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Signs my body needs to detox

by Alivia Nyhan
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Do you feel general discomfort? Have you been getting sick frequently for a long time? Then you may need to detoxify your body. But why does this happen? Over time, inappropriate habits in our routine can cause us to accumulate toxins and other agents that, in high amounts, damage some of the body’s functions. Some of these habits are a poor diet, the absence of physical exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. When our body alerts us, we must carry out a change that allows us to eliminate toxins and other substances from the body to clean it and “restart the system” and its functions.

To know when to cleanse your body from the inside, in this FastlyHealarticle, we present the five signs that your body needs to detoxify.

Prolonged tiredness

Why am I always sleepy? If you sleep the hours you should, have a regular sleep, and still feel tired during the day, chances are you need to detoxify your body. One of the signs that warn that there may be an accumulation of those known as free radicals, which accumulate, making us feel more tired than usual.

On the other hand, you may be used to consuming coffee or stimulating drinks to keep you awake. You should know that, although it can offer you some well-being quickly by giving you energy, this effect also disappears after a short time, leaving sequelae such as more significant fatigue or discomfort. Consequently, this can become a vicious cycle where you consume coffee to gain energy, making you feel more tired, and causing you to return to caffeine. Any recommendation? Give up stimulant drinks for at least a week.

Stomach ache

Another sign that indicates that we must detoxify our body is feeling stomach discomfort. Some of the most frequent causes of accumulating an excess of toxins are constipation or pain. The explanation that tends to be behind this situation is mainly an inadequate diet. When we are eating fatty foods for a long time, such as fried foods, precooked foods, and soft drinks, and we do not include foods rich in fiber, it is possible that we can accumulate impurities in our intestines. Consequently, we suffer from heavier digestions that can cause us discomfort.

The best option in this situation is to include foods to detoxify the body in our diet and avoid those that we have mentioned above that can hinder our digestion and lead to discomfort.


Have you gained a few kilos lately? If so, it may be that you need to detoxify your body and eliminate the toxins found in it. You may even be trying a weight loss diet and feel desperate to see that instead of losing weight, you are gaining it.

This happens because your body accumulates toxins that prevent the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals from the food we eat, and we cannot get rid of substances that the body does not need. Therefore, detoxifying the body of toxins will help eliminate all accumulated impurities and repair the functions of our body that prevent it from responding to a proper diet.


Even though headaches are a prevalent symptom that can derive from many causes, it is also possible that it has been caused by the accumulation of toxins. Anyone can occasionally suffer headaches, but when these occur for a long time, we must see a doctor to rule out any severe condition. When the headache is a consequence of an excess of toxins in the body, we need to detoxify the body. This happens because our body tries to fight this high presence of toxins, and it can cause some discomfort, such as headaches.

Joint or muscle pain

This signals that you need to cleanse the body of toxins is most frequent and intense in the morning, right after waking up. Getting used to the idea is like getting up with stiffness or muscle pain without making any physical effort. If this discomfort is a consequence of having been subjecting our body to some action, there is nothing to worry about.

When our body accumulates toxins reaching high levels, these can produce inflammation that mainly affects the joints and manifests itself with more intensity after being at rest. Consequently, over time our body can keep impurities inside that lead to pain and stiffness. It is essential to eliminate the root problem by following a diet to detoxify the body and change some lifestyle habits.

How can I detoxify the body?

After reading this article, if you think you have detected some of the signs that your body needs to detox, these are some changes that you can start to feel better. Also, do not forget to visit the doctor if the discomfort lasts longer or intensifies.

  • Power. A varied and balanced diet is essential to achieve a balance in our body and avoid problems such as those we have explained previously. We can all eat foods that are not healthy, but it is essential to know how to compensate for excesses and take care of our diet.
  • Exercise. Exercise is an essential complement to your diet. We work our muscles, bones, and joints through exercise and be healthier. In addition, we stimulate the elimination of toxins through sweat, and we burn fat.
  • Sleep . Having a restful sleep is another essential point to enjoy good health. Through this process, the body executes different changes that it does not make during the day, and it provides us with energy to be ready the next day.
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol. Both are toxic substances for the body that facilitate the proliferation of toxins accumulated in the body. Consuming alcohol in moderation does not have to have harmful effects, but its consumption in excess does contribute negatively.
  • Go to the doctor . Remember to visit the doctor for a routine checkup.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any condition or discomfort.

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