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Treatment to remove stretch marks with laser

by Alivia Nyhan
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Stretch marks with laser

Almost no one escapes having stretch marks, those thin lines that mark our skin, that are not covered by tanning, and that, although they can be prevented, once they appear, we only have to look for an alternative that eliminates them and allows us to show an even skin. The good news is that the world of cosmetics has advanced so much that today it offers many treatments to improve the appearance of stretch marks and, in some cases, even eliminate them.

Among the latest alternatives to remove stretch marks, we find laser treatment. This non-invasive and painless therapy offers an end once and for all with this problem that, although it is not considered a health problem, represents an aesthetic inconvenience that can make many people complex. Suppose you are interested in erasing these marks from your skin. In that case, we invite you to continue reading this FastlyHealarticle, where we explain everything you need to know about laser stretch marks removal treatment.

Why do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks are the product of the breakdown of fibers with less elasticity during the stretching of the skin, a process that can occur due to development during adolescence, weight gain, pregnancy, or any other method that tests the flexibility limit of the dermis. Other causes of stretch marks include family history, hormonal disorders, dry skin, abrupt muscle development, and skin creams that contain steroids.

Generally, the break that gives rise to stretch marks occurs in the outer layers of the skin and is most common in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts, hips, and arms. At first, when the fiber has just been broken, the stretch mark looks like an intense red or pink mark due to all the inflammatory processes going through the skin. As the dermis goes through the process and adapts to stretching, the stretch mark evolves in color and shape until it becomes more uniform and white.

To treat stretch marks, it is best to attack them in their initial phase, when the skin has not yet gotten used to it, and it is easier to hide its color. On the other hand, when the stretch mark is already white and has been on the body for years, it is more challenging to blur it due to the absence of collagen in that part of the dermis and its depression. It is important to note that no aesthetic treatment can completely erase stretch marks since fiber rupture is not reversible. However, there are therapies, such as lasers, that can considerably improve the appearance of the skin, especially in new stretch marks.

Treatment to remove stretch marks with laser

The first thing you should know about laser treatment to remove stretch marks is that it can improve the appearance of red and white lesions, so it is recommended for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their skin but does not have any dermatological disease, such as dermatitis or psoriasis.

It is a therapy that is not invasive. It does not represent any danger to the person’s health, and it is painless, so you do not have to worry about any discomfort. The laser treatment for stretch marks is considered adequate because, during its application, it stimulates the energy of the lower layers of the skin, which in this organ generates the reaction of increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis, allowing the tone and the texture of the stretch mark are greatly improved.

To better understand this process, it is essential to explain that elastin is the substance responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid stretch marks, but it is crucial to prevent premature skin aging. Tissue. For its part, collagen is the protein that holds the skin fibers together and offers the necessary support for the skin to expand without losing its tone.

Treatment to remove stretch marks with laser

Pulsed dye laser for stretch marks

When red stretch marks are treated with laser, the results are much more comforting since the stretch mark is new, and its color and inflammation can be improved. The laser used for this type of injury is a pulsed dye laser, specifically created to strengthen vascular wounds and skin scars. It does not leave any sequelae or damage the organ’s surface during its application.

The laser on the skin lasts only a few minutes, so the session will not take more than half an hour. After applying the laser, the skin may show slight redness or minor bruises that disappear after five days. After application, the person can carry out his life as usual. The results are usually evident 20 days after the first session.

The number of sessions required to remove red stretch marks with a laser will depend on the number of stretch marks to be treated and their appearance, so only a specialist in aesthetic medicine can suggest the number of necessary therapies. An expert must perform this type of treatment, so it is essential to go to recognized and reliable places or be recommended by a close acquaintance.

CO2 laser for stretch marks

This laser is known as fractional laser, and although it also eliminates red stretch marks, it is the most used to improve the appearance of white stretch marks on the skin. How does it work? This laser has a microbeam of light capable of penetrating even the deepest layers of the skin to vaporize the tissue to be treated with great precision and put into action the fibroblasts. These cells activate the production of collagen to offer new skin. And radiant.

Due to its action on the dermis, this laser is also recommended to improve the appearance of wrinkles and other symptoms of aging, as well as to eliminate acne scars, blemishes, changes in skin color, and natural sagging due to the passage of time. . In the case of stretch marks, it is recommended to perform three sessions every 30 days, however, as in the therapy explained above, the aesthetic medicine expert will establish the number of sessions necessary once the area to be treated has been evaluated.

This laser treatment to remove stretch marks works on white stretch marks by attenuating their color and reducing their depth, length, and width, which is why the results are very satisfactory. The therapy is non-invasive and painless and offers 50% skin regeneration in each session. The Treatment is considered safe for all skin types, lasts 15 minutes per session, and although it does not cause any pain, it suggests the application of topical anesthesia half an hour before Treatment.

After the therapy, a little cold is applied to calm the heat produced by the laser. In case of suffering from a dermatological disease, it is essential to consult with the specialist doctor before undergoing any treatment. After the session, makeup soap is allowed, and the person can shave if they wish. It is mandatory to apply sunscreen and moisturizer.

Side effects of CO2 laser treatment

  • Red and hot skin.
  • On the third day, the skin begins to turn brown.
  • The skin looks as if it has suffered a sunburn.
  • On the third day, the skin starts to flake for seven days.

CO2 laser treatment

Results of laser treatment to remove stretch marks

The results are usually immediate, in the case of the appearance of the skin, and progressive, in the case of stretch marks. In general, stretch marks begin to show improvement between 3 and 6 weeks after the first application since it is necessary to wait a reasonable time for the layers of the skin to react to the stimulation exerted.

What results can we expect?

  • Smooth and shiny skin.
  • Hydrated skin.
  • Uniform color of the dermis.
  • Younger and more homogeneous fabric.
  • Elimination of furrows and wrinkles.
  • Disguised stains.
  • Thinner and smaller stretch marks.
  • Clearer stretch marks.
  • The disappearance of some stretch marks.

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