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Is it bad to have dogs while pregnant?

by Alivia Nyhan
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Well the saying goes “the dog is the friend of man”, and it is that this qualifier has been earned by these animals thanks to their kindness, fidelity and unconditionality. Dogs are the sample of the purest and disinterested love and over the years, they have managed to earn their place as companions of man.

However, when a baby arrives, the question always arises as to whether it is bad to have dogs while pregnant. In this FastlyHealarticle, we reflect on the subject and address the pros and cons from the specialist point of view.

I am pregnant, what should I do with my dog?

Nowadays, it is common for young couples to have a pet prior to the experience of the arrival of a baby, and it is that in itself, a dog is already part of the family, which in many cases merits responsibilities similar to those of that are assumed with a baby.

The first trimester of pregnancy is a time of great attention. The mother must take adequate precautions to help her body contain the fetus, while the father helps to make the environment as harmonious as possible for the future mother.

Taking into account this panorama, doubts arise regarding what things in the environment should be adapted to the gestation period. Pets are usually the main query about routine changes. However, the good news is that it is not a bad thing to have dogs while pregnant and you do not have to get rid of them to have a baby.

During pregnancy, it is important for the mother to take some precautions to avoid complications related to pets. In the case of dogs, the most common accidents have to do with blows to the belly due to expressions of affection or superficial bites as a sign of jealousy at the increased attention of pregnancy.

Benefits of having dogs in pregnancy

Animals often have a sixth sense that men lack. This gift allows them to anticipate situations and be proactive in the face of danger. Specifically in dogs, it is a virtue that is sharpened for the benefit of their owners, so if you are pregnant and have a dog, it is possible that he already knows that something new is about to happen.

  • The dog will take care of you. Dogs have a special chemistry towards pregnant women, so they automatically become their caretakers. The dog will be attentive to changes in behavior, mood and health. He will not separate from your side, but he will not demand the dynamism that he may be used to.
  • Helps keep you active. Exercise is vital in all stages of the human being. In the case of pregnant women too, since it contributes to oxygenation and blood circulation. So dogs become perfect allies to avoid sedentary lifestyle. A good daily walk in the company of the dog will meet the demands of exercise during pregnancy.
  • Reduce stress. Playing with pets, sharing with them and establishing a space for interaction helps reduce stress. Animals, and especially dogs, know little about the daily obligations that overwhelm humans. On the contrary, they are always in the mood and looking forward to giving you time and love.
  • It will prepare you to be a mother. Previously, we mentioned that having a pet can involve responsibilities similar to those of a baby, especially in the treatment and care it needs. A dog develops sensitivity in women, as well as understanding and patience, important attributes when raising children.

How to introduce the baby to the dog correctly

If you have involved your dog throughout the pregnancy, it will not be difficult for him to adjust to the arrival of the baby. On the contrary, he will have the same expectations as you. However, it is important to prepare him so that he knows that someone else will be part of your family:

  • Let your dog share with other members of the family. In this way, he will not feel that you reduce your attention to him with the arrival of the baby.
  • Introduce them. When you first bring your baby home, take the time to introduce him to your dog.
  • Get him involved in routines. When it comes to sleeping or playing with the baby, keep your dog close, so that the newborn will feel part of his routine.
  • Keep your vaccinations up to date. It is important that your dog has the vaccinations up to date before the baby arrives. This way you will avoid the spread of diseases.
  • Let them play. As your baby grows, give him a chance to interact together. This will strengthen the bond between the two. Children who grow up with animals are happier and take on responsibilities more readily.

Tips and Precautions When Having Pets While Pregnant

Depending on the type of pet you have, it is important that you consider the following precautions regarding the most common pets:

  • In the case of dogs in pregnancy, prevent your dog from jumping on your belly, especially at playtime and when he is excited about something new. As well as, beware of falls.
  • In the case of cats, it is important to prevent toxoplasmosis . Assign another member of your family to clean your pet’s litter. In this way, you reduce the risks of contagion.
  • If you have rodents, keep them in their cages. Do not let them leave the house to avoid external contagion.
  • For birds, wash your hands well after handling them. In this way, you avoid any allergy or skin sensitivity that may be caused.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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