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Constipation: causes and treatment

by Alivia Nyhan
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Constipation occurs when the intestines do not work regularly and therefore can not go to the bathroom as often as usual. Due to this alteration in our body, symptoms as annoying as cramps, inflammation in the abdomen, or intestinal gases that cannot be released can appear. There are different causes of constipation since it is related to both eating habits and the way of life you carry out. It can also be ideally treated by changing your routine and starting to bet on a healthier life.

In this FastlyHealarticle, we will discover the causes and how you can treat constipation to regain your regularity when going to the bathroom and, therefore, reduce the discomfort associated with this condition.

Causes of constipation

Many factors can affect the appearance of constipation, but one of the most common is those correct nutritional guidelines are not followed and that promote good intestinal transit. But it is not the only one, for that reason, below we are going to discover all the causes that can produce this condition:

  • Lack of fiber in the diet: as we have said, one of the most common causes is related to diet. Eating a low-fiber diet can cause intestinal transit not to flow correctly and, therefore, constipation and difficulty evacuating.
  • Lack of fluid: not drinking enough water or liquids during the day can also cause problems when going to the bathroom since the water manages to moisten the intestine and, therefore, makes it easier for the remains to be eliminated. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day is recommended to combat constipation and enjoy a healthier life.
  • Lack of exercise: You can also suffer from constipation because you hardly exercise your body during the day. You must put your body in motion frequently to have an organism in optimal conditions; in fact, it is recommended that you do some sport at least three days a week or, otherwise, that you do 20 or 30 minutes of physical exercise daily. Only in this way will you be able to promote the mobility of the intestines and, therefore, improve the purification of the body.
  • High level of stress: tense or stressful situations can cause some modifications to be made in your rhythm of life (eating out of hours, spending more time sitting, etc.), and this, in turn, can cause constipation to appear.
  • Being pregnantpregnant women also often have difficulties when it comes to going to the bathroom because the production of progesterone, a hormone that causes the bowel to work slower than usual, is increased. Also, the uterus is pressing hard on the rectum, making it more expensive to go belly.
  • Due to other diseases: in addition to all this, constipation also usually appears if you suffer from other conditions such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s, etc.

Diet to treat constipation

To treat constipation, we must start by reviewing our eating habits as it is usually one of the most common causes of suffering from this condition, as we have already said. Not consuming enough fiber in your diet can be a reason for intestinal transit not working regularly and, therefore, we suffer from constipation. For this reason, below, we will discover how you can eat to alleviate this condition and enjoy a healthier life.

Fruits for constipation

Most fruits are rich in fiber and, therefore, are ideal for helping us overcome intestinal disorders that we suffer. They are all good, but some, having a large percentage of fiber, manage to help us solve our condition. The most suitable are the following:

  • Kiwis
  • Strawberries, raspberries, and blackberry
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Granada
  • Plums
  • Grapes

Vegetables and vegetables for constipation

Other foods rich in fiber are vegetables. For this reason, you should increase their presence in your diet if you tend to suffer from constipation. In addition, being ingredients full of minerals and vitamins and containing hardly any calories, they are highly recommended for any diet.

  • Legumes: lentils, soybeans, beans, etc., are ideal for constipation
  • Spinach, Swiss chard, and other green leafy vegetables
  • Asparagus
  • Artichokes
  • Pumpkin
  • Potato
  • Carrot

Carbohydrates for constipation

In a balanced diet, cereals and flours should not be lacking. Therefore, we must include them but ensure that they are always whole. In this sense, some good products to relieve you are the following:

  • Pan integral
  • Wheat pasta
  • Integral rice
  • Avena
  • Wheat bran
  • Flax seeds

In addition to all this, you must drink at least 2 liters of water every day to help your intestine work optimally and, therefore, ensure that your bowel movements are fluid and regular.

At FastlyHealwe discover some good natural laxatives that can help you cleanse the inside without using medications.

Diet to treat constipation

Tips for treating constipation

As you have seen in the causes of constipation, it affects diet, but other factors have a lot to do with the appearance of this condition and, therefore, they should be treated differently. For example, we have said that leading a sedentary life can induce your transit to be altered. Consequently, you must conduct an active life and do sports regularly to stimulate the digestive tract and accelerate transit. The best thing is that you do 30 minutes of exercise every day, but if you don’t have time, you can choose to do sports at least three times a week in sessions of 1 hour.

You can also alleviate constipation by developing a fixed meal plan. In this way, you will accustom your body to function at certain times of the day and encourage it to regulate itself. Therefore, establish a meal schedule so that your body gets used to it and never postpone the desire to go to the bathroom: as soon as you feel like it, go to defecate. Otherwise, you could impair your transit.

Being massaged into the abdominal area may also be an excellent way to treat constipation and force the desire to go to the bathroom. You will have to press specific points: start in the right area of ​​the abdomen, passing over the navel until you reach the left. Press lightly with your hands without using much force, in case you do not know how to do it, at FastlyHealwe recommend that you go to a professional for advice.

Alcohol and snuff can cause this condition, affecting our intestinal flora, making it more challenging to go to the bathroom. For this reason, you must try to reduce your intake of both alcoholic beverages and cigarettes to enjoy an overall healthier life.

In this article, you will discover some of the best home remedies for constipation that can be very useful to improve your health.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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