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What if I forget to take the birth control pill one day

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the birth control pill one day

There are several methods of contraception, but without a doubt, along with the condom, the most popular is the contraceptive pill. This is because it is a very effective tablet that women must take on a rigorous daily basis to maintain intimate relationships without wanting the pregnancy. Despite this, a specialist must indicate the pill since it contains hormones, and we should not self-medicate with this type of drug even if it has the same purpose.

Some women still have numerous doubts about this method; However, the most frequent and the one that you are probably wondering too is: what happens if I forget to take the birth control pill one day? That is why in the following FastlyHealarticle, we offer you all the information about this method.

How to use the contraceptive pill

There are two types of presentations of birth control pills, one with 21 drugs and the other with 28. Although both are used similarly, those containing 28 have seven placebo pills. In other words, they do not contain hormones, and they are exclusively designed to avoid breaking the intake routine.

It is essential that specialist details how to start using it or, if it has not been ingested for a whole month, to return to the routine, you should start again on the first day of the period to be appropriately protected. However, if the intake begins between the second and fifth day of menstruation, a condom must be used if you have sex during the first week because the woman will not be protected.

You have to take a contraceptive pill every day at about the same time. Despite this, the schedule should not be a priority since there is a 12-hour margin from the program that is usually taken.

If your doctor recommends a 21-day blister, it is essential that when taking the last pill, you wait a week to start retaking the new 21-pill tablet. If the specialist recommends a box of 28, the previous tablets will be of another color and should be ingested once a day, so when you finish with one package, the next day, you should start with the other.

If you have other questions, we invite you to read the Oral article contraceptives: frequently asked questions.

Contraceptive pill

What if you forget to take your birth control pill one day

These pills with hormones should be ingested every day and no more than 12 hours after the usual time they are consumed to be as effective as possible in preventing pregnancy. If a woman forgets to take one of the pills or remembers it after the 12-hour window to ingest it, it is essential that if she has sex, use other contraceptive methods, such as condoms, until the day of the next menstruation.

If you have forgotten to take the pill one day, you have to take it the moment you realize it, and the next pill must be administered at the appropriate time. Despite this, it is necessary to use other contraceptive methods for a week or more to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

If you have forgotten to take two contraceptive pills, you have to accept them simultaneously when you remember so that the next day you can take the pill usually; however, it is also essential to use another supplemental contraceptive method for seven days or more.

If, for some reason, you forgot the consumption of three pills, you may bleed, so it is recommended that you remove the rest of the pills from that box and start a new one at the time the recent bleeding begins. In these cases, you should also resort to other contraceptive methods. However, it would be best if you went to a specialist so that they can offer you advice to avoid getting pregnant.

What to do so as not to forget to take the contraceptive pill

If you quickly forget things, it is advisable to use the stickers with the name of each day for the pill blister packs. In addition, it is recommended to take the contraceptive pill during meals, be it lunch or dinner, to relate this action to the intake of this method of preventing pregnancy and, at the same time, have water nearby to drink it.

Another very effective idea is to always set a daily alarm simultaneously on your mobile phone. For this, it is also advisable to have pills in the bag for everyday use so that you always have them at hand and do not need to carry the same blister everywhere.

If you still cannot adapt to this routine, your doctor may recommend using other more straightforward methods such as the contraceptive ring, which is only changed every three weeks, or the patch each one.

Contraceptive pill

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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