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Home remedies for vaginal dryness

by Alivia Nyhan
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That there is a dryness in the intimate female area may be due to a decrease in the fluids in the vagina. This is common, generally, during the menopause stage since this period is when there is a noticeable reduction in the number of estrogens that causes much less lubrication in this area of ​​the woman.

In any case, it is possible that vaginal dryness appears at any time of life and can be due to different disorders, for example, infection in the area, suffering from a lot of stress, a poor diet due to a stringent diet, using intimate drying products excessively or by increased blood glucose.

Although it is essential to have regular checks with a specialist and visit the doctor if you suffer from this alteration, at FastlyHealwe want to offer you some home remedies for vaginal dryness that may be able to help you.

Chamomile ideal for vaginal dryness

Using chamomile can be one of the best home remedies for vaginal dryness. To prepare it, you need to place two handfuls of chamomile flowers and their leaves in a liter of boiling water, then cover it and let it cool.

Once the mixture is at room temperature, you should perform sitz baths for approximately 15 minutes, two or three times a day, for a consecutive week to improve dryness in the intimate female area and its symptoms, such as itching.

Although using chamomile in this way does not usually have contraindications for people who are not allergic, it is essential to control and abandon treatment if the appearance of new symptoms in the area is detected.

Chamomile ideal for vaginal dryness

Vaseline helps improve vaginal dryness.

One of the most widely used home remedies for vaginal burning is Vaseline. It is a product that can be purchased at any pharmacy and is the best lubricant for menopause dryness. This compound has protective properties for the body and rarely generates side effects on the skin. It is considered one of the essential beauty products for women and, in addition, it is cheaper than other beauty articles. Vaseline hydrates the gall, so applying a little to the vaginal area can effectively relieve dryness and improve lubrication.

On the other hand, petroleum jelly has the disadvantage that it cannot be used in the case of having sex with a condom since it can damage latex.

Vaseline helps improve vaginal dryness.

Valerian reduces vaginal alteration.

Another of the most recommended home remedies for vaginal dryness is the infusion of valerian. If an unbalanced emotional life causes this disorder with a lot of stress, the sedative properties of this plant can significantly help the alteration in the vaginal area.

To prepare the infusion, you need two teaspoons of valerian, approximately 10 grams, and a cup of water, 250 ml. You must bring the water to a boil and add the valerian. After two or three minutes, please remove it from the heat and let it rest to drink before sleeping every night for ten consecutive days.

It is essential not to consume this infusion during the day because it can cause drowsiness. In addition, you may have other side effects, such as headaches, confusion, irritability, among others. The product should not be abused; it has to be eliminated, and immediately visit the doctor if any new symptoms appear when it begins to consume.

Valerian reduces vaginal alteration.

Sesame oil favors the relief of vaginal dryness.

Sesame oil is another of the most recommended home remedies for menopause since this product works as an excellent lubricant that can be ideal for these types of disorders.

To enjoy its benefits, it is recommended that you get a piece of cotton with six drops of sesame oil and apply it to the area. You should leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse, repeat this once a day for a week to lubricate the site and improve the symptoms of vaginal dryness. It is essential to remember that if you use a condom during sexual intercourse, it can be damaged if you have previously used some oil.

It is essential to know if you are allergic to any sesame properties. If so, it is not advisable to use this remedy since it could cause dermatitis or trigger allergy symptoms to the product.

Sesame oil favors the relief of vaginal dryness.

Causes and symptoms of vaginal dryness

To carry out an adequate treatment, it is essential to know the cause that is causing the dryness in the intimate female area. These causes can be:

  • Surgery in the area.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Radiation therapy in the pelvic area.
  • Consuming hormones or medications for the treatment of different pathologies.
  • Unbalanced emotional life, suffering from a lot of stress or depression.
  • Exercising excessively rigorously.

The main symptoms of vaginal dryness are:

  • Pain, itching, or burning in the vagina.
  • Discomfort when urinating
  • Pain during sexual intercourse and slight bleeding afterward.
  • Little vaginal discharge

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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