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Recommended sexual positions in pregnancy

by Alivia Nyhan
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Many people, mainly new parents, have many questions and fears when it comes to having sex while the woman is pregnant. Many couples even stop being intimate during the nine months of gestation even if they do not suffer from any disorder that limits the practice for some time.

Having intercourse during pregnancy is extremely important to maintain intimacy and enjoy before the sleepless nights that will be had for the baby. However, not all postures can be practiced during this significant period since it becomes when the mother’s belly grows. They will have to find different ways to continue having sex satisfactorily for both. After explaining the benefits of intercourse in pregnancy, in the following FastlyHealarticle, we detail the recommended sexual positions in pregnancy. However, all of them may have their pros and cons.

Missionary pose during pregnancy

The missionary position is considered the most classic and famous since the woman is lying on her back with her legs open, and the man is positioned on top of her. This sexual position is possible as long as the woman’s belly is not very developed, so it will be challenging to practice it in the last months of pregnancy.

This position is very comfortable and highly recommended for the first five months because it can be practiced without any difficulty. It is very natural for the couple since they can look at each other and kiss while having intimate relationships. It is important to note that this missionary posture can continue to be performed during pregnancy if the man is agile and does not drop his weight on the woman’s belly. Otherwise, it is recommended to suspend so as not to endanger the belly area.

Spoons pose, ideal for intercourse.

The spoon pose is one of the best recommended sexual positions in pregnancy, as the woman lies on her side with her legs slightly bent or extended, and the man stands from behind.

This position is advisable when the baby is developed and the mother’s belly is huge, so the weight will be discharged laterally without affecting the comfort of either of them. Although it is a very affectionate position in which a man can take advantage to caress his wife and kiss her in erogenous zones such as the neck and ears, it may be a difficult position to maintain for a long time.

A sexual position in pregnancy: Andromache posture

Another of the recommended sexual positions in pregnancy is the Andromache position, in which the woman is sitting astride the pelvic area of the man who is lying down.

This position is not only exciting for both, but it is also very comfortable for women and highly suggested for those who are pregnant and seek to maintain their intimate relationships regularly with their partners. However, this position may tire the legs of the woman after a long time, so you should try to stretch your legs after a while.

Puppy posture when pregnant

The familiar doggy pose can be an excellent option for couples looking for the best way to have sex during pregnancy. In this case, the expectant mother is positioned on all fours, and the man is kneeling behind her.

This posture offers numerous advantages, such as taking care of the belly of energetic movements and preventing the woman from carrying the man’s weight, no matter how minimal. In addition, the depth of penetration can be changed to avoid pain or discomfort for pregnant women. Despite the above, the belly can be hefty on the lumbar vertebrae, so spending a lot of time in this position is not recommended.

Lotus union poses for any time during pregnancy.

The so-called lotus union posture can also be one of the most recommended for couples to have intercourse and perform it during the nine months of gestation. It involves the man sitting on the bed or in a chair, but with his knees bent and his legs open while he sticks the soles of his feet together. His wife sits face-to-face on top of him and straddles him, closing her legs around her lover’s waist.

This sexual position is widely used because both are relaxed, they can have eye contact and deep penetration without the need for great movements or efforts, and the pregnant mother can control the activities and their speed by waving her pelvis. This position can become uncomfortable due to the depth of penetration for those women who suffer from pain in the belly or back, so it is recommended to perform the position of the spoons in which the penetration is more petite.

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