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Painful defecation: causes, treatment and home remedies

by Alivia Nyhan
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Going to the bathroom should not be a suffering situation, it is part of our day to day, or it should be, and due to constipation and other causes, the moment of defecation can become a painful experience.

If you want to know what are the causes of pain when defecating , what medical treatments can be indicated or what home remedies you can use, then keep reading this article published by FastlyHeal . In it, you will find all the information you need to improve your problem.

Causes of pain when defecating

Different diseases can cause pain when defecating. As a first step, a doctor will check the person to determine the cause of the pain. The naked eye may be able to do this, but sometimes some tests are needed, such as a stool test, a rectal swab, or a rectoscopy (a very thin lens is used to see more accurately). Thus, it can be found as causes of pain when defecating:

  • Proctitis : it is an inflammation in the lining of the final part of the intestine, it can cause pain when defecating and, in addition, mucus-like discharge, bleeding, diarrhea and the feeling that you have to go to the bathroom all the time. It can be caused by various diseases, including: inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis, sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea or herpes, radiation therapy to nearby areas, antibiotic diarrhea, allergy to cow protein or soy.
  • Hemorrhoids : you may feel discomfort in the area around the anus, itching or have bleeding when you go to the bathroom, but it is more difficult for hemorrhoids to cause pain when defecating. This does happen when a clot occurs in a hemorrhoid: it generates very intense pain.
  • Anal fissure : it is common that if you suffer from this problem, you have pain and bleeding when defecating. It may have been caused by constipation.
  • Solitary rectal ulcer syndrome: one or more ulcers may appear in people with chronic constipation. This can cause bleeding, straining during a bowel movement, feeling that you have not had a complete bowel movement, fecal incontinence, and painful bowel movements.
  • Infection in the perianal area : if prior to the pain, there was irritation and itching in the area around the anus, it may be that from scratching or moisture that area has become infected.
  • Skin disease in the perianal area : it may be that a skin disease, such as psoriasis, occurs in the area around the anus. The skin will appear red and scaly, itching and similar lesions may also appear in other areas of the body (such as knees and elbows).

There are times when the cause of painful bowel movements cannot be found.

Pain when defecating: treatment

As has been seen, there are numerous causes that can generate pain when defecating, therefore, the medical treatments that a person who suffers from it must perform are diverse:

  • Clean the anus and perianal region with soap and water, not paper. That way, irritation is avoided.
  • Analgesics : while trying to solve the cause of the pain, the professional may indicate the use of medication to calm the pain. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, among others, can be used, but they should not be abused because they can cause other problems.
  • Topical medication with analgesic : pain ointments may be indicated at first and until the cause improves, but they cannot be used for a long time, since they have their adverse effects and do not solve the problem.
  • Topical medication : In the case of proctitis or anal fissures that do not improve after a diet, ointments or suppositories can be used to try to make the area heal. They may contain antibiotic, anti-inflammatory or circulation activating drugs, among others.
  • Enemas with anti-inflammatory medication : In the case of radiotherapy proctitis, the use of enemas with drugs that reduce inflammation may be indicated.
  • Antibiotics : if the cause is a bacterial infection, the professional may indicate this type of medication.
  • Medication for inflammatory bowel disease : anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids and even immunosuppressants may be indicated, depending on the case.
  • Surgery : When some causes of rectal pain do not improve with changes in diet or medication, surgery may be used. This is the case with anal fissures or thrombosed hemorrhoids .

Always consult your trusted doctor or proctology specialist. They will be able to guide you to find the most appropriate and quick solution to your problem. Try not to self-medicate, you can make the situation worse.

Painful defecation: home remedies

You can use different natural remedies to relieve burning and pain when defecating:

  • Sitz baths : it is essential to use them to calm the pain when defecating. They can use infusions of mallow, calendula, chamomile or witch hazel. The latter even comes in anti-hemorrhoidal ointments. They should be at a medium temperature (warm) to reduce inflammation in the anal area. Then cool water can be applied to the area to ease congestion.
  • Change in eating habits : Often times, a change in diet can make many of the causes of painful bowel movements improve. Big changes in health can be achieved by drinking water instead of other sugary or alcoholic beverages and by ingesting more fiber (fruits and vegetables, especially raw, legumes and seeds). It is very important to stop consuming products that poison the body, such as: meat, dairy and processed foods (with preservatives, colorings, flavorings …).
  • Exercise : as you feel less pain, incorporate an exercise routine into your daily life, just start walking for half an hour each day. It will help your intestinal transit improve and reduce constipation, it will also improve circulation and metabolism, avoiding many other health problems.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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