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Home remedies for stomach pain

by Alivia Nyhan
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Stomach pain is one of the most common symptoms we experience when we suffer from damage to the digestive system. We tend to generalize the feeling of discomfort referring to the stomach but the origin can be found in different parts of the digestive system and the causes of pain can be diverse : gastritis, stomach ulcer or a simple reaction to an excess of food. In some cases, stomach pain can be solved by taking some tips into account or by simply resting for a bit. However, if you want to put an end to the annoying pain that this entails, at FastlyHealwe inform you about home remedies for stomach pain .

Infusions for stomach pain

The infusions of different herbs are very effective in treating multiple conditions of the human body due to their medicinal properties.

  • Manzanilla . Chamomile or chamomile is especially known for its beneficial properties for the digestive system, protecting and repairing the gastric membrane. Not only does it relieve intestinal pain , but it also helps to end constipation, the elimination of intestinal gas and ends with some of the symptoms posed by colic or stomach ulcers. In addition, it has a component known as azulene, which is positive when it comes to curing cramps. This herb contributes in the same way to improve the pain experienced in women when they have menstruation due to its emmenagogue properties, which translates into an improvement in menstrual flow. For its preparation, we must boil a little water and add the herb to rest for 5 minutes. The simplest way to get hold of it is to buy bags of chamomiles.
  • Ginger . This flat is known for many of its medicinal properties. In the case of stomach pain, it helps eliminate excess fatty acids , one of the main responsible for gastric ulcers. Also, ginger has an antibacterial function that prevents the appearance of ulcers, since it has the ability to eliminate the bacteria responsible for producing ammonia that generates the appearance of ulcers. Consuming an infusion of ginger will help soothe a tummy acheand it will contribute to the proper digestive function, by increasing the production of enzymes that intervene in digestion. In addition, it will also end gas and the feeling of a bloated belly, for example after meals. Finally, the antibacterial function allows it to fight infectious microorganisms that cause some intestinal conditions and that cause stomach pain, such as diarrhea. To prepare a ginger infusion, we cut a root into pieces after peeling it and adding it to boiling water with the fire off. Let stand about 5 minutes and drink.
  • Clove . It is very effective for treating digestive system problems due to its properties. An infusion of this plant will allow us to end aerophagia, that is, the problems derived from the accumulation of gases or flatulence. Likewise, it can be helpful for people who tend to suffer from difficult digestions, since it stimulates gastric acids and strengthens the function of breaking down food . Therefore, taking an infusion after eating is a good way to benefit. On the other hand, it also increases appetite and prevents vomiting and dizziness, for example, on long trips.

Carminative plants for stomach pain

These types of plants are very effective in treating stomach pains caused by gas, colic and other gastric problems. Among this family of plants we can differentiate:

  • Hinojo . It is very helpful as a home remedy against stomach pain caused by gas as well as ending a swollen belly. One way to consume this plant is by chewing some grains of dried fennel fruits. You can also prepare an infusion of this plant twice a day. Fennel will also help calm stomach nerves and help eliminate fluids due to its diuretic effect.
  • Cumin . It is a grain that is obtained from the plant and is recommended for those who suffer from stomach pain, since it stimulates stomach secretions and fights the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and gastritis. In addition, the oils made with cumin also stimulate gastric secretions and increase appetite. To benefit from cumin, we can prepare an infusion of this plant quickly and easily.
  • Cilandro . Another effective plant in the elimination of gases, in addition to contributing to a good digestion. It also acts as a stomach tranquilizer , reducing the spasms that sometimes accompany stomach pain, thanks to its borneol and linalool content. As in the previous cases, we can benefit from its effects by preparing an infusion.
  • Caraway . It is one of the plants with a higher level of carvone, an aromatic substance that can be extracted from its essential oil and that contains carminative properties. In cases of stomach pain due to digestive problems, caraway is an excellent home remedy to contribute to proper digestion . Taking it in the form of an infusion is the best option to obtain its benefits.
  • Aniseed . Also called matalahuga, green anise can be used for good digestion , reduce stomach pain that can also cause nerves, and stimulate the appetite. Like the other plants of its same family, its carminative properties help fight gas, end a bloated belly, gastritis and heartburn and, therefore, with the stomach pains that derive from these.

Other home remedies for stomach pain

In addition to all the plants previously exposed to end stomach pain, we can count on other home remedies that allow us to obtain good results in a simple way:

  • Sodium bicarbonate . This substance mixed with water has an effect on our body that helps fight stomach acids and relieve symptoms of heartburn. Usually, stomach pain occurs in the mouth of it, due to the accumulation of acids, so a glass of water with two teaspoons of this substance will help the well-being of our digestive system. We can buy it at any establishment and save it for future occasions.
  • Hot compress . When stomach pain is especially localized in the abdominal area, applying a warm water compress to the area where we feel pain for 15 minutes will help the spasms disappear. In the same way, a bath with hot water will stimulate blood circulation, relax and reduce stomach pain.

Tips to keep in mind for stomach pain

People who want to avoid stomach pain, and especially those who are prone to experiencing pain of this type, should take into account a series of recommendations to avoid as much as possible those behaviors that could lead to stomach pain :

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages, as they irritate the stomach lining.
  • Avoid eating foods especially seasoned with spices.
  • Do not stretch when you have a stomach ache, but sit up and stand upright.
  • Increase the number of times you eat per day, but eat less food each shift. In this way we prevent the stomach from receiving larger amounts of food, distributing the food in smaller quantities and facilitating digestion.
  • Avoid stress. There is a type of stomach pain caused by nerves, so relaxing will be a good option in these cases.
  • Avoid foods that are very fatty or acidic, especially fried or sauces.

This article is merely informative, at FastlyHeal .com we do not have the power to prescribe medical treatments or make any type of diagnosis. We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.

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