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Causes of dry skin and tips to hydrate

by Alivia Nyhan
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Caring for and pampering the skin is essential to keep it healthy, young, and in perfect condition. For many people, having dry, rough, dull skin or with clear signs of aging is an absolute nightmare, so moisturizing the skin should be included as an essential routine in daily care if you want to show off healthy skin. . The face is one of the areas where the skin suffers the most problems, for example, spots and signs of aging are some of the most prominent. In addition, with the changes and the arrival of new seasons, the need arises to protect the skin and treat its specific problems since temperature changes. Greater exposure to the sun alters the dermis and dries out the face, among other factors. For all this,

Next, in this FastlyHealarticle, we will talk about how to hydrate your face. Discover the best products and the latest technology to hydrate your face.

Causes of dry skin

The dry skin results from significant skin problems: lack of hydration. Generally, dehydration of the skin can present itself through different signs that, for many people, pose a problem that requires immediate effective treatment. Peeling, inflammation, rough texture, itching, stiffness of the face, or even the appearance of cracks and redness in some face areas are the most common symptoms of dry skin. However, all of them can vary depending on the skin of each person and the severity of the lack of skin hydration.

Having dry facial skin is detrimental to both health and aesthetics. In addition to being uncomfortable and annoying, it can age the person’s appearance who suffers from it. Luckily, there are specific products to treat these problems and hydrate the skin of the face, such as the Neostrata range of facial care products that we will see later in this article.

But why do we have dry facial skin? The causes of the lack of hydration of the skin are diverse:

  • Genetics: there are many people who, due to hereditary or congenital factors, have a type of skin that is more prone to dryness. These skins have altered sebum production, so hydration is directly affected.
  • External agents: cold, heat, environmental dryness, or wind are some of the ecological or external factors that can directly affect your skin, drying it more than it should since the skin acts as a natural protective barrier for our body and it is the part that receives the most significant external impact.
  • Excessive use of hot water: Although it may seem strange, hot water can have adverse effects on the skin, dehydrating and drying it. It is preferable to avoid long baths or showers with water at high temperatures. It is better to make these baths or showers lighter, as hot water is beneficial for other aspects such as relaxation and open pores, something ideal for later doing a facial cleansing. Still, it affects reddening, inflaming, and dehydrating the dermis for too long.
  • Poor skincare: neglecting your skin can also cause dryness to appear on it. Using the proper skin care and beauty products and staying away from those that don’t benefit your skin is essential to keep it healthy and hydrated.

We will tell you more about the Causes of dry skin in this other FastlyHealarticle.

How to hydrate your face

Our body has a natural skin hydration factor that helps us keep it in perfect condition: it is a mixture of sebum, metabolites, and sweat. When any of these levels are disturbed and unbalanced or too low, the result is the appearance of dry skin.

Regulating skin lipids, creating the natural protective barrier, and balancing hydration are essential to avoid the symptoms of dry skin or solve them if they have already appeared. In this sense, it is vital to have healthy habits and use specific products such as hydrating facial creams and gels, exfoliating products and facial cleansers, moisturizing, cleansing, and nourishing facial masks and other creams that provide an extra dose of vitamins, acids, and minerals necessary for maintaining a healthy face.

For example, Neostrata has developed the best skincare products using the most innovative technology, which you can incorporate into your daily face and body skincare and hydration routines.

Its products include the Skin Active range, which is ideal for skin rejuvenation and delaying the signs of aging while keeping the skin of the face hydrated to the maximum. We find the renewing day cream, the eye contour cream, or the smoothing and unifying cream for neck and décolleté. In this same line of products, you will find exfoliating creams, the repairing night cream, and the night serum with collagen to firm your skin while you sleep.

On the other hand, the Nesotrata Restore line has hyperhydrating creams ideal for combating dry skin and the signs of aging. You will also find facial gels for problem skin or specific anti-wrinkle creams.

Likewise, its Neostrata Enlighten line is perfect for treating blemishes on the face or hyperpigmentation, thanks to the anti-blemish creams or the illuminating serum or cleansing cream.

Neostrata products feature the latest in up-to-date cosmetics. Achieve healthy skin thanks to innovative technology with alpha hydroxy acids, fruit acids, and other water-soluble vegetables that care for the driest and most problematic skin.

Tips for hydrating the face

In addition to all Neostrata skin care products, it is essential to take other measures to keep your face hydrated and in perfect condition. Next, we give you some of the keys and tips that will allow you to show off a young, healthy face full of vitality:

  • Drink lots of water: to keep your face hydrated, you must stay hydrated. It is essential to drink reasonable amounts of water a day (between 7 or 8 glasses that represent between 1.5 and 2 liters a day) to prevent aging, avoid the appearance of imperfections, and maintain elastic and flexible skin. Likewise, it is essential to eat healthily, including a good amount of vegetables in the day-to-day such as fruits, vegetables, and greens that provide both water and vitamins, minerals, and fibers that help keep the skin healthy and radiant.
  • E exfoliation: exfoliating the skin to eliminate dead cells and promote their renewal is essential to keep it healthy and cared for. Look for the best products to do a deep exfoliation. This way, you will eliminate dryness and delay the appearance of signs of aging.
  • Moisturizing creams are essential to moisturize and hydrate your face 100%. Look for those that suit your skin type and your needs.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol: these are harmful to the entire body, including the skin, this being one of the parts that are affected most noticeably and in a short time.
  • Rest and sleep: it is essential to sleep an average of 8 hours a day and rest properly, so your skin will be radiant day after day.
  • Hygiene habits: let your skin breathe. Clean it daily, removing traces of makeup and environmental pollution.
  • Avoid too much sun: avoid continuous sun exposure and always use protection. In addition to moisturizing, sun creams will prevent spots on the skin of the face and body.

Good habits combined with the best skin care products are the perfect tandem to hydrate your face correctly and efficiently have healthy skin and a healthy complexion.

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