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Tricks to lose weight while you sleep incredible!

by Alivia Nyhan
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Do you know that you can lose weight while you sleep? Although it seems totally impossible to you, the truth is that when we are asleep we allow the body to metabolize the carbohydrates that we have taken during the day to take advantage of them by transforming them into energy and, therefore, we reduce the presence of stored fat. In addition to this, if we do not rest correctly, we encourage our body to release ghrelin and leptin, hormones that reduce energy expenditure and, in addition, increase the feeling of hunger, which is why many people who suffer from insomnia often go to the fridge to peck at anything. In this FastlyHealarticle we are going to offer you 6 tricks to lose weight while you sleep and, also, we will talk to you about the recent study that defeats this theory.

Losing weight while you sleep is possible!

For a long time there has been talk about the possibility of losing weight while we sleep but, the truth is that until now there was no reliable evidence on the subject. Brigham Young University has published a study that has confirmed the theory about the relationship between weight loss and rest . This study has helped to understand why people who are overweight tend to suffer from sleep disorders as well.

The results of this study determine that when we sleep little or badly our body increases the production of the hormones leptin and ghrelin, the first is the one that is responsible for stimulating hunger and the second reducing our caloric expenditure and, therefore, decreasing our capacity natural to burn fat. This hormone also promotes fat retention, so it is important that we rest deeply to ensure that the body works in optimal conditions and can lose weight while resting.

In addition, when we sleep correctly we allow our body to improve its ability to burn fat since it is during the hours of rest that the body metabolizes carbohydrates and transforms them into energy. Therefore, if we sleep poorly or not for the hours we need, this metabolic process is interrupted and, therefore, fat is stored in the body.

For all these reasons, sleep helps to lose weight since it allows our body to metabolize fats correctly, in addition to avoiding increasing our hunger or slowing down the expenditure of calories. A restful and quality sleep is essential to keep the body in perfect condition and, above all, if we want to lose weight.

So, the 6 tricks to lose weight while you sleep that we are going to give you below are aimed at helping you get a deeper and longer sleep in order to get your body to function perfectly and promote the fat burning that takes place. overnight.

Do sports in the afternoon

One of the best tricks to sleep better is to exercise and, in fact, it is recommended that you practice it an hour before eating dinner because, in this way, you can burn fat while you sleep. Why? Because even if you have already finished with your training, the body will continue working until hours later toning the muscle and replacing the caloric expenditure to which it has been subjected, therefore, if you exercise late in the day you will achieve that the loss of lipids is extend into the hours of sleep, in addition to enjoying a much deeper and more restful rest.

The best exercises you should do to activate fat burning are:

Cardiovascular exersise

At least 60% of your training should be dedicated to exercises of this type that promote the consumption of calories, activate our circulation and pump our body. Among these practices we highlight the bicycle, aerobics classes, going for a run or elliptical.

Toning exercises

These exercises should never be lacking in a complete training routine as they will help you tone your muscles, sculpt your figure and reduce accumulated fat in specific areas of the body. Squats, sit-ups or doing exercises with dumbbells are some of the options that you can carry out to keep your body in perfect condition.

Set your room for rest

To get a deep rest it is also important to create an optimal environment that invites you to rest at night. This is important because, as we have already said, when we sleep our body increases its ability to burn fat, especially when sleep is very deep, which is why we must encourage everything around us to contribute to our rest.

In this way, it is important to sleep in a quiet, cool and dark room since, in this way, good quality sleep is maximized and it is possible to lose weight while you sleep . It is also recommended that you avoid watching TV or using your mobile phone just before sleeping as the brightness of these electronic devices can reduce the levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone and, therefore, prevent us from resting deeply during the night.

Follow fixed hours for your rest

Among the tricks to lose weight while sleeping we must also highlight the importance of keeping our biorhythm balanced. The important thing is not how many hours you sleep each night but also the regularity of your sleep during the week, that is, if one day you go to sleep at ten at night but the next day you do it at two in the morning, your sleep It is not repair or quality. It is important to follow fixed patterns of rest to be able to keep your metabolism in perfect condition and, therefore, to lose weight.

In fact, it is advised that the time you go to bed each day should not vary by more than half an hour, although, the truth is that what really matters is the time to wake up since it is what keeps your biological clock working correctly. . In the event that one day you go to bed later than usual, do not recover it the next morning but try to go to sleep earlier that day.

No alcohol or caffeine before bed

To be able to rest correctly it is also important to control what is taken before going to bed as it will affect our safe rest. In this sense, caffeine or alcohol are two stimulants that will alter your sleep and prevent you from sleeping deeply, causing you to wake up during the night and, therefore, interrupt your vital rest. This, as we have already seen, will affect our body by increasing the production of the hormones ghrelin and leptin that are related to weight gain.

Therefore, in order to have a restful sleep it is important that you avoid this type of substance late at night and opt for another type of relaxing drink such as the infusions that we will recommend in the next section.

Relaxing infusions for a deeper sleep

Betting on relaxing infusions that help you sleep better is an ideal practice to ensure you lose weight while you sleep . There are many options that you can incorporate into your day to day but, below, we are going to recommend two of the most popular and effective thanks to their relaxing properties:

Valerian infusion for better sleep

Surely more than once you have heard about the properties of valerian to relax the nerves and it is that it is one of the most optimal medicinal herbs to help us calm down and fall asleep. The reason is that it has sedative and calming properties that will get us ready to sleep deeply and without interruptions.

Chamomile infusion for a restful sleep

Chamomile is also another of the best remedies to rest since it contains relaxing and calming properties that will help us fall asleep and dispel nervousness or anxiety.

In this FastlyHealarticle we discover other medicinal plants for better sleep that you can try and use daily.

Have a light dinner and you will lose weight

We have indicated that it is important to control what is taken before sleeping and, with this, we also refer to the food we eat late at night. Think that there are some foods that are very heavy and that will force our body to have to work more to be able to process them, something that can affect our rest by causing us to not sleep well due to stomach heaviness, gas or abdominal bloating.

In this sense, the most advisable thing to have a deep sleep is to opt for light dinners that provide our body with the nutrients it needs without excess calories or fat since they are not easy for our body to digest. So, the best foods that you can incorporate at this time of day are:

  • Cooked vegetables since raw ones are more flatulent (avoid options such as cabbages, lettuce or artichokes as they can be indigestible at night)
  • Low-fat proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, egg, etc.)
  • Skimmed dairy

You should therefore avoid carbohydrates as they provide large amounts of energy that we will not use and that, therefore, will remain stored in the body as saturated fat. Fruit is also not recommended at night if you want to lose weight since it is very rich in sugars and can destabilize our insulin. In this other article we discover the foods that you should not eat for dinner .

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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