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Stomach and back pain at the same time: causes

by Alivia Nyhan
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Our body is an entirely interconnected system, and simultaneous pain in different areas, although not the most frequent, is linked in many cases to the exact origin. Physically and emotionally, the other back regions are associated with our organs and viscera. Their inflammation can cause spinal symptoms, muscle tension, and damage to the spine, which can favor the appearance of discomfort in our organs.

Some of the pains frequently related to back pain are stomach and intestinal pain. Continue with this FastlyHealarticle to simultaneously learn about stomach and back pain: causes.

How stomach and back pain are related at the same time

The malfunction of the stomach can affect skeletal-muscular health since, in our body, there are reflex connections between organs, viscera, and different muscle groups. In the case of the stomach, this type of connection approaches the middle height of the thoracic spine, mainly towards the left side.

In some cases, pains due to muscle contractures on the left side of the back arise due to stomach problems, such as gastric reflux and heartburn, and this pain can spread or be accentuated by accumulating stress since the malfunction of the organs predisposes to contractions chronic muscle mass and even loss of flexibility.

To take care of the health of the stomach, it is vital to try to have a more alkaline and natural diet and to reduce the following foods :

  • Dairy: even those low in lactose, since the biggest problem is casein.
  • Refined flours.
  • Refined sugar and sweets in general.
  • Fried food.
  • Non-organic sausages and meats.
  • Spicy
  • Café.
  • Alcohol.
  • Reduce citrus while the problem persists.

It is also necessary to take care of your emotional health since negative emotions such as anger and rage damage the stomach, whether expressed or repressed. The obsession with work and lack of rest also deteriorate your stomach and back. Next, you will continue to discover how stress is heavily involved in other causes of stomach and back pain at the same time.

Constipation and stomach and back pain

It is our nature to eliminate toxins and waste that the body no longer needs. The loss of the excretion biorhythm, which should be at least once a day, is intrinsically linked to failures in the system’s functioning in general, for which the presence of constipation alone should be taken as an alarm signal.

When constipation progresses and becomes severe, this accumulation of waste begins to clog and wreak havoc on the digestive system. The toxins start to break down, accumulating more toxins in the body, altering the immune system, and, in addition, favoring the loss of the acidity-alkalinity balance of the intestinal tract. On the one hand, these conditions tend to heartburn and gastric ulcers and, simultaneously with this, the appearance of discomfort and pain, both intestinal and stomach and in the lower back, caused by the pressure exerted by the whole and inflamed large intestine on the lumbar area.

Exercising and detoxifying the body are factors that help prevent these problems naturally. If it is already present and is very serious, or the person has other delicate conditions, it will be more advisable to see a doctor. But remember that a balanced biorhythm is part of our natural health, so recovering or maintaining it once achieved should not depend on any synthetic medication.

premenstrual syndrome

Some problems in women’s menstrual cycles can generate this type of pain. For example, premenstrual syndrome is generally produced by chronic inflammation (also called low-grade inflammation) in the body. This is a strategy of the body to defend itself against the consequences of chronic stress. Still, while this stress is not resolved, it gradually wears down the body and the quality of its functioning, including hormonal health and reproductive organs.

As the date of menstruation approaches, such wear becomes a more noticeable symptom by not letting have calm menstruation through highly variable symptoms, such as abdominal pain and alterations in digestive functioning, as well as an increase in the sensitivity of the said system, which can be expressed in allergy or difficulty digesting certain foods during this period. On the other hand, this inflammation can also harm the back’s health, causing pain in the lumbar area.

Polycystic ovaries

The Polycystic ovaries are another product condition chronic stress, as this occurs in almost all cases due to increased testosterone levels arising in the body’s responses to stress. These continuously elevated levels of testosterone then suppress, firstly, menstrual rhythms. Secondly, it produces cysts, which can cause severe abdominal pain and can spread to the lower back and even the legs.


The inflammation of the appendix, or appendicitis, is generated in the person suffering severe pain in the abdomen, which can spread through the digestive system to the point of reaching the stomach and stimulate nausea and even vomiting. In many cases, this inflammation also generates intense pain in the lower back since in front of this area is where the appendix is.

This article is merely informative. At FastlyHeal .com, we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor if you present any type of condition or discomfort.

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