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Tobacco substitutes to quit smoking

by Alivia Nyhan
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If what you want is to stop a habit as harmful as tobacco, the first thing you should know is that there is no easy way or miracle product that will help you achieve it. The only possible way to completely say goodbye to cigarettes is with willpower and determination , putting before a difficult first few weeks the pleasure of enjoying a lifetime of freedom and health.

Being clear about this, there are certain products and foods that can help us to make this transit as smooth as possible by occupying the place that you previously had reserved for tobacco. At FastlyHealwe explain these tobacco substitutes to stop smoking that can accompany you on your way to the release of smoke.

Substitutes for the act

There are two types of dependencies regarding the fact of smoking that determine who tries to quit. One dependence is physical, the effects that nicotine produces in your body, the other is psychological and is associated with holding something in your hands or putting it in your mouth. There are different natural foods that can be used to replace the unconscious dependence of having a cigarette in your hands and that we will explain to you below:

Licorice root

It is surely the method most used by those ex-smokers who long for the sensation that a cigarette produces in their hands, and it is because sucking or chewing licorice root is a very good substitute for tobacco.

First of all, licorice is shaped like a cigarette , its thin, cylindrical structure helps to trick your brain while holding it between your fingers, but its benefits don’t end there. Licorice is a great expectorant, so it can help you clean your lungs after being repeatedly abused by tobacco, and in turn, its intense sweet but bitter taste will flood your mouth, making the simple fact of imagining the smoke entering your mouth.

Sunflower seeds

Although it is not as widespread a method as licorice, it can be just as valid for people who want to quit smoking. It has certain drawbacks, such as that you have to throw the shells somewhere and that they produce noise when you eat them, which makes them inappropriate depending on the moment, but it also brings you benefits that are not negligible.

The fact of eating pipes makes you have to have your hands and your mouth, an activity that keeps your brain busy and your mouth away from the smoke. In addition, pipes have relaxing and calming properties that can be very useful to calm the tension and stress of those who leave the addiction to tobacco. It is highly recommended that the pipes are unsalted to avoid excessive consumption that may pose other health risks.


Eating candy can be a good way to stay away from bad fumes. First of all, eating candy requires a physical space in your mouth, a space that will not be the cigarette, therefore, while you eat candy, you will not smoke tobacco. On the other hand, hard -flavored candies like menthol or eucalyptus can ward off tobacco. The sensation they leave in your mouth does not make the entry of smoke pleasant, and therefore, induces your brain to stay away from tobacco.

As candies are not a nutritional product and are very high in sugar, you should take some without sugar and consume them in moderation.


Snorting a straw (straw) is much more similar to smoking than, for example, licorice root. It makes air enter your mouth, simulating the smoke that enters when you smoke , however, this also has its downside.

Even if you think that you are tricking your brain into smoking, in reality what you are causing is concentrating on smoking. The more realistic this tobacco substitute is, the more your brain will think about it, increasing your urge to smoke again.

Nicotine substitutes

Nicotine is a very addictive substance for the body . When you quit smoking, the drop in nicotine in the blood produces withdrawal symptoms, with physical and psychological effects such as nausea, dizziness, irritability, fever, hunger, anxiety and nerves . In order to quit smoking while avoiding these effects, some people choose to introduce nicotine into their body, but in other less harmful ways. These treatments can last weeks or months depending on the level of addiction, so it is highly recommended to carry them out with medical supervision .


This is a fairly widespread method among smokers who want to quit. It consists of patches that adhere to the skin releasing amounts of nicotine that vary throughout the 3 months that the treatment usually lasts. They are put on in the morning and it is usually left 24 hours, when it is changed for a new one. The disadvantages of this method are that although it alleviates the physical need for nicotine, it does not work against the psychological dependence on smoking and it can also cause itching or burns in some sensitive skin.

Chewing gums

They use the same principle as patches; release nicotine so that your body does not accuse the lack of tobacco so much, but also keep your mouth occupied with something that is not a cigarette. There are different doses of gum that are adapted to the needs of each person, the greater the addiction, the greater the dose of nicotine per gum must be. The way to take them is by sucking them at first and chewing them slowly for 30 minutes. If chewed too quickly, they will release all the nicotine causing hypersalivation and heartburn.

Nicotine inhaler

The inhaler has the shape and appearance of a cigarette and contains a nicotine charge inside that vaporizes when inhaled . Unlike the other products, this satiates both physically and psychologically. The downside of that is that you can end up substituting for tobacco in everything, that is, going from tobacco addiction to nicotine inhaler addiction .

Other tips to quit smoking

Quitting tobacco is an arduous task that must be approached from all possible points, trying to minimize the opportunities and thoughts of relapse. For that reason, and knowing that only with substitutes you cannot free yourself from that addiction, we leave you other useful tips to quit smoking.

  • Stop frequenting smoking places or places where you can get a chance to smoke again.
  • Prioritize outings with non-smoking friends , with them it will be more difficult to fall back into temptation.
  • Temporarily avoid coffee , alcohol or any other substance that you associate with tobacco and encourage you to smoke. The goal is to resume your life with peace of mind, therefore, at the end of your treatment you should be able to drink coffee again without any need to smoke a cigarette.
  • Talk to family and friends, tell them your goal . In this way they will be able to help you and not tempt you, they will understand your behavior and, in addition, you will be more obliged to keep your word since they will be expectant of your progress.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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