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Can You Get Pregnant Without Having Sex?

by Alivia Nyhan
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The beginnings in the sexual life are accompanied by great doubts, myths and, above all, lack of information and ignorance of the functioning of the body. As women, it is essential to understand how ovulation works , what are our fertile days, what contraceptive methods to use to avoid an unwanted pregnancy and what are the possibilities and risks of a pregnancy according to the practices we carry out.

Among so many possible questions, one of the most frequent doubts among young people is whether there is the possibility of a pregnancy without penetration. Can I get pregnant without having sex? At FastlyHealwe explain it to you in detail.

What does it take to get pregnant?

The first and most important thing is to understand how our body works and that of man to understand how a pregnancy occurs , basic information to know if pregnancy without penetration is possible.

For a pregnancy to occur, the woman must be on her fertile days , which occurs between 24 and 48 hours a month. During this stage, which usually occurs between the 12th and 16th day of the menstrual cycle, the mature ovum detaches from the ovaries and travels through the fallopian tubes seeking to find a sperm to fertilize it. The vaginal discharge becomes thicker and more abundant to facilitate the travel of sperm through the vaginal canal to the fallopian tubes, an area where they usually meet the mature ovum.

Once the egg is fertilized, it will travel to the uterus to try to implant and start gestation. For the man’s sperm to be useful and adequate, ejaculation must occur in the vaginal area, a process by which semen is expelled at high speed in order to travel easier through the vaginal canal, this ejaculation must contain at least 20 million sperm , as most will die on the way. In addition, if a natural pregnancy is sought and through common routes, avoiding assisted reproduction methods, ejaculation must occur inside the vagina so that the sperm can perform their function.

Only when all these factors are present does pregnancy occur, therefore there must be even a minimal penetration for this to happen.

How long does a sperm live outside the body?

One of the most frequent doubts of young people has to do with the possible contact of sperm with the vagina without penetration , for example when the boy masturbates and then touches the girl’s vagina, when the man ejaculates on the bed and the girl is naked in it or even when there is ejaculation in the water where the woman is naked.

The first thing you should know to clarify these doubts is that sperm need a humid and warm environment to survive, that is why once they leave the penis if they do not penetrate the vaginal area during the fertile days, in which there is moisture and the amount of flow adequate for their survival, they will die. Sperm usually survive for 2 to 5 minutes outside the penis , dying on drying. In the same way, they do not survive in environments such as water or other areas without coming into contact with the vagina.

In the event that there is penetration, for the pregnancy to be guaranteed then there must be a mature ovum to fertilize, otherwise after a maximum of 72 hours all the spermatocytes will have died.

So … is pregnancy without penetration possible?

There can be no pregnancy without penetration , since the sperm needs the moist environment of the vagina to survive and fertilize the ovum. Despite this, it is important to understand what penetration is at a gynecological level: if the tip of the penis, known as the glans, enters the vagina slightly without penetrating it completely and there is ejaculation, then this is considered penetration and there is a risk of pregnancy if the woman is ovulating.

Although the man removes the tip of the penis before ejaculating, the presence of precum should be taken into account , which is secreted before ejaculation and contains a small amount of spermatocytes. That said, there is a possibility of pregnancy if :

  • The woman is ovulating and the man slightly inserts the tip of the penis into the vagina and ejaculates.
  • The girl is ovulating and the man slightly inserts the tip of the penis and there is precum.
  • If the woman is in her fertile days and there is a small penetration with ejaculation, regardless of whether the penetration is not complete or if there is no rupture of the hymen, there is a risk of pregnancy.

When is there NO risk of pregnancy?

You cannot get pregnant if:

  • There is friction with clothing or underwear but there is no penetration at any time. Semen cannot get through clothing and into the vagina.
  • There is rubbing of the naked genitals but there is no type of penetration, without the penis entering the vagina even slightly, there is no possibility of pregnancy.
  • There is also no possibility of pregnancy if he ejaculates in the bed where they are both and the woman is naked, or if he ejaculates in a pool or bathtub where the girl is naked without penetration.

Before starting your sex life

It is very important to know your body well and understand how it works before starting sexual activity, this will be key to avoiding unwanted pregnancies . But it is also highly recommended that you opt for a contraceptive method before having sex for the first time, this will help you to do it in a much safer way, avoiding unnecessary scares.

Remember that interrupted intercourse, known as reversing, that is, withdrawing the penis from the vagina before ejaculating, is not a safe method, since there can always be loss of semen without the man noticing and, therefore, a risk of pregnancy. In addition to the condom, in our article on contraceptive methods for women you will find the best alternatives to have safe and responsible sex.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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