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Hanging genital lips: causes

by Alivia Nyhan
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Hanging genital lips

There are many doubts about female genitalia. The fact is that the intimate parts of women have historically been hidden. Female genitalia does not appear in movies or the media. This is why many women wonder if their genitalia is normal. Precisely the same thing happens with vaginas as with penises. Each one is different, of different sizes and different shapes.

Having hanging genital lips is not a disease, nor does it represent a health problem; on the contrary, it is normal. This is something known as hypertrophy of the labia minora, and below we will explain everything you need to know about it. Do you want to know the causes of hanging genital lips? In the following FastlyHealarticle, we will explain it to you!

Hanging genital lips: causes

The hypertrophy of labia minora may occur at any time of life in women. However, often it detected during puberty. It must be clear that it is not a disease. It is only an anatomical variation by which the tissue of the labia minora protrudes to the labia majora. This hypertrophy can occur on both sides or only on one lip. In the same way, it can be asymmetric or symmetrical.

Although there is no apparent cause why a woman has one type of genital labia or others, certain factors can cause a more significant development of the labia minora. Here we explain some of the factors that are among the possible causes of hanging genital lips :

  • Androgen administration in childhood.
  • The practice of sports such as athletics, horse riding, or cycling.
  • The genetic inheritance.
  • An early start to sexual life.

Although, as we have explained, certain practices such as cycling can enhance this anatomical alteration, the reality is that the basis is found in each person’s genetic predisposition.

Hanging genital lips

Hanging genital lips: symptoms

We have previously explained that lip hypertrophy is somewhat benign. It is not a disease or directly affects women’s health. However, indirectly they can affect the physical and psychological health of women.

On a psychological level, it can cause modesty and condition sexual life. Many women feel that their body does not adjust to normal, so they are ashamed to show it and leave their sex life aside. On the other hand, the arrangement of the genital lips can make proper hygiene difficult, facilitating the appearance of vaginal infections.

Beyond this, hanging genital lips can lead to other symptoms such as:

  • Irritation of the genital lips.
  • Difficulty washing.
  • Recurring infections.
  • Pain when walking
  • Pain when having sexual intercourse.
  • Discomfort when wearing tight clothing.
  • Pain when practicing certain activities, such as cycling.

Although it is not a health problem, specific treatments can be carried out in these cases in which uncomfortable symptoms appear for the woman or, aesthetically, it is a problem for her emotional health. We will explain it to you below.

Hanging genital lips

Inner lip operation: labiaplasty

More and more women are undergoing plastic surgery to treat hanging genital lips. Although this treatment is often used from an aesthetic point of view, the reality is that this is also the solution for those cases in which the woman suffers symptoms such as irritation, pain, or frequent infections.

This operation is known as labiaplasty, and it is a simple outpatient procedure that lasts just one hour. Anesthesia is used, which can be local or general, and the excess tissue is extracted, and a subsequent remodeling of both the mucosa and the skin is carried out. As for the postoperative does not require a lot of work, and you have to carry out good hygiene and perform cures to avoid later problems. If we consider its proximity to the anal and urethral orifices, poor hygiene can lead to infections. That is why a good wash is imperative.

Once it has healed and the tissues have fully recovered, the woman can return to her whole sexual life without any problem. There are different types of labiaplasties. However, it is advisable to consult with the gynecologist and the surgeon so that the professionals can decide which is the best option for your case.

Lip hypertrophy from social security?

Before going to the first clinic and asking for prices, you should know that lip hypertrophy can be done through social security in Spain. Of course, not all cases can enter, requiring a certain severity and fulfilling some points. For the operation to be carried out by social security, it must be of medical importance and not aesthetic. The procedure must be positive for health, not simply aesthetic.

When there are symptoms such as pain, discomfort, or frequent infections, this is when this anatomical alteration is profound enough for social security to carry out this operation. So what should be done? The first thing to do is visit a gynecologist, who will be the one to evaluate that specific case.

Suppose the gynecologist considers that it is severe enough. In that case, the patient will be placed on the social security waiting list, and when it is due, she will be able to undergo labiaplasty at no cost.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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