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Consequences of lack of patience

by Alivia Nyhan
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Patience is a fundamental virtue in education since being patient implies learning to respect each person’s time, understanding that children also have their rhythm. There are some enemies of patience: example, psychological and physical fatigue, the fear of failure caused by high expectations in motherhood, the difficulties of work-life balance … However, it is worth reflecting on the consequences of the lack of patience and how they influence family life.

Stress and anxiety

An impatient person wants to see visible short-term results in their decisions. However, in those actions that have to do with education, these results are not always immediate. Impatience can boycott future achievements by assuming the wrong attitude in the now.

Negative thinking

True happiness in motherhood arises from adopting a positive attitude towards reality by being able to focus on the beautiful side of life. However, impatience is linked to the complaint that it becomes toxic when it becomes an existential attitude. In this way, impatience raises the levels of pessimism and produces a lack of confidence in oneself and others.

Bad mood

Impatience produces discouragement when the course of reality does not flow at the expected rate. Thus, due to difficulties in being patient, it is also possible to experience a bad mood and discouragement. True happiness does not arise from the facts themselves but the interpretation that people make from this reality. An impatient person is one step ahead of the truth. As a result of this acceleration, he also experiences more significant fatigue. Impatience makes dialogue difficult and reinforces misunderstanding.

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