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The amount of selfies you take reveals your personality

by Alivia Nyhan
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Social networks and the arrival of more technological mobiles that allow us to take photos without problems, has given rise to a trend that has gone completely viral: the obsession with selfies . There are many users who in their Instagram and Facebook accounts show, openly and constantly, photos of themselves in the most diverse situations, this trend has led many specialists to analyze this behavior in relation to the presence of possible problems that they alert about the personality of individuals.

According to specialists, the number of selfies you take reveals your personality . Find out why in this article.

Social networks: ideal for exploiting vanity

Social networks have changed our way of relating to the environment and many users use them to reveal only the best of their lives: party, fun, moments that appear to be incredible. Seeking more likes and positive comments has become a necessity for some users, who constantly seek approval from their environment, building an “acceptable” identity for others.

We want them to look at us, comment on our photos, make us feel good. And all this, of course, is concentrated in the maximum representation of the ego: a photo of us, taken by ourselves, that is to say a selfie.

Studies reveal: the amount of selfies we take speaks of our personality

Taking selfies is nothing more than a fad from the new use that we give to technology. We have all been victims of selfies, however when the habit of taking selfies becomes an important habit, a trend that becomes evident in a person’s social networks, then we could be in front of a person with certain emotional problems or disorders psychological.

Various studies reveal that an excess in the use of selfies can show low self-esteem characterized by the need for approval from our environment. In these cases, they are people who need to be told that they look good, that they look happy or attractive, they need those likes and comments to feel better about themselves. But they can also reveal other psychological disorders such as narcissism or perfectionistic personality.

This new boom of the “I” in social networks, has launched various psychological studies, some of them with interesting results that relate the amount of selfies we take with our personality .

Many selfies indicate narcissistic and antisocial traits

Several investigations indicate that there are personalities more prone to taking selfies than others, in fact a study carried out by Ohio State University among 800 men between 18 and 40 years old, users of social networks, revealed that those people who post selfies the most in their social networks show greater traits of being narcissistic and antisocial .

In this research, the participants were subjected to surveys in which they answered questions such as how often they published photos of themselves on social networks, what type of editing they applied to the images, as well as different tests to measure antisocial or narcissistic characteristics. The relationship between the number of self-images in social networks and the retouching applied, with pathologies such as excessive personal admiration or difficulties in maintaining a social life, were revealed in this study.

More superficial relationships

Another study carried out by the universities of Birmongham, Edinburgh and Heriot-Wat with 500 Facebook users, revealed that those people who post selfies in a compulsive or exaggerated way also have more superficial social and intimate relationships and a greater tendency to public exposure, making it difficult intimate relationships.

Your gestures in the photos also speak of you

An investigation carried out by the Nanyang Technological University of Singapour also revealed that, depending on the body posture, the framing and even the gesture we make in the selfie, important personality traits of the individual in question can be evidenced. Some of the most interesting conclusions were:

  • Those who are addicted to the duck face or the morritos, are more anxious, insecure and jealous.
  • The more open the framing of your photo, the more emotionally positive you are.
  • Those who are more compassionate and kind tend to come out smiling in their selfies.

Do I have a problem if I take a lot of selfies?

The studies do not seek to criticize those who choose to take selfies, although they do seek to invite us to reflect on the way in which we relate to social networks, with the environment and what we intend to show about our own lives.

Posting selfies excessively could reveal our desire for approval and low self-esteem, but it can also show a personal obsession with one’s physical appearance or perfection: we take as many photos as necessary until the result is ideal. It is up to each one to make a personal analysis to determine if any of these conditions can be applied to our own lives and if this excess of personal images will not also be a reflection of our emotional state.

Although much more research is still needed to determine to what extent this attitude is a sign of certain emotional or personality problems, specialists especially urge parents and adolescents to develop a good use of social networks , reducing the importance of it. gives to them and establishing a healthy and less superficial relationship with the environment.

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