, or you may develop bleeds between periods.

The less common side effects are nausea, depression, disturbances in appetite or weight gain, changes in sex drive, headaches, hypersensitivity on the part of the breasts, hair loss, or excessive hair growth on the face or the rest of your body.

Although it is scarce, you may develop significant problems, which usually include alterations such as a nodule in the breast, migraine accompanied by visual disturbances, severe pain or pus in the place where you were injected, or yellowing of the skin or the eyes. You must consult a doctor before giving yourself the contraceptive injection.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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