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Red rice diet to lose weight

by Alivia Nyhan
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Rice is a well-known and increasingly distinguished food thanks to its incredible benefits, however, red rice is a variety of it that is still not as popular as other types of this food. It is a very nutritious food that offers numerous properties and its color is due to the skin that surrounds the grain, which provides a large amount of fiber.

There is a diet based on this variety of rice that serves to purify the body of various toxins that can cause different disorders to the body. This property is also ideal for those seeking to lose weight, combat constipation and improve the function of each of the body’s organs.

If you do not know much about this food, the following FastlyHealarticle will detail the red rice diet to lose weight , although it is essential that you consult a specialist before doing it.

Red rice: medicinal properties

Among the most prominent benefits of the red rice diet for weight loss is that:

The main advantage of the red rice diet is that great results are achieved in a short duration, since it cannot be done for more than three consecutive days . While dieting, the body detoxifies because it helps eliminate various substances that can alter the body. It is also a highly nutritious food, which is ideal to help treat various digestive disorders.

Red rice diet to lose weight

The red rice diet to lose weight requires that for three days the ingredients detailed below be consumed exclusively, however, there are people who require that this diet be prolonged for a longer time, but this happens only when they need to treat various diseases and only under medical supervision. If your nutritionist or GP does not tell you otherwise, you should never follow this strict diet for more than 3 days in a row. This should not be a lifestyle, yes you can include red rice in your daily diet, but the diet that is explained here should always be something exceptional.

You should eat 250 grams of red rice per day that is flavored with sesame salt, divided into four meals a day . When eating, it is essential that each tablespoon of rice is chewed at least 80 times or until the food has become liquid. This is important for the red rice diet to work properly, so it must be strictly adhered to.

If during the days of the diet you feel the need to eat something else or suffer from heartburn, you can choose to eat up to 3 apples per day, although it should be chewed in the same way as rice.

It is recommended that a few days before starting the diet and after finishing it, vegetables, brown rice, fruits and legumes are eaten.

Red rice zen diet

Below we list the only ingredients that you can ingest during the three-day red rice diet:

  • Brown rice , preferably organic.
  • Gomasio , that is, toasted sesame, ground with sea salt.
  • Apples for dessert, although it is optional.

To start, you need to wash the rice properly before cooking. As it is harder than white rice, the one in this diet needs to be boiled for a longer time, so it is recommended that you leave it on the fire for 40 minutes with a ratio of one measure of one cup of red rice for every two of water .

Finally, when the food is properly cooked, add the seasoning. It is essential that you do not use oil, salt or anything other than rubber to flavor red rice, in addition to facilitating digestion, it is nutritious, provides energy, stimulates metabolism and has diuretic effects.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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