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Can I have sex with my period?

by Alivia Nyhan
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Sex with my period

During menstruation, female hormones increase, so many women experience a significant increase in libido during their period. This biological process makes both men and women tempted to the possibility of having sex with menstruation, especially if they are aware that excess moisture in the intimate female area stimulates unforgettable sensations.

However, taboos, the foul smell of menstruation, and an unclean practice are factors that make many give up the idea or ask the question: can I have sex with my period? In this FastlyHealarticle, we answer this common question and other doubts around this topic.

Can I have sex with my period?

Yes, there is no physical or biological impediment to having sex with a period, and, although many people consider it to be a very unhygienic practice, the blood that emerges from menstruation is not regarded as unhealthy since it is It deals with pieces of the endometrium and therefore does not pose any risk to the health of the couple.

The truth is that having sex with menstruation should be an exclusive decision of the couple where both parties agree to feel comfortable during the meeting. Many women believe that having sex during their period is safer to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This belief is nothing more than a myth since there is the possibility that the woman is ovulating during menstruation and, although the probabilities are very few, it should be reported that it is possible to get pregnant with the rule.

The fluid secreted during menstruation is, in fact, a transparent substance, only it mixes with so much blood and traces of the endometrium that it takes on intense red color. This, together with the characteristic smell of menstruation, makes many men and women consider this cycle stage unpleasant. However, it is essential to clarify that it is a natural process that should not be regarded as dirty, unsanitary, or dangerous. So if you both enjoy it, why not?


Benefits of having sex with your period

  • It is proven that having sex with your period helps alleviate the symptoms of PMS, reducing abdominal pain, bad mood, and headaches.
  • Intercourse during menstruation shortens the duration of the period because uterine contractions during orgasm facilitate the expulsion of more tissue.
  • Orgasm exerts an analgesic action on the female body that helps reduce all kinds of pain.
  • During menstruation, excessive moisture from the vagina makes it much easier for a woman to reach orgasm.
  • Due to menstrual lubrication, penetration is much more pleasant for both sexes.
  • The trust and communication of the couple grow.

Tips for having sex with your period

If you and your partner have decided to give the green light to period sex, we invite you to read these tips that will make your experience much more controlled and pleasant:

Use a condom

Blood is an influential factor for transmitting diseases, so it is advisable to use a condom to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as HPV or conditions such as gonorrhea. Male and female condoms are the best option. In the following article, you can see how to use a condom correctly.

Towels on the bed

To avoid staining the bed mattress, you can place some towels on the sheets.

In the shower

A more effective way to avoid spotting during period sex is to carry out the encounter in the shower, which in addition to being more pleasant, will allow both sexes to be clean during and after intercourse.

The ideal position

It is advisable to carry out sex in the missionary position, with the woman down and the pelvis slightly tilted up to avoid further bleeding. Penetrations should not be abrupt or deep to prevent injuring the distended cervix.

Manual stimulation

It is very likely and understandable that the man does not want to facilitate stimulation of the vulva with his hands; therefore, it is the ideal time to discover other erogenous zones and let the natural lubrication of the woman do all the work.

Less flow

So that the meeting is not so disastrous, you can agree to do it on the first day of the period or the last two phases of menstruation where there is less fluid.


It is recommended that after sexual intercourse with the rule, both men and women take a shower and properly clean their bodies.

Tips for having sex with your period

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