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Causes of pimples on face, its treatment and preventions

by Alivia Nyhan
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Pimples appear on the face

Pimples on the face are typical teenage injuries due to hormonal changes. These can appear in men and women of different ages for different reasons, such as their age, diet, or skin type.

The way to prevent, treat and eliminate pimples on the face should be in charge of your dermatologist, who will implement the appropriate therapy to follow depending on the cause that gives rise to this alteration.

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Why do pimples appear on my face?

Pimples on the face can appear for different causes, many of them you will know below:


Some people’s genetics are related to the appearance of pimples on the face.


Between 12 and 18 years of age, adolescence is experienced for both sexes: at that time, it is common to see pimples appear on the face due to the increase in the production of androgenic hormones such as testosterone, which stimulates the production of fat and can clog the pores of the face thus generating blackheads on the front.

Do not remove makeup.

The build-up of makeup on the skin causes clogged pores, increasing the appearance of blackheads. In this sense, makeup removal creams of good quality and low fat are recommended.

Lack of proper skin cleansing

A good cleansing technique should be applied to the face, with products according to skin type. These must be of high quality to avoid clogging the pores and the appearance of blackheads or so-called blackheads.

High-fat diet

The ingestion of foods such as carbohydrates, milk, fried foods, among others, increases the chances of pimples appearing on the face because they stimulate skin inflammation due to excess fat, in addition to disorders in the production of hormones, thus generating the appearance of pimples on the front.

Hormonal disorders

High levels of hormones may be due to the presence of some pathology such as polycystic ovaries, which is characterized by increasing the production of androgens, which increases the production of fat in the skin, which gives rise to the appearance of pimples.


In some women during pregnancy, pimples may appear on the face, a product of the increase in progesterone, which has the particularity of increasing skin fat.

Drug reaction

Some medications have the appearance of an inflammatory reaction in the skin as a side effect, which generates pimples. Among these drugs are corticosteroids, testosterone, and lithium.

Excessive sun exposure

Indiscriminate exposure to sunlight increases the risk of pimples. UV rays increase oil production in the skin, and inflammation creates the conditions for spots to appear on the face.

How to remove pimples on the face with medications

If this is your case and you have pimples on your face, you should go to your dermatologist. This specialist is in charge of reviewing the injuries present on your face, in addition to indicating the appropriate treatment for the type of injuries you present.

The treatment for pimples on the face is based on the indication of topical medications and oral medications, depending on the degree of affectation that the lesions present.

Topical medications

The most frequently used topical medications for pimples on the face are:

  • Antibiotics are used to kill the bacteria present in pimples and reduce the symptoms of redness and purulent discharge.
  • Retinoids: are used to prevent hair follicles from clogging. Its presentation is in cream, lotion, and gel, derived from vitamin A. Among this group are tretinoin, adapalene and tazarotene.
  • Salicylic and azelaic acid: with the application of salicylic acid, the hair follicles are prevented from clogging. Azelaic acid has antibiotic properties and, combined with erythromycin, is much more effective. This comes in cream for application.

Oral medications

Among the drugs for oral use to treat pimples on the face are:


They can be used in those cases where the pimples have a significant degree of inflammation and purulent discharge. For this, the use of those belonging to the type of tetracyclines is recommended, where they are found: minocycline, doxycycline, or macrolides.

Oral contraceptives

The benefits of contraceptives can be seen a few months after starting treatment. They can be combined with other medications to see their effects quickly.

This is because oral contraceptives are a mixture of estrogens and progestins, and their prescription is used for their contraceptive effect in women.


In this group is spironolactone. It represents an option in women and adolescents, especially in those cases where antibiotics are not providing any help. Its way of acting is to block the effect of the androgenic hormones of the sebaceous glands.

Treatments to eliminate pimples on the face

Another way to eliminate pimples on the face is by applying treatments, which can be implemented independently or combined with medications. Here we name some of the remedies to eliminate spots on the front:

Chemical exfoliation

Through this technique, some chemicals are applied, such as:

  • Salicylic acid.
  • Glycolic acid.
  • Retinoic acid.

This technique should be repeated frequently as directed by the specialist to improve the lesions of the pimples on the face.

Steroid injection

When these lesions develop into nodules, they are treated with direct injections of steroids, with which a rapid improvement of symptoms and lesions on the face is obtained.

Home remedies for pimples on the face

There are many home remedies with excellent properties used to treat pimples on the face. Below you will learn more about them:


Its excellent antibacterial properties and even its content of sulfur compounds stop the appearance of pimples and, at the same time, stimulate cell regeneration.

For its application, it is necessary:

  • Crush a clove of raw garlic.
  • Rub it on the lesions.
  • Let it act for about 10 minutes.
  • Wash your face with plenty of water.
  • If you want, you can do this process several times a week.

Check out all the home remedies in our Garlic Acne Home Remedies article.


It contains salicylic acid, which is responsible for regulating fat production. If they are placed on the face, they can reduce pimples on the front.

To use them as a remedy for pimples on the face:

  • To make a paste, you must crush several aspirins and moisten them with water.
  • Then you must apply it to each of the injuries.
  • Leave to act for 20 minutes.
  • It is removed with plenty of water.
  • If you want, repeat 2 to 3 times a week to see the results.

Aloe vera

It is a home remedy with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Its application helps to disinfect the skin. In addition, it eliminates the bacteria that can infect the pores. In this way, the accumulation of fat and even dead cells on the face can be reduced.

What you should do to apply aloe vera for pimples :

  • Extract the gel from the Aloe Vera leaf.
  • Spread it on the face.
  • Leave to act for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.
  • You must apply it daily before going to bed for it to work.

Aloe vera brings very positive results. Learn more about the medicinal uses of aloe vera.

Bee honey

It is a home remedy with multiple uses and properties, including antibacterial. Its application helps to reduce the number of bacteria present in the lesions and hydrate the skin of the face where it is applied.

For greater effectiveness, apply the honey by following these steps:

  • Apply with the fingertips on the pimples.
  • Leave to act for 1 hour.
  • Remove with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat this process several times a week until the blemishes in question disappear.


This vegetable is an excellent home remedy because it is rich in polyphenols and minerals essential for skin health. It has astringent properties that allow cleaning impurities from pores, reducing the presence of blackheads.

If you want to use tomato as a remedy for pimples on your face:

  • Crush a ripe tomato.
  • Spread on the front of the lesions.
  • Leave to act for 20 minutes.
  • Remove with plenty of water.
  • Repeat this process 3-4 times a week so you can witness the results.

Sodium bicarbonate

This home remedy helps dry the skin and eliminate excess oil. It is a great anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, which reduces the size of pimples.

To get the benefits of baking soda on pimples, you should:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda with two tablespoons of water to form a paste.
  • Apply to exfoliate the skin.
  • Leave to act for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.
  • When drying your face, it is recommended to moisturize the skin to avoid excess dryness.

For people who suffer from this alteration, pimples on the face represent an aesthetic problem that affects their physical appearance and self-esteem in some cases. Therefore, if you suffer from this condition, it is necessary to visit your dermatologist and follow their instructions. This way, you will avoid the increase in injuries and treat the existing ones.

Aloe vera

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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