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How to improve the quality of my eggs

by Alivia Nyhan
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improve the quality of my eggs

Egg production begins when a female fetus is approximately nine weeks gestation, with a pre-established number of eggs at birth. Around 300,000 eggs remain at puberty, giving rise to only one mature egg every 28 days. The question is always: with age, and my eggs are not so fertile? How can I improve the quality of my eggs?

Female fertility is a complex term, especially before conceiving when it is necessary to have adequate preparation when deciding to do so maturely. At FastlyHeal, we offer you all the required information about how to improve the quality of your eggs.

How to know if the eggs are of good quality

There are several questions around this issue, many women who try to get pregnant wonder if their body is ready, and the doubt is clarified when knowing that women are born with some eggs stipulated for life.

At first, the eggs are of good quality, but with time, this situation changes, they lose their effectiveness, which is ovulated monthly. When there are no more eggs, menopause comes. If you menstruate regularly or irregularly, there are still eggs.

In addition, there are different ways to determine if the eggs are fertile: fertility rates have been devised for different ages, and, in addition, there are hormonal blood tests.

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Factors influencing egg quality

Some factors can impair the effectiveness of your eggs.

  1. Age.
  2. Smoking habit.
  3. Alcoholic habit.
  4. Permanent stress.
  5. Inadequate nutrition.
  6. Body mass index in extreme values.
  7. Complementary hormonal treatments.
  8. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments for cancer.
  9. Radiation.
  10. Pesticides

How to improve the quality of your eggs naturally.

The ideal would be to start having children before the age of 35 when the quality of the eggs is excellent and optimal. However, to improve the quality of the eggs, it is recommended:

  • Using nutritional supplements: such as bee pollen, which restores and rejuvenates the sexual glands, increases the biological value of the ovary, reduces the symptoms of aging, or vitamin C, improves egg health, and prevents infertility.
  • Daily exercise: other than high impact (athletics, aerobics, volleyball, soccer) to avoid damaging cells (ovules). Among the most favorable to improve the quality of the ovules are: dancing, walking, and practicing yoga.
  • Reduce calories: reversing the aging of the eggs and improving the quality simultaneously.
  • Relaxation: lower stress levels, including relaxation practices, preventing chronic stress from accumulating.
  • Reduce or eliminate tobacco and alcohol.

Foods to improve egg quality

To have healthy and quality eggs, it is also essential to maintain a balanced diet.

balanced diet can help make the process of conceiving easier. This should include the following:

  • Animal protein.
  • Cooked vegetables.
  • High fiber whole grains.
  • Bluefish or omega 3, omega six, and omega nine supplements.
  • Foods rich in beta-carotene: carrot, pumpkin, melon, pineapple. They optimize all tissues, including the membrane of the ovules.
  • Avocado: with a high content of vitamin E and healthy fats that benefit the health of the eggs, this food multiplies the success of fertility treatments.
  • Lentils: high in iron, very important to improve the quality of the ovules. An iron deficiency can imply a lack of ovulation. A small serving a day is sufficient.
  • Ginger: reduces inflammation and has analgesic properties, helping preserve the health of the eggs. They are prepared in infusions or salads.
  • Cinnamon: improves the functionality of the ovum, stimulating healthy production in addition.
  • Sesame seeds are the source of vitamin E, which helps the hormone responsible for producing quality eggs. On the other hand, sesame is rich in healthy fats that improve the health and production of eggs.
  • Refined sugars must be eliminated from the diet.

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Natural infusions to improve the quality of the eggs

  • Green tea infusion: natural antioxidant. Two cups a day are enough to improve the health of the eggs and thus increase the chances of conception.
  • Calendula infusion: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and healing. It stimulates fertility by regulating the menstrual cycle and, in turn, obtaining the possibility of having healthy and strong eggs.
  • Nettle infusion: with a high content of vitamins and minerals, they help rejuvenate the uterus and improve the quality of the ovules. One cup of this infusion a day is enough.

The pharmacological route is also ideal for contributing to the quality of the eggs. However, this must be done under strict medical supervision and hormonal supplements. Every woman must maturely decide to have a baby or conceive. This encompasses many aspects, above all, knowing about the health of her eggs, the factors that affect them, and how to improve their quality.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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