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Remove acne scars with laser

by Alivia Nyhan
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Acne is a skin disease that causes pimples with pus on specific body parts, but it is most common on the face and back. Rather than forcing a discomfort, symptom, or pain, Pimples represent an aesthetic problem that makes acne sufferers desperately seek to solve two aspects: stop the proliferation of pimples and avoid or eliminate the scars that these leave on the skin.

In general, when a pimple marks the skin, it has been manually removed or because it has become infected and abused the pores in this area of ​​the dermis in a more abrasive way, leaving a mark that may or may not be very visible. Among the many treatments that exist on the market to remove acne marks, laser therapy stands out today, which offers to improve the appearance of the effects and even eliminate those not newer marks and do not compromise so many layers of skin. In this FastlyHealarticle, you can learn more about this method and how a laser can remove acne scars.

Remove acne scars with laser

There are many benefits that aesthetics have found in the use of laser, to the point that this tool evolves and is modernized every day to cover all kinds of needs, ranging from permanent hair removal to the removal of old spots. For this reason, we will present the primary therapies to eliminate acne scars with a laser to know what each one consists of, how they act on the skin, what the results are, and how long you can have your new skin.

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Fractional laser

A new presentation of the fractional micro ablative laser offers a minimal impact on the skin when exposed. It allows the treatment to eliminate acne marks to be personalized, adapting the laser application to the size and depth of each scar.

This type of laser has a scanner responsible for the fact that the impact can be divided into thousands of tiny columns of energy so that only small fragments of the dermis can be reached and entire areas remain between them. As a result, the application of this type of laser allows to more effectively adjust the application of the laser on the skin so that the exfoliation occurs only in the affected area, without hurting or exposing other parts of the skin that do not need it.

It is expected that after undergoing this type of treatment, the person is left with a redness product of the exposure, which can last up to 7 days after the intervention. This laser therapy is ambulatory, lasts approximately one hour, and requires the use of topical anesthesia in the area to be treated.

Once the laser has been applied to the acne scar, the epidermis renewal process begins, which can take between 14 and 21 days, and once it is finished, the person will be able to notice the results and the appearance of their new skin.

Ultra-pulsed laser

This type of treatment is for much deeper scars, which have been caused by damage to the skin that penetrated the deepest layers of the dermis to the point of affecting collagen production, preventing natural cell regeneration. That is to say, we are talking about more extreme and complicated cases, such as when acne has been left, instead of scars and deep craters.

This treatment uses a type of laser different from the previous one, which is known as an ultra-pulsed CO2 laser and represents a much more radical and abrasive tool. This laser can penetrate sufficiently to remove layers of skin, level it, and offer an utterly homogeneous surface.

Of course, because it is such an invasive therapy, the redness it causes as a side effect can last for many more days, suggesting a much slower recovery of at least a month. Like the previous method, ultra-pulsed laser acne scar removal therapy is fully ambulatory, uses topical anesthesia, and lasts one hour. The results are seen once the skin recovers, deflates, and overcomes the redness.

Overview of laser acne scars removal

  • The application of the laser on the skin does not hurt, mainly if topical anesthesia is applied.
  • The duration of both treatments can vary depending on the size of the skin to be treated or the number of scars to be removed.
  • The laser causes a deep exfoliation of the skin, causing it to lose layers; for this reason, it can remove the tissue where the scar is located so that a new one can grow.
  • The first seven days after application, sun exposure should be avoidedsunscreen should be used, and the skin will appear a reddish-brown color. Otherwise, the person can go about his life as usual.
  • Depending on the scars, it may be necessary to perform up to 3 sessions in the most severe cases.
  • It is essential after laser treatments not to scratch or use any soap or cosmetics until your doctor tells you otherwise.
  • Laser therapies for acne scars are very delicate treatments that should only be performed by health professionals. You should not believe in offers, discounts, or promotions.
  • The cost of this type of treatment is usually relatively high.

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