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Why do women feel excitement during menstruation?

by Alivia Nyhan
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During the menstrual cycle, a woman experiences numerous changes in her body every month. This is due to the action of hormones modified depending on the period in which it is. There are a lot of symptoms that many women experience, for example, feeling pain in the lower back or breasts before or during the period, feeling more bloated when the day of the bleeding approaches, acne appearing when the period begins. Many feel much greater excitement when the period comes.

The symptoms detailed above and many other characteristics are persistent and typical; however, it is always advisable to consult with a specialist to ensure that there is no disorder. Although it does not happen in all cases, many women experience a strong desire to have sex during their period. If you wonder why I get more excited when I have my period, we recommend that you continue reading the following FastlyHealarticle to resolve this and other questions.

Excitement during menstruation

Many women experience heightened arousal when they encounter their period. It may seem quite strange; However, several studies in Canada and the United Kingdom ensuring that sexual interest can increase considerably in those undergoing their menstrual period.

To understand the above, it is essential to know the menstrual cycle, which is made up of three phases:

  • The well-known menstrual phase is composed of the first day of bleeding to the fifth.
  • The follicular phase spans from day 5 to 13, in which ovulation and estrogen secretion appear.
  • Finally, the luteal phase from day 15 to 28 is characterized by excellent progesterone production.

This is why the chances of a woman becoming aroused during her period are high, although it is more common in those who do not suffer severe pain during menstruation. Those women who feel sexual desires during their period are not entirely convinced if indulging is correct or if it can be done without problems due to the many myths that exist around this topic, so it is essential that you continue reading this article and that you consult with your doctor for any other concerns.

Excitement during

Is having sex during your period good?

Many women experience numerous doubts about sex and menstruation without knowing if it can be done without inconvenience. You must understand that there is no problem if you want to maintain relationships while you have your period; however, specific details are essential for you to know.

Menstruation can cause a more incredible cervical opening, making it more accessible. This can make it easier for bacteria to lodge in the uterus and cause a pelvic infection, so the couple must use a condom.

In addition to the previous point, it must be remembered that women with periods have the possibility of getting pregnant, so again it is necessary for men to use protection if they are not trying to conceive a child. There is a belief that you can have sex without taking care of yourself during your period because a woman cannot get pregnant, but this is entirely false.

At the same time, many women have their genitalia much more sensitive during their period, so if you want to be intimate in this phase of the menstrual cycle, you must tell your partner if you feel pain.

Finally, it is advisable to find the proper position and place if you do not want to dirty the bed with the woman’s bleeding. This is why you can cover the area where you will maintain the privacy or look for alternatives such as having sex in the shower.

sex during

Are there any benefits to having sex during menstruation?

All the women wonder why I get more aroused when I have my period, and they don’t have sex either out of fear or shame. We want you to know that there are some benefits to having sex with my period. Among them, the following stand out:

  • Greater relaxation and great pleasure are experienced.
  • It considerably increases the feeling of well-being.
  • Reduces menstrual pain.
  • Facilitates the elimination of endometrial bleeding.
  • It gets rid of menstrual discomforts like bloating.
  • Decrease the number of days of bleeding.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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