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Tips to recover after a sleepless night

by Alivia Nyhan
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The insomnia is one of the most common disorders of sleep. Do you know what we are talking about? If your answer is positive, you will know that the consequences of this lack of sleep can be terrible. The next day our body and mind demand all the energy that they have not been able to recover during the night and, as a consequence, we feel deeply tired. According to data from the World Health Organization, 40% of the population suffers from a sleep disorder, which translates into a third of the population.

In general, people who suffer from insomnia have trouble falling asleep frequently; however, it is also possible that this disorder occurs one night in isolation. For these cases, at FastlyHealwe give you 5 tips to recover after a sleepless night .

Get up when the alarm goes off

After a night in which we have not been able to sleep regularly and permanently, the usual thing is that we want to recover the hours of sleep in the morning; however, this is not the best option. As difficult as it may be and even if our body is crying out for it, we must stand up as soon as the alarm goes off or at the same time we would have done that day. Why? Sleeping during the hours when you are actually usually active will hurt your internal clock . How? An internal clock? That’s right, our body has a mechanism by which we sleep for a few hours and the rest of us stay awake. One of the tips to recover after a sleepless night is to stick with our usual scheduleso as not to misconfigure our clock. In this way, when it comes to bedtime we will be sleepy and we will be able to regain the normal schedule that was interrupted during insomnia.

Continue with your routine

Don’t slow down your scheduled activities during the day. Yes, fatigue is surely a scourge that prevents us from keeping our eyes open, but stopping and resting would only make the situation worse. As we explained in the previous point, our internal clock could alter if it detects an interruption in the physical activity to which it is used, so do not stop! It can be difficult, but when night comes you will appreciate being able to fall asleep easily . On the contrary, if we make the decision to cancel some of our plans to snuggle up on the sofa throughout the day, we run the risk that when night comes we will have problems sleeping long and hard again. So, better safe than sorry.

Coffee? Do not!

One of the first ideas that will come to mind after a sleepless night is to prepare a good cup of coffee to help you clear up. Even though it might seem like a good idea, try to forget about coffee. Stimulant drinks, including coffee, caffeinated sodas, tea, and alcohol, can help you feel energized quickly, but just as quickly as this effect is achieved, it fades away. That’s when you feel deeply tired again , and if you find yourself sitting at your workplace, you risk falling asleep on your desk. Therefore, another of the tips to recover after a sleepless night is to stay away from stimulating drinks. Instead of resorting to them, try to eat a large breakfast, and stay hydrated throughout the day. A good option is to eat some good toast with a little cold meat and fruit, as well as including legumes and vegetables in your meal to gain energy.

Move your body

We do not mean that you start dancing – although it would not be a bad option – but rather that you take advantage of some time to take a walk. Staying moving helps us stay active and save fatigue for later . It is not necessary to do high intensity exercise, but to walk for a few minutes in the sunlight. This will give us energy and stimulate the production of serotonin, which will improve our mood. Also, if we still feel with some energy we can go for a run in the afternoon. In this way, we will ensure that we will sleep soundly just by closing our eyes. So remember: another tip to recover from a sleepless night is to move.

Go to sleep at the same time

At this point two things may have happened. The first is that, after the sleepless night, you have carried out the previous steps and you feel tired, or that on the contrary, your body has remained active and now you are not more tired than normal. Both in one way or another, go to bed at the time you normally would, since otherwise they could alter your internal clock. As it is the last step to regain normalcy in your sleep, it is important that you keep it in mind. Going to bed earlier would mean sleeping more hours than usual, and going to bed late would make our sleep hours not enough, so we will most likely continue to be tired the next day. It is for this reason that the last advice to recover from a sleepless night is to go to bed at the usual time and sleep the usual hours of sleep.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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