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Women are better behind the wheel than men

by Alivia Nyhan
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Women are tired of hearing that their driving skills are inferior to those of the opposite sex. We cannot deny that they are more discriminated against on the road, and more than one person points towards them when blaming a traffic problem. Sexist clichés do not do justice to the female sex regarding driving terms. This is precisely why at FastlyHealwe want to tell you about a study that concluded that women are better behind the wheel than men.

Who drives better?

In an investigation carried out by the Fundación Línea Directaunder, the name “The copilot and his influence on the prevention of traffic accidents. is A gender perspective,” he unveiled the perfect combination for safe driving is. The conclusion was that the best option for driving a car is for the woman to be behind the wheel and for her to be accompanied by a man as co-driver. This statement was constructed by analyzing the data of all the accidents in Spain, both with a copilot and without a copilot, between the years 2011 and 2013. The total number of casualties was 255,000 and was also supported by a survey carried out by 1,206 people—around the world.

Therefore, perhaps the best way to ensure safe driving is to unite both sexes and put aside their differences.

Fewer accidents!

But now, let’s get to what matters about this whole thing: What do you get out of this combination? A car driven by a woman whose co-driver is a man can reduce accidents on our roads up to 6 times. The truth is that in recent years the number of deaths from traffic accidents has increased, so the possibility of combating this negative data is encouraging.

Knowing the profile of the driver and co-driver can help to achieve this goal since, after all, cars are driven by people, and it is our responsibility to make the roads as safe as possible. If we consider the profile of the ideal copilot, he must be between 60 and 69 years old. Why? Research says that in this age period, there is less distraction, and more attention is paid to signaling. The male copilot does not distract the driver and is also aware of road signs.

On the contrary, the profile of the least fit copilot is a man between 18 and 20 years old who tends to talk throughout the trip and distracts the driver. In addition, when both the driver and the copilot are women, the accident rate is multiplied by two. When the man is the one who drives the steering wheel, and the woman occupies the passenger seat, the accident rate is multiplied by 2.2.

Perfect copilot vs imperfect copilot

Perfect copilot

  • Be active and collaborative.
  • Try not to distract the driver.
  • Pay attention to road signs and surroundings.
  • It does not violate the recommended rules while driving: wearing a seat belt, adopting a correct posture, etc.
  • It watches over the needs of the passengers located in the back seat.

Imperfect copilot

  • Talk and distract the driver during the ride.
  • He is critical of the person driving behind the wheel and tries to correct it.
  • He does not adopt a collaborative attitude and tries to help.
  • Show the mobile to the driver while going.
  • He fiddles with the different devices the car is equipped with excessively.

Other studies were carried out.

Apart from the study explained above, other research reaffirms the idea that women are better behind the wheel than men.

A study carried out by the British insurance agency Privilege revealed that of the total of female drivers who were asked about their driving, 28% believed that they were better drivers than men. Only 13% of males thought that women were better behind the wheel. However, after assessing the way of driving, both for women and for men, and evaluating driving on a 30-point scale, the former achieved a score of 23.6 points, while the second remained a 19.8. Once again, men remain renegades from the first position, and women are crowned as the best drivers.

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