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Factors involved in mental health

by Alivia Nyhan
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Defining mental illness has always been easier than defining mental health. Recently, some doctors have recognized that mental health is related to the absence of mental illness. The factors can be of three types: social, mental and physical. Mental illness (disability, schizophrenia, autism, Down syndrome …). Psychological state (depression, stress, anxiety, …). Others such as the inferiority complex, lack of personal security, self-confidence, etc.

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Despite the fact that many people do not suffer from diagnosable mental disorders , it is clear that some people have healthier mental health than others. The study of the characteristics that make up mental health has been called “positive psychology.” Here are some of the most important components that characterize mental health:

  • Ability to enjoy life: this is essential for good mental health. The practice of mindfulness meditation is a way to cultivate the ability to enjoy the present. We have a need to plan for the future and we also have to learn from the past. Often times, many people complicate the present by planning for the future. The best thing is to enjoy the moment.
  • Resistance: it is considered as the ability to recover from adversity. Resilience allows you to cope with tension and stress.
  • Balance: it is the result of great mental health. It is necessary to maintain the perfect balance by spending time alone and in company. Those who spend too much time alone can be considered “lonely.” Social isolation can lead to a break with reality. Other areas where balance is very important are: work, play, sleep and wakefulness and rest along with exercise.
  • Flexibility: there are people who are too strict and rigid. Flexibility should be worked to improve mental health. Emotional flexibility can be just as important as cognitive flexibility.

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