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Orange blossom water: properties for the skin

by Alivia Nyhan
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Did you know that orange blossom water is ideal for skincare? You may have seen it as a flavoring in confectionery, but, in addition, the orange blossom also has cosmetic uses. It is a flower from the bitter orange tree, and orange blossom water is obtained by distilling its petals. It is perfect for all skin types since its pH is very similar to our dermis, and you can use it in different ways.

Orange blossom water is ideal for hydrating the skin, but it also helps to illuminate and rejuvenate it and be able to use it as a refresher. To take advantage of it in cosmetics, you can buy it in herbalists or natural stores, but it is straightforward to prepare at home if you have orange blossom flowers. In this FastlyHealarticle, we will talk about orange blossom water: properties for the skin.

Properties of orange blossom water for the skin

In addition to having medicinal properties and serving as a flavoring in pastries or as an additive in some perfumes, Orange blossom water also has numerous properties for our skin, which is why it is so widely used in cosmetics. It is perfect for all skin types due to its pH and can be used by both men and women.

It is a very aromatic flower, and its smell is very characteristic, something sweet but with a unique citrus touch typical of the tree from which it comes: the orange tree. Next, we are going to see all the properties that it can have on our skin :

Moisturizing and moisturizing

Its principal property is the natural hydration it gives to the skin. Through this property, it creates a layer of resistance in our dermis so that it protects it from external agents and contamination, as well as keeping it flexible and resistant. Therefore, it is perfect for dry or damaged skin, such as skin exposed to the sun for a long time or has begun to show signs of premature aging due to the sun and dehydration.

Prevents aging

As we have seen, orange blossom water helps to hydrate the skin naturally, making it more flexible, which will help prevent the formation of premature wrinkles. In addition, it stimulates the regeneration of cells by increasing collagen production, and, in this way, the tissues remain young.


Despite sounding contradictory, orange blossom water has both properties: moisturizing and astringent at the same time. On the one hand, it helps hydrate the skin by providing the water it needs. However, it keeps excess sebum under control. Oily skin must also be hydrated, but it must be done with aqueous and non-oily products, which are the ones that will cause excess sebum. That is why orange blossom water is perfect for all skin types. It also helps to control the shine that appears due to extra oil. If this is your case, at FastlyHealwe give you home remedies for oily skin.


In addition to its astringent properties, it also works as an antiseptic since it not only keeps sebum controlled but also tightens pores and helps prevent bacterial infections or contamination that damages our dermis. That is why it is perfect for cleaning the face.

Refreshing and calming

Orange blossom water is perfect for carrying in your bag since it not only has subcutaneous properties in our dermis but also helps to refresh and calm the skin. It can help heal eczema or in people with mild dermatitis. For this, you can vaporize it directly on the face. In the same way, it comes in handy to refresh ourselves, for example, during a long trip.

How to use orange blossom water on the skin

If you have heard about the uses of thermal water that is now so fashionable, you should know that orange blossom water has nothing to envy. In addition, as we have seen, it has numerous beneficial properties for the skin. Orange blossom water has used very similarly to thermal water and depending on the needs of each one; it is used in one way or another:

Complete skin hydration

Orange blossom water can help you complete your night routine when the skin absorbs the products best. After applying the moisturizer, you can spray a little on your face and let it air dry; in this way, you will not only help complete the hydration but also refresh the area and can help you relax at night.


As we have seen, it also has astringent and antiseptic properties, making it perfect to use as a tonic and cleanse the skin. To do this, take a cotton pad and soak it with orange blossom water. Gently apply it all over your face before using the moisturizer.


Carry it in your bag in a spray bottle, and you will have an excellent refresher for those times you need it. After a day of work, on long trips, and hot days.

For makeup

Orange blossom water can help seal in makeup and add a touch of freshness. You can apply them after the moisturizer and let it air dry, and then apply makeup. Or spray a little on the face already made up. If you need your makeup to be refreshed every so often, take a small bottle in your bag, and that’s it.

You can also use it to apply makeup. Many makeup artists use some types of water to moisten both makeup brushes and sponges to give them a different look. You will get a much more concentrated color if you wet the eyeshadow brushes slightly.

For hair removal

Since it helps soothe the skin, orange blossom water is good to apply after waxing or shaving.

Perfume and mist

If you like its aroma, do not hesitate and use it as a perfume or body splash when you get out of the shower to give a touch of that aroma to your body. Also, you can use it as a pillow mist to relax and sleep.

How to prepare orange blossom water at home

Orange blossom water is effortless to find in herbalists or natural stores, but if you prefer to do it yourself, we tell you how to do it.

For this, you will need:

  • 50 grams of dried orange blossom
  • 1/2 liter of distilled water.

Its preparation is straightforward. It would help if you only placed the flowers in a large bowl, enough to hold a pint of water once they are all covered with distilled water, and protect this bowl with transparent paper or plastic wrap. It would help if you let it rest for a whole day, that is, 24 hours.

After resting, strain the water and let it rest again for another 30 minutes. And ready! Now it only remains to keep it. It must be done in dark glass jars as it must be protected from light. At home, it can be held in the fridge but always in an opaque jar.

It will last a long time as it is distilled, but if you see that it turns yellow, deposits, or changes in texture, it is time to throw it away. You can also divide the amounts and make less. If you are going to carry it in your bag, it is better to take it out directly, and if you are in the office, keep it in a cool place and always in a dark container.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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