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These are the traits of empathetic people

by Alivia Nyhan
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Have you ever felt that someone was able to perfectly understand how you felt? Did it seem like he was saying your thoughts out loud and that you felt deeply identified? So it is likely that it was an empathic person. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another person , understand how they feel and what the situation is. They are people who have a great capacity to relate to others by attending to their emotions. If you still have a fuzzy image about this ability, these are the traits of empathic people that will allow you to identify them.

They are more socially sensitive

They are people with a more developed sensitivity, who like new experiences and tend to listen more than talk. In this way they obtain information that allows them to understand how the person with whom they are speaking feels. In relation to the above, they know how to respond head-on to problems posed to them and transmit messages that fit the feelings of the other person.

Empathic people tend to be very open to helping those around them , however, this sensitivity by which they understand others can also work against them. Having developed a greater sensitivity, they can be easily offended, and can be very susceptible in some cases.

They are intuitive

Intuition is the ability to understand something quickly without attending to reason . The sensitivity we talked about in the previous point also gives them a greater ability to perceive and understand what is happening around them . This same intuition is why an empathic person manages to read others and understand some situations. This trait of empathic people also makes them know who are the people to surround themselves with, by perceiving their good vibes.

They are influenced by the emotions of others

The same capacity of empathic people to understand the emotions of others makes them also more likely to be influenced , for better and for worse, by them. That is, empathy makes a person perceive more intensely what is happening around him and is affected. Therefore, in the case of being with someone who is very stressed, it is possible that it is infected and by this state. This is why the traits of an empathic person do not always have to be positive, since their sensitivity can also work against them.

They listen more than they speak

Empathic people tend to pay attention when talking to someone . In this way they can analyze the information they receive and respond in the most accurate and convenient way. To achieve this, empaths listen more than they speak . They will show their attention and until they are clear they will not express their point of view, their opinions or advice. The truth is that listening is a great virtue that not everyone possesses and that usually characterizes people who have great empathy.

They are respectful

Another of the traits of empathic people is that they know how to respect opinions and thoughts that differ from their own. They are not impulsive when they hear opinions that are not to their liking, but rather allow others to express themselves and respond in a respectful way. This does not imply that someone empathic hides their thoughts or beliefs, but that they know how to say things , when it is better to keep quiet, and they know how to present their opinions appropriately without offending anyone.

Along the same lines, they also show that they have captured the message that has been transmitted by generating feedback. This is very important for the issuer to feel understood, since it is the answer to their concerns or thoughts.

They are curious about strangers

Shy people have trouble relating properly to others. They do not enjoy meeting new people and are uncomfortable when they have to expose themselves in front of many people. Empathic people are receptive to establishing conversations with strangers . This means talking to people on public transportation, in line at the grocery store, or in the dentist’s waiting room. They are curious about peoplewho are around him and are interested in knowing aspects of his life and finding out information about them. They examine people and know how to interpret them quickly, detecting their strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, the analysis that empathic people carry out of other individuals can be misleading, but surely they are closer than if it were a person who did not have said social ability.

But the empathic person goes further, since they not only want to know people, but they want to know how they think and understand their points of view. They like to see other points of view and understand the arguments that justify them.

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