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Benefits of quitting smoking for skin and hair

by Alivia Nyhan
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Using tobacco is one of the worst habits you can do, as it can cause a host of dangerous diseases and, in turn, significant alterations in lifestyle and even death. However, the health disorders caused by smoking are already known to everyone, but few are aware of the great benefits of quitting this bad habit.

Although some damages are irreversible when tobacco is consumed regularly and, many times, in excess, some alterations can improve considerably if the cigarette is eliminated. The most significant differences between smokers and nonsmokers can be seen in skin and hair. This is why, on this occasion, at FastlyHealwe want you to know the benefits of quitting smoking for your skin and hair.

Benefits of quitting smoking for the skin

Cigarette consumption causes different cardiovascular diseases and dermatological conditions that can influence the aesthetics and health of the dermis, which is why many people say that tobacco makes them look very prematurely aged.

Many specialists assure that the skin reflects the state of health of each person, so it is straightforward to identify people who smoke and those who do not simply because of the quality of the skin. Due to the more than 60 harmful elements present in tobacco smoke, the face of a smoker has:

  • Very marked wrinkles
  • Gray skin
  • Teeth are yellow
  • Prominent bones
  • Overall appearance is quite worn.

These characteristics are closely related to the number of cigarettes consumed, so the more tobacco is ingested, the worse the appearance and health of the skin are.

When the benefits of quitting smoking start to show on the skin

Despite the above, most of the effects caused by nicotine and all the components of cigarettes on the skin are reversible. However, you must stop smoking altogether, so you must go to a professional if you cannot eliminate this habit. On the other hand, to recover the aesthetics of your skin, symptomatic treatment must be carried out using creams with estrogen and glycolic acid, or those containing retinoic acid could also be applied. Likewise, you can choose to perform peels to get rid of dead cells and for new skin to regenerate more quickly. In addition, selenium, zinc, and vitamin A and E supplements must be ingested to eliminate free radicals; however, you must consult a specialist so that he can detail the most appropriate treatment for each case.

Once the treatment is finished, and without the presence of the cigarette, it is possible to observe significant changes. The skin begins to be healthier, with fewer wrinkles and a much better appearance. The dermis can be more hydrated, luminous, and cleaner because the pores are not dilated, rejuvenated, and more vivid and nourishing color. The skin recovers entirely after three or four years that the cigarette is eliminated and the treatment is carried out. However, it is also essential to be careful of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and not to consume other substances that can be harmful in the same way, such as alcohol.

Benefits of quitting smoking for hair

The adverse effects of cigarettes are not only noticeable in general health and skin but also hair. This is because tobacco contains different harmful substances such as nicotine, free radicals, polycyclic hydrocarbon, or benzopyrene. As blood circulation is affected, hair growth may be disadvantaged by reducing the follicular blood supply.

Therefore, smokers tend to suffer more hair loss and are more prone to baldness. In addition, it affects oxygenation and the displacement of red blood cells, which also causes a reduction in vitamin A levels, altering collagen and elastin, resulting in a shortening of the capillary bed and that the hair looks dry and in bad condition. State.

The negative effect of cigarettes on the hair is not only internal since the smoke tends to alter its appearance considerably. For this reason, even passive smokers can have a yellowish hair strand, in addition to constantly giving off a sour aroma.

To improve the appearance of the hair, it is essential to stop smoking completely. The hair will once again look shiny, nourished, silky, and much healthier. Likewise, hair growth will increase notably, but it is essential to apply recommended products to improve it and eat correctly, mainly by adding foods rich in vitamin C.

Other benefits of quitting

But quitting smoking is not only beneficial on an aesthetic level, both for hair and health, giving up this harmful habit can be helpful in the following aspects :

  • Smoking is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.
  • It will decrease the probability of suffering from different respiratory or severe pathologies such as cancer.
  • Your breath and clothes will smell much more pleasant.
  • The sense of smell will improve.
  • Nails and fingers will have a better color.
  • It will save money.
  • The people around you and you will be healthier.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any condition or discomfort.

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