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How to use vitamin C ampoules for face

by Alivia Nyhan
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Do you need a treatment that renews your skin and rejuvenates it immediately? Then, you have to know the ampoules of vitamin C. This nutrient is an excellent natural antioxidant that acts effectively against the effects of the passage of time and the signs of aging caused by both the natural aging process and photoaging. These ampoules have a high concentration of vitamin C, so the results can be very quickly if they are applied regularly. It is possible to show off a skin full of life, radiant, and very healthy in less time than expected. It will also help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines and spots, and redness. If you want to know much more about this product and discoverHow to use vitamin C ampoules for the face, keep reading this FastlyHealarticle in which we explain it to you in detail.

Benefits of vitamin C for the skin

Vitamin C is an antioxidant nutrient essential for the health of the body since it neutralizes the action of free radicals, which, among other things, are responsible for the oxidation of cells and premature aging. The antioxidant properties make vitamin C one of our best allies to take care of the skin and keep it healthy and always looking radiant. However, these are not the only properties we can take advantage of. Take note because below, we detail all the benefits of vitamin C for facial skin.

A natural antioxidant, it prevents aging.

As we have already advanced, the vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that can stop the action of free radicals and prevent their damage to the body and the skin. Free radicals are molecules that cause alterations in the structures of cells and promote their oxidation, damaging them prematurely. In the case of the skin, it can consequently age early and look dull and sleepy. Natural antioxidants such as vitamin C are crucial in counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals and maintaining youthful, glowing, and healthy skin for longer.

Helps produce collagen

Another of the main benefits of vitamin C for the skin is that it helps produce collagen and elastin, which are essential to have young, beautiful, and well-cared for skin. Specifically, this nutrient intervenes in the release of fibroblast growth factors, which are the cells responsible for the production of elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc. This results in much firmer, elastic, smoother, and younger skin.

Natural anti-inflammatory

In addition to the above, vitamin C also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce all symptoms of swelling, redness, and tightness in the skin. This anti-inflammatory effect also prevents cellular aging.

It Evens out the skin.

It is a vitamin that fights hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin production, which is the pigment that determines the color of our skin. Therefore, this nutrient is an excellent natural aid to reduce dark spots, unify skin tone and show off healthier and more balanced skin.

Provides luminosity

Another of the most outstanding properties of vitamin C is that its high antioxidant capacity provides a lot of energy to each cell, translating into a much more luminous and radiant skin.

When to use pure vitamin c ampoules for the face

For all the above, using vitamin C on the face topically has become a revolutionary treatment to show off a much younger, healthier, and more radiant skin. And the best thing to notice the results quickly is to use the so-called vitamin C ampoules, as these act much faster on the skin than creams or serums. For example, they are absorbed rapidly and can complement well with the application—of other types of treatments.

Vitamin C ampoules can be used at any time and any age since they offer us a renewal of the skin and a very noticeable luminosity that we can all take advantage of whenever we want. Mainly, they are very beneficial for:

  • Mature skin since it favors the production of collagen and elastin that begins to decrease naturally after 30 years of age.
  • Dull, dull, tired, or prematurely aged skin.
  • Sun-damaged skin, with marked wrinkles and dark spots.

On the other hand, depending on what our goal is, we can use vitamin C ampoules for the face in the following ways:

  • Shock treatment with vitamin C: perfect for when you want to repair your skin quickly and fight damage immediately. In this case, it is recommended to use half an ampoule of vitamin C during the day and another half at night.
  • Long-term vitamin C treatment: when you want to combine the application of vitamin C on the face with other anti-aging treatments, for example. In this case, it is best to apply half an ampoule in the morning on the well-cleansed skin of the face, and then at night, apply the anti-aging treatment you are using.

How to use vitamin C ampoules for face – steps

If you want to start using vitamin C ampoules for your face and notice how your skin improves in a short time, you must follow the following steps to make a correct application:

  1. Thoroughly cleanse the face and leave it completely free of traces of makeup and impurities.
  2. Open the ampoule carefully and with the help of the dispenser, apply the liquid it contains on the face.
  3. Spread the liquid evenly over the entire face like a serum. Do it by giving small touches with the tips of the ascending fingers to facilitate its absorption. When you have finished with the look, do it around the neck and décolleté. It will also help you keep this area young and beautiful.
  4. Let the skin absorb it completely, and do not apply any products or cosmetics until the skin has dried.
  5. When you are done, store the other half of the vial where it is not exposed to direct light, as the vitamin C oxidizes if it is exposed to sunlight. Try to use it in the next 24 hours so as not to lose effectiveness.
  6. After the treatment, wash your hands with soap and water.

Where to buy vitamin C ampoules

Now that you know how to use vitamin C for the face and the many benefits to your skin, you are surely wondering where you can get these blisters that we talked about. Well, they are available in pharmacies and stores specializing in the sale of natural products, so do not hesitate to go to your nearest establishment and ask which are the most recommended and if there is any better option for your skin type.

Homemade vitamin C mask for the face

In addition to these ampoules, if you want to enhance the effects of vitamin C on your face, you can also prepare homemade masks with this nutrient and apply them once or twice a week. A straightforward recipe that you can prepare in a few minutes is the following:


  • 1 orange
  • 1 kiwi
  • 3 tablespoons of organic honey

Preparation and application

  1. Peel the kiwi and slice it.
  2. Squeeze the orange to get its juice.
  3. Add the chopped kiwi, orange juice, and honey to the blender or blender glass.
  4. Process the ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture.
  5. Apply the vitamin C mask to cleansed facial skin and massage gently to fully absorb it.
  6. Let it act for about 20 minutes and, after this time, rinse with plenty of warm or cold water.

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